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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Eli's 2nd 7 year old Birthday Party

I haven't been blogging as much lately because a) we are at the Harvells and they dont have wireless (its a good thing, I am on the computer too much) and b) because Adam is home and I haven't been staying up too late. However, the kids are having fun here, new place and new people to explore.
Bre ran a high fever all day Monday and Tuesday. She was fussy, had diarrhea, wouldn't eat (which is unlike her) and was just overall pitiful. We at first contributed it to teething, but later on Tuesday we got worried and took her into the Pediatric ER. It was the only place in Huntsville, that we knew of, that would take the kids medicaid. They poked and prodded her and then announced that they would have to catheterize her and my heart sank. They said it wouldn't hurt her but in her already sick state I knew it would be painful. Adam and I both laid on top of her while she screamed and cried. Her little face got sooo red and she was sweating bullets. I was crying too, I knew I would, I can't even watch her get a shot. The minute it was done though, she grabbed me, said " hands" as she pointed to the sink and we washed them, making her feel lots better. The doctor said it was a viral infection, something we couldn't do anything about, that it would run its course. We have been giving her children's advil and as of today, she seems completely better!

Eli's real birthday was yesterday and he had a second party. We went to Southern Adventures with about 15 people and let 8 of the 10 kids putt putt. Adam's friend Al came and brought his three kids, one of which is close to Eli's age and a very outgoing little boy. They instantly started playing together and before I knew it , it was 18 holes and one hour later. I have never ever played putt putt that fast. It normally lingers and thats the part I hate. The poor group in front of us didn't know what they signed up for. They normally had to dodge kids and babies while swinging....oh well. Then we all came back to the Harvells for cupcakes, homemade ice cream, hot dogs, chips, pinata fun and slip and slide action. Eli loved getting to meet his new cousins and hanging out with kids his age. There was only one collision on the slip and slide and that involved Eli's forehead and Will's knee. Will, his 3rd cousin, kept calling him "our boy" and told everyone that he couldnt  be there cousin anymore because he had a new one :). Will also told me that I could take 26 times to hit the putt putt ball because thats my age :).

Eli got lots of fun toys and sports gear, good thing we brought the car top carrier, and Bre also got some sweet sweet things. For some reason, their bio mom was on my mind constantly yesterday. She must be thinking of him on that special day, right? I wonder if she is hurting for him or wishing she could throw him a party? I know she "terminated her rights" but she was still a mother at some point and I don't think you can turn those feelings for your children off and on so easily. I also wondered if he missed her yesterday, I probably would miss my bio-mom on such a big day. Then again, he was pretty pre-occupied yesterday.

I'll upload pictures and videos soon--maybe tonight but more than likely when we get to Texas next week.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ribbit is teething

Yesterday we went to church with Lolly and Captain, both kids did well in their sunday school classes. Goober told his class that it was his birthday----I think he thinks we are celebrating the whole month of June! Then Goob went on a hike with Jason and Erika, which he was really excited about because Uncle Jason made him a hiking stick and Captain carved his name and the date into it.
Last night we went to a pool party where the kids got to swim, Goob made a friend and they slid down the slide into the pool several times. Here are some funny Goober-isms as of lately.
Last night in the pool he told his little friend " You won't drown as long as you swim" :)
On the way to  Huntsville he pooted in the car and I said " Goob, your poot smells like a dead cat", he answered " no it doesn't, I didn't even eat a dead cat :)"
As for the title of this post, Ribbit is in a mood and its due to teething. I should have known it by the fact that she slept until 9 tonight after being up almost all night. We put her in bed with us at 8 ( we had no clue as to what time it was) and she curled up to me, gave me three old lady pats on my back and went right to sleep. She has almost every symptom of teething and is in and out of bad moods and extreme crying. This has also resulted in a severe case of only wanting mommy!!
We all got our teethed cleaned this morning too, guess what I get to do tomorrow morning??? get a cavity filled...great!! So much for setting a good example!!!
Pictures to come soon!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

We have our Dad!!

First things first, we are a complete family of four again. We picked up Adam in Birmingham this morning and all is well :). Goober ran to him and jumped in his arms. Ribbit waved from the time we spotted him until we were all pressed together in a hug. During the hug I looked at her and she was looking up at Adam and smiling so big. Goober immediately told Dad all about his skateboard!!! We got his luggage, loaded up and went to Chilis for Adam's Fathers Day celebration. Good handed him all of his gifts one at a time and was excited to do so. Tonight we are in Huntsville at Captain and Lolly's, all super tired!!

We also got to spend a day in Auburn en route to pick up Dad. That will probably be the highlight of my summer--besides kissing my husband this morning :). We drove up and I just started flooding Goob and Ribbit with memories that I had. Goober finally said " i know mom, I have to pee". The normal 2 hour and 45 minute drive took us almost 4 hours....we did have two pit stops, one lunch stop and a seperate dirty diaper stop. We went to see Sydney and Hope Nichols first at their store. Sydney's husband was my youth pastor and my mom and Sydney are good friends. I was so happy for them to meet my two sweet kiddos even though I had to chase them around the store the whole time to make sure they didn't open up a tab there. From there we made another pit stop..of course. Then we headed to see my adopted family from when I was a college student. The Hills were so incredibly sweet to me during my 5 years in Auburn ( 4 in school, one just sticking around). We were able to let Goob swim while we were there while Ribbit and I sat in the shade and chatted with the Hills. It reminded me how much my time at Auburn was blessed and how I wouldn't trade those years for anything. Next we met Virg to get pictures at Samford and in front of the AU sign....that turned out to be during the hottest part of day and we were all super sweaty and tired....but we got some good ones!!! Next, we headed to some of the sporting goods stores around Auburn to get us some gear, and GEAR WE GOT. Goober got an AU helmet, jersey, shoulder pads and pants...that he will open on his birthday next Wednesday. Finally, we headed over to Dick and Jana Bagwells former college minister and his wife, who became two of our most favorite people while living there and now!!!!  We ate pizza and visited with them until a storm came and reminded us to GO HOME!! We headed over to Virg's, got baths and went straight to bed so we wouldn't be late getting our dad the next day!!!
I never thought that I would be riding around in my mom car through Auburn campus with my two beautiful kiddos. Ill post AU pictures soon!!!!
Thanks to everyone who prayed Adam home to us!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Preach On Brother!!

Part of an article by Jason Locy on belief blog. PREACH ON BROTHER, PREACH ON!

