Friday, October 23, 2009


The title of this blog is the title of my all time favorite song from the group Third Day. And speaking of Third Day, guess who got to sit in the front row of thier concert, surrounded by popular Christian artists such as Shane and Shane and Bethany Dillon. Give up? ADAM AND I DID!!!

My co-worker knows the assistant manager for Third Day and so when they were coming to Grand Prairie yesterday they were talking on the phone and my co-worker was offered 6 free AWESOME tickets!!!

I have to say that going to a Third Day concert without my beloved Bay Minette youth group was a first. I have a lot of memories of Winter Jams and youth group concerts that I associate with any of Third Day's music. We had no idea who was opening but we didn't care...ITS THIRD DAY!!

So we get to the theater and we find our seats, that are AMAZING!! Mac (lead singer of Third Day) comes out and says that there are speical guests with us tonight...SHANE AND SHANE. They both walk out onto stage and sing a song. Then they leave the stage and SURPRISE they walk over to where we are sitting and sit in the row behind us!! I mean talk about hyperventilation!! I immediately whipped out my phone and started texting people "guess who i am sitting with?". I never thought about what I would do if I met a famous person but now that I know that my heart skips a beat and I become unable to process words I kinda hope I dont :). So then, Mac introduces Bethany Dillon, another famous christian artist ( who just married one of the Shanes) to sing another song. When she is done she also walks off stage and sits right behind us. By now, I can't concentrate and the only thing I think of is " i need gum"...because when, not if, but when I talk to them I dont want my bad breath to blow them away and for them to always refer to me as the "fan with stinky breath in Texas".

So during intermission I turned around and said "WAR EAGLE", not b/c they went to Auburn but because every time I went to one of thier concerts it was in Auburn and they always said they loved it. However, I didn't get a War Eagle back just a smile and a "we went to A and M". I think I forgot we are in Texas. Anyways, they were super nice and talked to all of us. They even waved to us and shook our hands when they left....yup, my right hand will never be the same.

Of course, the real reason we were there was to watch Third Day ( not to gawk at S and S like I caught myself doing). The concert was amazing and felt like an amped up worship service. God really reminded me of some things that I take to for granted. Like the power of his sacrifice for us, the conversation he had with the thief on the cross beside him and the power that the body of Christ has and could have if we more fully obeyed.

Here are some pictures from our fun night. Apparently Shane and Shane also took pictures because on thier twitter from the concert there is a picture with the back of my head in it....they must have taken it during the 5 seconds I was not turned around gawking at them.

Okay so on the first row from