In the United States, there are approximately 116,000 foster children waiting to be adopted. That means a judge has either severed the rights of the original parents or the parents have voluntarily signed their children over to the government.
To put this into perspective, we might compare the number of American orphans to the purported 16 million Southern Baptists who attend more than 42,000 churches nationwide. Quick math reveals that there are roughly 138 Southern Baptists for every child in the American foster care system waiting to be adopted. To say it another way, this single denomination has an enormous opportunity to eradicate the orphan crisis in America.
If you’ve spent any time in church, you’ve probably heard a sermon on Noah or Moses or David. But how many sermons have you heard on the biblical mandate to care for orphans?
When was the last time you heard your pastor declare, “if you choose to adopt a child we will stand with you. We will provide respite care, financial help and do everything possible to meet the needs of that child?”
Southern Baptists, Presbyterians, Methodists, Catholics — the Christian Church — can provide safe, loving, permanent homes for these kids. Our faith dictates that we fight for a better way in both words and deeds.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Spoiled Rotten

Yesterday, Goob and my dad went out to ride the motorcycle to get a drink and Goober came back with a skateboard, knee and elbow pads and a new helmet. Then my dad and he tricked out his skateboard with gray tread that looks like flames.
Last night we went to Ross to get Ribbit some new shoes, her white sandals were so small that her toes were busting through. We walked out with princess shoes for Ribbit, skateboard shoes for Goober and a Mr. and Mrs. Potato head set.
Good thing we don't live close, or my parents would be broke.

Ribbit is soo sweet when we skype with Adam. She shows him all of her boo boos and he kisses the computer to make them better. Everytime I open the laptop she runs to it and waves saying "Hey Daddy". She blows him kisses and sings her ABC's to him. Goob has a little more difficulty sitting still talking to dad, especially because its usually so early in the morning. Three and a half more days until we pick up our dad at the airport...YAY

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Eli's Birthday Videos FINALLY!!

Well, it only took me 4 days and lots of reading on different forums to figure out bloggers new post edit system. Anyways, here is a longer video of Eli's birthday party..thanks for filming Uncle Chris!!

Our kids are fish!!!

So I first just want to say that I love that my fingernails are making that tippy sound as I type this because tonight I got an early birthday present 1) a mani and pedi from my mom and 2) free babysitting from my dad. In fact when I got home from the oh so wonderful nail salon my dad was giving Ribbit and Goober "very expensive" hair dos which involved both of them getting fros and running back and forth to the mirror to check it out.

Soooo, we woke up on Sunday and got ready to head down to the river. That involved skyping with daddy--Ribbit said her full abc's and Goober told him about the presents he got at his party the day before. We also wished him a Happy Fathers Day. We went to church on Saturday night so we spent a little time with my dad, Gramps and packed up.
We got to the river at 11 and ate lunch, waiting for my uncle and grandparents to show up with the RV. From lunch until dinner we played in the river. Around 3 my uncle, aunt and their two girls showed up and they took us to another part of the river called Holy Tree. Someone has tacked a cross with Jesus on it on one of the trees thus giving it its name. The kids had soooo much fun. At the first spot we were at they had a place where you could jump in. Goob, Uncle Chris and Uncle Paul all jumped in several times and Goob got pretty good at his above the water swimming. Ribbit just sat and played in water that came up to her belly when she was sitting. When we got down to Holy Tree and the younger cousins were with us Goob didn't stop laughing. They are 14 and 13 and they played so well with Goob, throwing rocks, jumping at him. He immediately fell in love with them and clung to him. We actually found pure clay on the sides and bottom of that river bank and they were all bringing me huge chunks. Ribbit loved to play in the clay and my grandma started sculpting something. Then Goob, Chelsea, Uncle Chris and Uncle Paul walked way up the river. When they came back Chelsea was holding a black footed crane. She wants to be a vet when she grows up and had saw that the bird was hurt. She picked it up and carried it back. Apparently the first thing Goob said when he saw the bird was hurt was " lets cook it for dinner :).
We then went back to the RV and grilled chicken and sausage. We had a big dinner complete with brownies and ice cream for my Nana's birthday coming up on Wednesday. After that the cousins (including me) went in the camper and started relaxing by watching Lady and the Tramp. We were all trying to get Goob and Ribbit to fall asleep and they finally did at 10:00....I thought it was okay that one night. Then Chris, mom, me, paul, chelsea and brittney stayed up and played cards til about 1. Then Chris and I went and got in my mom's van ( our normal sleeping spot when we camp..we had fan on us and slept well). Everyone else found their spot in the RV.
We all were up and going this morning by 8. Both of my kids slept til 7:30....a new record :) I got up early and went walking with my Papa while he fished. I honestly didn't have an option as he jumped on the van at 6:30 and yelled " girl, you gonna sleep all day?". We then cut open a nice cold watermelon and ate that up for breakfast, followed by pickles....nothing beats pickles and watermelon at the river! Then all the cousins went down the river and swam for about 2 hours while the older adults cleaned the site, got the RV ready to leave and hung out in the air condition. During that river time Goob got brave and started jumping in by himself without an adult around and swimming back to me where he could touch. Ribbit also started putting her head down in the water and kicking....they are both fish!!! Brittney, Chelsea, Chris and Goob all started pushing each other in too and Goob loved it!!!
We all went back to the RV around lunch and loaded up to go. That is when Goob got super sad. He started crying while he was telling everyone bye. He told me that he loved Chelsea and Brittney and didn't want to leave them. He cried the entire way home...30 minutes...not just tears but moans and groans too. He loved the river, he loved camping, he loved attention from 12 family members...he is just too sweet. It took a Mt. Dew and Doritos from the gas station to get him to calm down.
We all got home and crashed ( except Goob ). I am so glad that Goober is getting to spend time with the family that I love soo much. I love that he is getting so much quality time with his great grandparents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. My two girl cousins were sooo sweet with the kids and loved on them the entire time. My aunt and uncle kept threatening to take Ribbit--they just all fell in love!!! I am very thankful that God gave Goob a big, country :), loving family at an early age. I told him today when he was crying that it was a very good thing because it means he loves his family and wants to be with them.
The minute we got home, he wrote a letter to Chelsea and Brittney telling them how much he loves them and misses them...we are mailing it tomorrow :). Sweet sweet boy.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Goober's Birthday Party

Well for the last hour I have been trying to download the videos off of my mom's camera and since that isn't working I will just post those later.

Goob had a very fun day today! We sat up underneath a large oak tree at the Splash Pad and it was so nice. The wind was blowing, my dad sat up a large fan and I don't think I sweated at all. Everyone else was comfortable too so that was a plus. We started out the party eating b/c Ribbit was going to whether or not we cut the cake. We sang to Goob and he cut pieces for each person, beginning with his sister. We all ate cake, ice cream, fruit, chips and drank some cold beverages. Then we got into the water balloons.....a full laundry basket load. I don't think I got one picture during this time b/c we were running around like crazy getting each other wet. The first water balloon landed right beside my Nana and splashed mud onto her white pants :). The only two people who didn't get wet were my Papa and my Dad and thats because they were off to the side. Goober thought he could just hit me with them and they would bust, so I am pretty sure I have some rather large bruises on my back tonight :). Then we turned to the water bottles and that ended with ice down Goob's britches after he poured 1/2 a bottle on CC. Then it was pinata time. He, Ribbit and Chris swung at it before Uncle Chris knocked it down. Then we let Goob go to town on that cardboard pinata. He ended up breaking the broom stick (add it to our tab) and he got out lots of energy. He then went around the splash pad offering candy to different people and making sure everyone at his party got at least one sucker :). Next we did presents, he would open one bag, pull out one present, open it entirely, play with it and then be reminded that he had more to open!!!! He already knew everyone at his party and felt comfortable around them so that helped.
We cleaned up at the Splash Pad and headed back to my parents house where we had hotdogs and chips for lunch. He and my Papa immediately opened up lots of presents, put batteries in and made the living room look like trash. Ribbit also got a present from my grandparents, a baby doll that has her skin color and she carried it around the rest of the afternoon. Everyone left around 3:15, after we all made plans to meet at the river tomorrow at noon and camp!!! We all laid down and rested until going to church tonight with Uncle Chris. Then we went to Chick Fil A for dinner and let the kids play in the playground. They are both sound a sleep right now and I hope they sleep in a little....wishful thinking huh?
I was kinda sad this morning when I talked to Adam on skype and saw that he was a little sad about not being here today. Don't worry babe, I took lots of pictures and videos for you.....that's right Papa, only 5000 today :).

Saturday, June 18, 2011


We have now been a family of four for 5 months now. Even though we had been taking classes, praying for and patiently waiting for our kiddos it still felt super overwhelming to get them only 5 days after hearing about them and 3 days after seeing their faces for the first time.
I remember sitting beside Adam with huge knots in my stomach waiting for the kids to arrive. We moved to the kitchen and stood against the cabinets hugging each other and taking in the last couple of minutes as a family of two while we waited for the kids to show up. It had been snowing and we weren't sure exactly what time they would show up. Then there was a knock on the door and a woman with tears in her eyes said to us " they are in the car, Goober just found out that he is moving here today and we both had a good cry on the way over here". I went straight to Goob's side of the car and found him crying. I have to admit that I had no clue as to how big or little a 6 year old would be but I thought to myself that he looked super tiny. He eventually let me lead him into the house but only after I told him that he had his own room and two cats. Adam went straight to Ribbit and they followed us in the house. (along with 2 AFS workers, our adoption coordinator and their attorney)

Since then our life has changed dramatically. I believe with every ounce in me that God hand chose Goober and Ribbit for us and us for them. I find myself thinking all the time that they sure are alot like us in ways that normally happen due to being biologically linked. I also have been catching myself saying " yeah, when we had Goob" or "when we had Ribbit" instead of " when we GOT them---to me "getting them" sounds like they came from the human society.

Some of the more noticeable differences in our lives have been:
1. We have no need for an alarm clock. our two year old believes in the motto " early to bed, early to rise"....she is up at 6 or 6:15 on the dot every morning.
2. Our eating habits and routine are very different. We still eat pretty healthy when we are at home but no more Yucatan Taco Stand or regular stops at the China Garden. Nope, when we eat out we go all in...McDonalds!!! We eat there at least once a week and if it doesn't have a playground then its not a true McDonalds. Our routine has changed too. If you get up and eat breakfast at 6:30 then you are hungry for lunch at 11. And if you eat lunch at 11 then you are starving for dinner by 5. This seems very early to others but not to us.
3. Mom's wardrobe. Yup, this has changed drastically. I no longer have time to come home and change straight into gym clothes or hang out clothes. I often find myself still in a skirt, blouse, wedges, full make-up and jewelry at 8:15 after putting Goob down. There just isn't enough time for mom to change and get comfy when kids need feeding, bathing and loving on. I have also switched to more "two year old appropriate" tops. No need to explain that.
4. Dad's homework schedule. Adam now has to wait until after the kids go to bed to get anything done on his homework. Unless he leaves the house the kids find him and turn any free time into play time with dad. He could go in the office but even there he can hear us and wants to come join in on the fun.
5. Conversations. Goob has sonar hearing. Adam and I can be whispering in the front of the car, with his DVD player going and our music blaring and he will still repeat a phrase he just heard us say and ask what it meant. We now speak in code and spell out many things. The spelling will soon go away though, that smart little boy knows too many words!!! We have told him several times to just be a kid and not worry about mom and dads conversations but alas, our conversations are just too interesting.
6. Pet Names. I am no longer Adam's "punkin", that name has gone to Ribbit..which is just fine with me :). He is still "honey" occasionally but more often than not we just call each either Mom and Dad. I think those are the most romantic names we could call each other anyways :)

Miss you Daddy...see you in 7 days!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Mom and Goober Day!!

Today was the first official Mom and Goober day. I remember what is its like to be the oldest child and always having to either water down the activities for the little one or skipping them all together. My dad is off this week and since we went through all the paperwork and background checks to get them certified to watch the kids, I left Ribbit with him for the day!
Goob is such a super sweet kid, he is one of those kids who doesn't require anything more than a stern look and he melts. He has a tender heart and loves to talk. I was really excited about spending the day with him. I was going to take him to Waterville but the weather for today was mostly rainy with some afternoon thunderstorms. So, instead we spent the day indoors...good thing poured!!!
We started at Build A Bear. The last time I was there was the first day my parents ever met Adam and they let us both make an archaeology bear.....what an embarrassing first meeting..the heart ceremony and all!! When we pulled up Goober said " are we going to that store" with a huge smile on his face. He immediately gravitated towards a camouflage teddy bear. He thought the stuffing and heart ceremony was silly but he did it anyways. He gave his bear a super long air bath to get him good and clean. He then picked out a Harley leather jacket, jeans, sketcher looking shoes and a Harley bandana for the bear to wear.......hmmm, wonder who influenced that? Then we went to make the birth certificate. I'll give you 3 guesses as to what he named the bear.....CHRIS...I couldn't convince him to give it another name or pick out something that wasn't already taken. So we have a Chris Harley Bear :). As we left, he made me put "Chris" in his teddy bear condo and under the umbrella because he is apparently allergic to water.
He talked and cuddled with that bear the whole way to Party City. We got some more things for his party on Saturday. Then we went to Styx for lunch....its a habachi style restaurant. He leaned over right when we got there and said " i still like McDonalds better". He was super impressed with the chef and everytime he would light something on fire Goober would hold up his napkin over his face and over his bears face. He ended up loving the food but said that McDonalds was quicker and that the corners of their bathrooms were cleaner.....i dont know what McDonalds he has been in lately!!!
We left there and went to Mobile to the Exploreum and Imax Theather. "Chris" bear went with us, which turned into mom holding that dagum bear the whole 3.5 hours we were there. We went straight into the Imax movie on Space--primarily on the Hubble Telescope. Since Goober compares everything to a blue whale he said several times throughout the film that he thought that at least 2 blue whales could fit on the movie screen. I forgot that Goob had stuck a sound bite in the "chris" bear and so right when the lights went out and as everyone was waiting for the movie to begin I hear " Who let the dogs out, woof woof woof woof" coming from beside me....awesome. After the movie we spent lots of time exploring the Black Hole, Hands On, Body Works and Space exhibits. The only reason we left is because we had a break in the weather and I was getting tired....otherwise he could have probably stayed another 3 hours :).
Then we went to Spanish Fort to meet up with Uncle Chris, before he went on a date :). Goober apparently thought she was very pretty and therefore didn't speak at all. I knew something was up because he didnt immediately jump on Uncle Chris or show him the Chris Bear. When we got home my mom asked if we met Chris's date and I said " yeah, she was cute" and Goob said " she wasn't just cute "......HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..thats when I knew why he became deathly silent :).
After that we got some ice cream and came home. When I asked him what his favorite part of the day was he said building his bear. I got lots of hugs throughout the day and I think he is looking forward to our next Mom and Goob day.....I knew I am!!!!
Tomorrow is PawPaw and CC's day with and Bre are going to get everything in order for his party on Saturday....boy, these kids are getting spoiled rotten!!!!

8 days until we see our DADDY!!!!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fun in the Sun

So, I like to keep it spicy with keeping my posts spread out every couple of days. I am by no means a Kinzie, diligently documenting every day in great detail, but I do like to envision myself doing better than some other fellas. Sorry guys. Let's start out by picking up on Tuesday. It was similar to Monday because we were up at 4 looking for sunlight so we could find our way around in the fields. We finally found it around 5 and began by going back to the tomb we had found the previous day to do one more measurement that we forgot. Then a local guy drove by and stopped, usually they are just interested to know what we are doing. However, this guy actually owned many of the fields that we had surveyed in the previous year. We were looking for two wells this year that needed to be put into the GPS database for a book someone is writing. The only thing we had to go from was two pictures taken back in the early 8os. The guy in the picture happened to be this guy so he was able to tell us the location of the wells. The first well was located close to the Arab village that used to be on the western side of the tel in the early part of the 20th century, Abu Shushah. His dad had blown up the well entrance though after they gained rights to the land because the bedouin were coming there and watering their animals that were eating all their crops! The second well was located further away from the tel and he actually took us there to the spot where it was. This well was closed off back in 1917 so he didn't have a great grasp on where it was exactly, but he said in the winter time it overflows and there is quite a bit of water coming out of this spot. So we GPSd both locations and continued on our day. We worked on a few orchards and found pottery here and there. Then we called it a day. By the way our word of the day for Tuesday was acerbic. It was used at least 7 times in different contexts. Good job guys.

Wednesday we started out the day going close to the spot of the tomb to work on a field that had recently been bulldozed off. This provides us with an almost 100% visibility. What we came to notice though is that it was difficult to spot the pottery pieces because they were turned over with the dirt and took on the same color of the dirt. We did find some interesting pieces that should provide some interesting times during pottery reading. We then continued on to a new orchard that we thought had not been covered. This came to be not true. Mainly because we found the same cistern that had been previously noted on their survey map from three years prior. After figuring this out we took a break where I found a grinding stone and other neat pottery pieces. Then after break we continued on down the hill to cover a berm. If you don't know anything about berms the one thing you would be sure of is that they are never groomed or taken care of in any way. There are usually boulders pushed from the fields to these areas and covered in very high weeds, but they produce some of the most rewarding things. Well, this berm was no different. We found a few more cisterns and perhaps even a tomb. Unfortunately after we found all of these the GPS crashed and so we had to call it a day. It was around 11:30 though and close enough to the end of the work day. Since I had not been to the grocery store since I got here we stopped by at Karme Yosef and I was able to pick up some goodies to last me the rest of the time. Mainly bread and fake Nutella. We also had a little time to swim since they pushed lunch back to 2. After talking to Kinzie and the kids a little bit as you can see in the previous blog, the rest of my day was busy. Basically a full day. The word of the day was propitious and as you can see earlier was used to describe many opportunities we had during the day.

Today was a little different because we went out to the field 30 mins. later and that made all the difference in being awake and ready to go. The sun was already up by the time we got there and we started by going down to GPS some of the features we located the day before. Then we ran into some emergency bathroom time and hoofed it to the other side of the tel to hit up the porta-johns. After a few minutes there taking time to give the excavation a grace of our presence we headed out to cover a large field that seemed to go on for forever. It almost did because it lasted us the rest of the day to complete. I think we pulled ALMOST 20 pottery pieces out of it. Which for that size is very few. We then came back to Neve Shalom and took showers and ate lunch then immediately after lunch we went straight to work washing pottery and then cataloging the material culture remains (which is everything that is not pottery but fashioned by humans). This took us straight up until dinner and then here I am writing you the story of Survey in Israel. We didn't have a word for today. Maybe tomorrow. Hopefully I have kept you on the edge of your seats. If it helps please turn your air conditioning off and put on 20 pounds of extra weight to get the sense of walking around in the fields all day. Maybe throw in a few thousand bugs and the threat of coming upon a palestinian viper or two. There you have it, what you have all been anxiously awaiting.

I will leave you with a link to some new pictures and check out these others I have posted since last blog.

Why don't children sleep?

Bre woke up at 4:30, 4:45 and for good at 5 this morning. Therefore I was up at 5 this morning. I got started on the blueberry pancakes that I had promised Eli the night before. He got up at 7 and was unhappy with me because the pancakes had butter and worst of all BLUEBERRIES in them. We apparently had a huge communication error. The whole time we skyped with Adam I was asking Bre to shut doors, not hit her brother, asking Eli to talk to his dad and basically multitasking my way through a non-productive 30 minutes.
Then we went to McDonalds, went to my dad's work, met everyone there and watched them ew and ah over my kids, watched how a newspaper is made and threw our McDonald's toys across the lunchroom at Pawpaw's job.
Then we went to the Harley store. If you know my dad then you know this is like shoe shopping for a woman. He doesn't know exactly what he needs but he knows he needs something. We were there for quite a long time and that is fine for Eli...he was thrilled and sat on every motorcycle in the shop. However, Bre hid in a rack of clothes and wouldn't answer me for the longest, then she touched every item that cost at least $1000 or more. She cried when I picked her up, cried when I put her down----can someone say " no nap ". Eli ended up getting a Harley hat and my dad got some bug remover :).
Then we went to Tiger Pride/Bama Fever store at Malbis and since Texas doesn't really ever have Auburn gear, WE STOCKED UP!!!!! I got the kids some face tattoos for the games this season. I got a Nat'l Champs shirt, Eli got a kids wallet, we got a poster with all the games and scores on it from the 2010 season, I got some earrings and then we got Dad some awesome Father's Day gifts.
We came home, ate chicken nachos and now the kids are watching a movie as they rest for bed. I don't think I have been this tired in a looonnngg time. I normally try to nap when Bre is napping but today was rough.
Its one of those days where I find myself getting mad that Adam isn't here. Let's be honest, I definitely didn't encourage him to leave us this summer but I also never told him to not go and I never asked him to stay at home because I didn't want to make decisions for him or be "that wife". He almost backed out several times, and each time I would get extremely happy about the thought of having all 4 of us together the whole summer, but for some reason each of those times never came to fruition. Maybe he is supposed to be there so that he can minister to someone in particular, maybe he is there to meet a future employer, maybe he is there to just gain knowledge, maybe he is there so that I can learn to trust in God more.....who knows? Days like today though make me ask those questions and hope to find out the answer soon!

On a happier note, I have had some really great time with Eli since being in Alabama. One night he sat in my lap and hugged me for about 20 minutes while we talked about dad. He has wanted me to be in the bed with him the last two nights while Pawpaw and CC read him bedtime stories. We also ate watermelon and tried to see who could slurp it the loudest!! We also have been having tickle fights right before bedtime...he found my weak neck!!! I love that kid!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Funny kiddos

Just to document some of the funny things that have been happening while at my parents house with the kids.
#1-The kids know where the time out area is wherever we go :). Yesterday, Ribbit bit my ankle--I think its because she was pretending to be a puppy dog, at least I hope so--- and so I looked and her and said " no mam, do not bite mommy". She got up, went to time out, sat and looked at me with a face that said " i am waiting for you to make the next move".
#2- My dad has taught Ribbit to sing " Ice Ice Baby" while they eat crushed ice and march around. She says " Ice Ice" really fast and then remembers later on to add the "baby". It's pretty dagum cute.
#3- My dad was quizzing Goober on his color theory yesterday---its an artist thing-- and he said what would you get if you put that yellow lego and that red lego and mix them all around. He was hoping for the answer of " an orange lego" based on their previous discussion. Instead Goob said " A SLUSHIE"!!!! Makes sense right?
#4- Just listening to Goob help my parents discipline Uncle Chris is pretty stinkin funny!!!!!!

I know I sound like a broken record but we miss our dad, I wish he was here to partake in all these fun times and memories we are making.

Today was fun, Aunt Virginia came by and played with us for almost the whole day. We are going to go stay with her some next week in Auburn!!!! The kids also convinced Papa to build a more permanent fort in the living room that uses every dining room chair and every blanket in the house...Goober pretty much emptied the linen closet while helping to build it. The kids are really enjoying the extensive Disney collection that my parent have too, that is what we fall asleep to every night. Goober is getting lots of wrestling time in with Uncle Chris and Ribbit is getting lots and lots of attention!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Water Balloons!!!

Today was another fun day in Alabama.
We woke up bright and early at 6:15...even after going to bed late and playing in the river all day. Oh well!
Uncle Chris helped Eli and Bre build a fort in the middle of the living room and I sat in the recliner and watched and dozed. Then they watched two segments of some cartoon thing...i will still dozing!
Then the kids went out in the backyard with Papa and played with Jad and in the sprinkler...they were gross when they came in :). We talked to Daddy on skype for a while and then ate lunch.
Bre and I both went down for a 2 hour nap :) and Eli hung out with Papa. Then we all went up to the park.....Eli and Papa on Papa's motorcycle ( don't worry Adam, Eli wore a helmet and my dad never went over 25!!!). Bre and I rode up in the car. We played in the splash pad and Papa even taught Eli how to run and jump and grab the monkey bars that he normally can't reach.
Then, since we obviously hadn't done enough already today we blew up and filled up a kiddie pool in the side yard. Papa went to Wal Mart and got regular balloons and filled them as full as he could with water. The pool was completely full with water balloons the size of Bre and they both loved it. Uncle Chris came home and played with Eli in the pool while Bre helped CC make dinner. We all ate---which was great because Uncle Chris and Eli bantered back and forth the whole time....Eli is very witty!!!!
Now everyone is down in the floor watching Mulan as we get ready for bed!!
Tomorrow we all get to meet Aunt Virginia for the first time!!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Caesarea and J-town

Well, after getting here Thursday afternoon it has been pretty much non-stop. The weather has been beautiful because there have been many clouds and a constant breeze to cool you down. Beginning with Friday, I went out into the field with the survey crew to get into the groove before the others either left or joined the dig. There were 8 of us in all, so considering the large number, around 18, last year, this was a little different. We mostly surveyed in fields that had already been harvested and some high weed areas with a dash of unkept orchards thrown in. Around 10 which is 2 a.m. your time, we took a break from working since 6:30. The guys laid down as you can see in the pics on Facebook, and Jason and I just played with rocks and explored. I happened to find an olive press/grape press area, but since they haven't surveyed that area yet I cannot post the picture. After break time we went into an almond orchard and continued to survey. It was considerably warmer than it has been all weekend mainly due to the lack of clouds that day. On my last transect (straight line I walked), I found a large coin just laying there. Quickly I picked it up and then proceeded to rub it with my fingers. It turned out to be only 50 years old, but it was the first coin found on the survey so they were proud to have it. On Friday night we didn't do much but come back to Neve Shalom and rest.

Saturday morning we woke up and had breakfast here, consisting of eggs, cheese, cereal, and fish. I didn't eat the fish though; fish for breakfast, gross!! Then we slathered the sunscreen on and headed past Tel Aviv into Caesarea Maritima. Herod built a harbor with break water walls surrounding to protect the ships and also the city. It was a massive structure with the first use of a hydraulic concrete. He would mix volcanic ash with water and it would set up under the water to form the foundation of his harbor. Needless to say there are no natural harbors anywhere along the Israel coast. This city was adorned with every part of any Roman city, baths, plumbing, and many spectator sports. As you can see from the pictures there is much that remains even though it is close to the sea. One of the attractions is the amphitheater. This theatre is mentioned in the Bible when Herod the Great's son does not deny being called a god and God struck him with worms and was eaten up. So, after spending three hours of the day looking down picking up pottery and taking pictures, we headed to Tel Aviv to eat at Volcano Pizza and Ice Cream. As you can see from the pictures it was wonderful! There is even two well now one piece of mine left in the fridge. Perhaps there will be none after today. We then came back here and I talked to Kinzie and the kiddos. They are safe and enjoying Alabama as you can see from the previous blogs. I then fell asleep early due to a food coma.

Sunday I hitched a ride to Jerusalem and spent most of the day shopping. I bought Eli and Kinzie some goodies that I am sure they will love!! Funny story, Earlier on in the week I went to Jerusalem to grab a SIM card for the phone so I could call home. We happened to see some other folks from Southwestern that were there on a mission trip. I was proceeding to talk to one of them and a gentlemen from the shop we were standing in front of came out and was insisting to sell them a scarf. I was a little annoyed and turned to the man and said, "is that on sale for a dollar". He then slapped the back of my neck twice and said, "you are very funny" then went into his shop. Well, then the day we were back in Jerusalem I went with my friend Lucas and we continued to shop. I saw an interesting shop off the beaten path that was adorned with all sorts of fabrics. We were looking around and the owner came around the corner. He forced us into his tiny shop and we asked some prices. After realizing he was charging 300 shekels for a 40 shekel item, we tried to leave. Then he continued to attempt to bargain with two guys that wanted nothing to do with buying a scarf until he eventually bargained himself down to 40 shekels. Finally, we just decided to walk away instead of our nice-guy approach that kept us there for 20 minutes being attacked. Upon our departure the guy said some stuff in Arabic then he said in English, "you disgust me!" So, needless to say our time in Jerusalem has not fared well with the local shop fellas.

Today was a different experience because we had to wake up at 4 a.m. which is 8 p.m. your time. So when you are getting ready for bed just remember I will be sweating while you are dreaming. We went out into the field and came to a burnt field which is nice because you don't have to worry about plants obscuring the possible finds. However, it was extremely unique that this field had hardly any pottery in it. It was located so close to the tel that you would suppose it would have tons of pottery. Especially since we would be able to see every piece. We did find nice tomb that had partially collapsed with nothing inside except dirt to the ceiling. After spending time to process that we moved on to a field that had some large shrubbery and littered with boulders. While looking mainly for snakes we found a few small features. One of them happened to be another tomb. This one had a small opening but a large inside. Again with nothing of worth except dirt and collapsed walls possibly. It is interesting to think of all the work they would put into creating these burial chambers, hewing them out of the bedrock only to leave bury their family there. Many of these tombs have been robbed out by bedouins or other passer bys looking for a quick buck. Hey, you could even be owning one of these antiquities.

I will end this blog by simply asking the questions, "what have you done today?" "was it worth it?"

p.s. Don't forget the pictures


Today was a really fun and full day. It helped us not miss our daddy sooo much, but we still miss him :)

First, we went to church-Goob did really well through the whole sermon.
Second we came home, ate lunch and changed into our bathing suits.
Third we got in the car and drove to the river close to my where my mom's whole side of the family lives. The kids loved it. Ribbit mainly stayed where she would be at least 1/2 way out of the water or she sat on the bank and threw rocks into the river. Goober was much more adventurous and climbed on driftwood, caught fish (a baby brim) with his bare hands, picked up teeth ( really white stones) and swam. We also played tetherball, skipped watermelon rinds, grilled hamburgers and saw a land snake!!!! My Uncle Paul and his two boys Mason and Taylor went with us...they hadn't met the kids yet and Ribbit liked walking up and down the river with Uncle Paul. She grew quite fond of Taylor too before the end of the day. The kids also got to pet and hold my Uncle's two sugargliders...really cute.We stayed at the river for about 3-3.5 hours.
Next, we drove over to my grandparents who live about 5 minutes away. They had met the kids once but not for long. From the minute we drove up to the minute we left Goober kept saying " THIS IS AWEESSOOMMEE". My Papa let him drive the golf cart all over their front yard, then he let Ribbit drive it while she sat in his lap. Next, we all jumped in the back of my Papa's truck, with my Uncle Paul and Nana up front and drove all over their property, mostly through trails in the woods and found blueberries to pick. We would have to duck and watch out for limbs and Goob said he had never done anything like that before. We picked about 3 bags of blueberries and when Ribbit got tired she went into the truck with my Nana. After that we went back to my grandparents house and they let the kids explore the RV....again more " THIS IS AWWEESSOMMEEE". They even showed Goob how it opens up fully, the fridge, the bathroom and then they let him blow the air horn. We are hoping to do some RV camping with them at the end of this week, beginning of next.
After that Goob, Uncle Paul and Ribbit rode in the back of Taylor's truck back up to my Uncle Paul's house, about 2 seconds away down a dirt road, and we all changed out of our wet clothes and sat around and talked. The whole time Ribbit played with Taylor and walked around being prissy.
We are now at home, after a drive back, McDonald's milkshakes and BATHS!!!! Goober is in bed with Uncle Chris reading him " Curious George". He keeps trying to negotiate deals with Uncle Chris about how to read but so far its not working :). Ribbit is already passed out in bed, which is good because I got up with her at least 10 times last exaggeration there!
I'm really glad to be here and to get to hang out with my grandparents....I have lots and lots of memories there as I stayed with them every summer growing up and stay close with them now. I am so glad that my kids get to know and love them as much as I do.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

No Filter

We have really been working with Eli about having a filter and if he thinks what he is going to say might hurt someone's feelings he whispers it in our ears first. That has saved us many embarrassing conversations and apologies. Apparently that filter goes out the door when he is with Uncle this video and keep in mind that while I am filming Chris is sitting beside me in a towel....he was getting ready to head to church. Listen to Eli towards the end :).

Thats right....he says "PINUS" , rhymes with LINUS instead of Penis-he has called it that for a while took both Chris and I by surprised and right after I turned off the camera we laughed until our stomach hurts and we were crying. Eli couldn't figure out why either :).

Saturday, June 11, 2011

-3 hours of sleep

So we are here, 12 hour drive later....sweet home alabama. Ribbit seriously talked for about 2 hours straight, which aggravated the snot out of Goober who, like his mom, wants silence when he is watching movies. Then Ribbit screamed " mommy, hold me" for about 30-45 minutes until I made it funny for her. The she developed the hiccups, the whole time annoying sweet Goober who just sat there the whole time.
Goober was a little sedated though--Friday morning was rough for all. I woke up with a killer headache and felt queasy. Goober slept with me that night and we both tossed and turned. Turns out he was bitten the night before in his private parts and it was very uncomfortable. By the time I actually saw his discomfort the next morning it was RED AND SWOLLEN. So we rushed to his doctor ( all the while trying to pack, clean and get things ready for the people who are cat-sittin for us and oh yeah, trying to not vomit on one or both of my children). The doctor comfirmed that he was pretty much ate up by some chiggers--neck, armpits and private areas. So now we have a steroid cream and he is taking benadryl....poor thing. When we left the doctor he said " can i call dad?".
Its now 7:22 and like usual I have been up since 6:15 with Ribbit---even though we got in at 3:30 and have slept for less than 3 hours total. Good thing my parents and Uncle Chris want some grandkid time....maybe I'll get some zzzzz's.

Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm a Grade A Wimp

Adam has only been gone for 2 days and I wish he would get on a plane tonight and come home. Its really hard to keep a routine down when your other half is gone. I'm definitely having a hard time focusing on anything, and I know that Eli's schoolwork routine has been thrown out the window. I'm pretty sure that our family will be a traveling one after this trip.
Like Adam said in his blog I turned on the waterworks early because I knew in advance how hard this would be. Its hard to raise two kids on your own--but its even harder when your emotional and almost mad at the situation.
I'll give you that I am a wimp and that military spouses go a lot longer away from each other. I have no problem being called a wimp, I will own it.
We leave for Alabama tomorrow and I am hoping that will lift my spirits.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The First 48

Today started out just like any other day in the Harvell household. Ribbit sounded off as our six-o'clock alarm and immediately wanted her breakfast. There was a heavy feeling in the air though as we thought about the day to come. It was as if we were swimming slowly around the house in our own world while trying to work through the routine that makes up our morning.
I am new at this blogging thing, so please bear with me as I trudge through my feelings and try to put them in words. Don't worry all you Kinzie fans, because she will still be posting almost every day!
I will start out by listing just what made up the morning and merge this with the flight since there isn't much to talk about on the flight. However, there could be some interesting things happen when I board in 2 hours. Right now I am sitting at gate D14 waiting for these Canadians to give me a comfortable seat and possibly a beverage? It fascinates me to look around at the litany of people who decide to fly and imagine what type of family they are leaving or going to.
As we pulled up to drop me off after sitting in traffic for nearly an hour, Goober gave me the best hug he has ever given me to this point. He held on for what seemed like an eternity and I could tell he was fighting back tears just like his old man. Kinzie was just the opposite, she had already had the water works going hard since yesterday. It just about broke my heart this morning and I hated to leave them. I still have tears in my eyes as I write this. I just miss them so much already!!
So, the flights were definitely exciting just as any Canadian would be. The first flight was fairly bumpy and my screen didn't work so I couldn't watch anything on it. However, the coke was tasty. I found it silly that they didn't serve a meal on the 3.5 hour flight from Dallas to Toronto. Also considering it fell directly during lunch time. On the plus side I got to spend $8 on the cheapest hamburger at the airport (it came with fries and a drink). Luckily every airport has had free wifi so I have been able to skype with the Kinzie and the kids!!! And after watching four movies and not being able to fall asleep because of cramped quarters and the guy behind me jamming his knees into my back, I landed in Tel Aviv at 3 a.m. Central time. Then I pleaded with the various airport providers that are listed as being the ones giving me a ride back to the states only to find that they could do nothing to change my ticket because they were not the ones to book it? Makes no sense to me too. So, somehow I have to find a way to either call Air Canada or the travel agency that booked the flight.
Here is a video that Kinzie took of Goober that was on the camera when I got here:

From Goob

Hey Dad, Goober wanted to send you a message before art camp this morning. I'll type it for him.

" I want to say can you please have a great day"

We love you :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dad's gone

Adam left this morning and boy was that tough. Goober clung to him and cried for a while. Then he cried most of the morning and later on this afternoon I asked him a question about art camp and he said " i dont know what you said because I am thinking about dad". Adam has only been gone 1/2 of a day and Goob's already made him several gifts :).
We just skyped with him and he is in Canada about to board for Israel.
Funny story- On the way home today Goober said he really had to to go to the bathroom. We were about 5 minutes from the house so I tried to get him to think about lots of other things. We finally pulled in and I opened the car door as fast as I could. I gather my stuff out of the car, turn around expecting to see the front door of the house flung open still and what do I see? Goober's back as he is peeing on the rose bushes in the front yard....apparently he never had any intentions of making it into the bathroom :)...boys.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

No more meetings for a month!!!!!!

In order for us to go to Alabama for an entire month we had to schedule lots of things right before and right after trip......however, that means in the middle we get an entire month off!!
Friday we had our AFS visit, she is the one we hand over the gobs of paperwork we fill out too, she also writes up the kids history based on what she sees. Today we had our CPS visit and she is there on the kids behalf to make sure we are doing everything right and that we are accountable to our AFS. These meetings are always chaotic and both kids always choose to act out during those meetings, not intentionally but because they have to sit still and because they can't have mom and dad's full attention.

Adam leaves Wednesday morning for Israel.....I'm getting a little sappy about it, but I think he is too. I have heard him tell the kids that he will miss them repeatedly today. I know that military wives tell their husbands bye for months or years at a time but these three weeks ahead of me sure do sound long.

I haven't been taking too many videos lately--for one, I am teaching clay and painting camp this week and two-our new camera is way tooo fun to put down and capture a video. I promise I will be back up to speed once we get to Alabama on Saturday and get into a routine.

P.S.- In 23 days this sweet little boy will be 7!!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's fun until someone gets hurt

No explanations needed.

Good thing it was Dad that got busted in the face....well kinda.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Another great thought from Shepherding a Child's I watch Goober do flips across the living room floor.

" The finest art of communication is not learning how to express your thoughts. It is learning how to draw out the thoughts of another. Your objective in communication must be to understand your child, not simply to have your child understand you. (Goober has now moved on to headstands). Many parents never learn these skills. They never discover how to help their children articulate their thoughts and feelings.
There is certain irony in all this. ( Goober is now seated beside me asking why I am copying this book). When children are little, we often fail to engage them in significant conversation. (I am now counting how many push-ups Goob can do...can you tell that he wants my attention :) When they try to engage us, we respond with uninterested "uh huh's." Eventually, they learn the
ropes. They realize that we are not interested in what goes on in them. They learn that a "good talk" for us is a "good listen" for them. When they become teens, the tables turn. Parents wish they could engage their teens, but the teens have long since stopped trying. "

Good stuff huh, will make me think twice before shushing Goober in the car, as he yells over the DVD player to get my attention while I am sitting in bumper to bumper traffic. He's a good little talker and I don't want to do anything to change that!!

Off I go, we are now counting change that dad found in the dryer and Goober has decided that he may let me know where his secret hiding place is for money :).

Gettin Fancy!!

Just in case you haven't noticed I have been playing with the backgrounds and have updated most of the information and pictures on our blog....its about time, right?
I was inspired by my sweet friend Stephanie's blog and how darn cute it is!!!! I'm still learning so I bet it will change a lot before I am satisfied.

Tonight was a rough night, Eli found a picture of his mom and has become quite attached to it over the last couple of days. I went into his room tonight and he was staring at it with tears running down his face. By the end of our conversation we were both crying. I don't think he has a clue about why he was taken from his mom. Everytime I get to though I make sure he knows that it isn't anything he did that made him move soo much. Every ounce of me wants to tell him to forget about her, to tell him all the bad choices she made and that if he will just let me show him I will never leave him or give him up or betray him. But you don't say that to 6 year old boys, yet alone any child. I just remind him that she was trying really hard to be a good mom and that he can and will miss her forever. I tell him that me and Adam want to replace all those bad memories with good ones. I tell him that we love him soooo much and that when he hurts, I hurt. He isn't sure what to say when I cry so most of the time he just lays on me. I know that lately we have been talking quite openly about the adoption and how he will be our son for forever and that his name will change and I think that is a lot to process, on top of finding a picture of your mom.
He gives us bits and pieces of his past when we least expect it....some things that aren't in his written history, some things that make us cringe, most things make us disgusted and we question him to make sure that he is giving us the right details.
I just pray that God would heal his little heart and give us words to say and actions that will show him how dedicated we are. I know this is worrying about things that I can't control but I am already dreading the day that he will come to us and want to find out more about his bio mom. It makes my stomach hurt honestly......oh, that is so far away and so not worth my time to worry about...but if you think of it pray for our family and my irrational and time inappropriate fears :).

Here a video of Eli singing " I've got JOY down in my Heart" in the pool.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer Reading List

This summer I will be reading several books, some because I want to , others because I need to for my job.
1-Shepherding a Child's Heart----finishing, digesting and going back to answer the questions at the end of every chapter.
2-The Odyssey----sadly I don't think I ever read this in school, at least not the whole thing. As a classical school, we are all starting to read through the classical books that are at the core of our curriculum.
3. Piety and Philosophy- Another book on classical thinking and education----it will expand on what I read last summer in Wisdom and Eloquence. (both of these books are time consuming as
I have to read one paragraph, go back and read it again to make heads or tails of most of the information--but discussions with others and wisdom gained are worth it)
4. The gospel of John- read in one setting
5. Successful Adoption-A Guide for Christian Families

I have all of these, I read small chunks during nap time or when the kids are fully engaged in another activity and I can take my eyes off them for a paragraph at a time!!!

Therefore, since we have this great high priest who has passed through the heavens, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold firmly to the faith we possess. For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are--yet was without sin. Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need. Hebrews 4:14-16

Thoughts on this scripture from Shepherding a Child's Heart
"Dealing with disobedience is a wonderful opportunity to draw alongside our children. As you learn their internal struggles with sin, you have an inside track. You, like they, are a sinner. You can use your insight into the nature of temptation to help them understand their own battles. You can also encourage your children that the unending grace and mercy that you have found in Jesus Christ if offered to them as well. In Him there is righteousness that we cannot produce, forgiveness that we cannot merit, and power that we cannot generate. There is hope for needy
people in this one who became flesh and dwelt among us.

I have really been able to apply some of what Tripp says to Goober when disciplining him. It has helped him receive discipline without getting upset at me because he has heard me say several times that I submit to God's authority and therefore he must submit to my authority as it is from God. I pray that I can continue to speak truth to him and use discipline as a way to change his little heart and point him to God----Proverbs 13:18 " He who ignores discipline comes to poverty and shame"

Speaking of discipline.....

And here are the kids disciplining each other in the pool....if you don't like loud noises don't come to our house :)

Too stinkin HOT!

Today was a day of first for the kids!
The three of us went to mom's school to get some things ready for the two art camps I am teaching next week. Between me and Goober we got three clay wheels set up, 3 bags of clay ready to go, 5 painting stations put together, plastic laid out and kept Ribbit happy the whole time!!
Then we went to a new park close to mom's school....but it was so hot that the kids couldn't touch most of the equipment. We managed for about 30 minutes and then walked around in the shade for a while.
Then, the three of us took on THE MOVIES.....and not just any movie but Kung Fu Panda 2....which Goober has been drooling over since it came out on the 26th of May. So, against my better instincts we went to the 2:00 showing-armed with snacks and drinks from the dollar store!!!! Ribbit sat in my lap the whole time because she doesn't weigh enough to keep the seat down. We sat three rows from the bottom and that took some compromise between Goober and Me......i have never ever sat that close!!. The kids were completely still the whole time....Ribbit yelled out "water" during one of the quiet scenes and got a little scared and whined during a fight scene between the panda and an ostrich. Other than that she was perfect and I now know we can handle movies!!!! YAY!!!
These next couple of days are going to be super busy as we get dad ready to go to Israel, get ready for CC to come stay with us, get in last minute meetings with CPS and AFS before our vacation to Alabama and juggle the two camps I am teaching next week with the one camp that Goober is taking!!!

As usual, there is lots of dancing in our house and Ribbit dances anytime she hears music. Therefore, after every movie we know that there is going to be a dance party during the credits as they play music. Here is Adam and Ribbit dancing and Goober joining in after we watched "Holes" for the first time. Goober lovingly calls this the "lizard movie" now.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Full time momma

Well, I think Ribbit's one peepee in the potty was a hasn't happened again since. After reading a whole bunch about potty training I have come to the conclusion that its something we will work on all summer but that she just isn't 100% ready.....her vocabulary is not where it should be to let me know and most doctors say that kids don't develop those muscles to hold it until they are 2. So for all you moms who potty trained their kids at 18 months and even younger.....SUPER!!!!
We are playing hard this summer-the proof is in the fact that Goober has crawled into his bed every afternoon (without being told to) and taken a 1-2 hour nap. Now if only Ribbit would get tired :). I was up with her this morning at 5 and she only took a 45 hour nap today.
I am happy to say though that my kids have watched a total of 30-45 minutes of TV in the last two days!!!!! We are playing outside mostly, swimming in our pool and taking long walks around the neighborhood and seminary. The TV time both days have been the 10-15 minutes right before Daddy gets home and I am trying throw diner together. Goober has read through two books-one he has read at least 5 times. He did about 20 math problems today and wrote 5 sentences. I am determined to not let all the hard work that Mrs. Barnes did this past semester go to waste...especially when Goob is on a role and wants to work!!!

This time next week we will be daddy-less as he leaves for Israel on Wednesday morning. My mom is flying out in 4 days to help me with the kids for a week (i am teaching a clay and painting camp) and then she is riding back with us as we head to AL for a whole month!!!!! I had to have another adult to help me on the 12 hour drive to AL---its just safer and both kiddos and mommy have a better time!!
Therefore, after next Wednesday you will start to see posts from Adam on his time there in Israel. He will be on the survey team again this year, and he is super stoked. He is rooming with a good friend of ours, and he is looking forward to seeing old friends and being back in the Holy Land. We will miss him greatly for those 3 weeks and some odd days but we know that God has called him to this field and this is just part of it. I know that we will all "ugly cry" at the airport when telling him bye but I am praying for peace for myself and the kids. I say all that to 1)encourage you to look for those posts from Adam and 2) to go ahead and put Adam on the spot :), I expect lots and lots of communication :).

Here are some videos of our water balloon battles this past weekend--the last one makes me laugh so hard I cry every time I watch it!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I'm overly excited about this new camera......I just love how fast it takes pictures, and that it captures all the great moments. I admit that today I went a little crazy with it, but I was trying to test out all of the features!!!
Here are my favorites!!

Fun days of summer

Today the kids played in their new indoor pool all day!!! We bought an inflatable pool, 5 by 10 by 2.5, put it in the garage and filled it up. They love it. It's hot enough in the garage to make the water tolerable.
We also went and ate lunch with Daddy at the seminary, scheduled dental appts, Eli read through a harder book and BRE USED THE POTTY!! She then dropped the jellybean I gave her to celebrate in the potty :).

Here are some videos of bubbles from this past weekend!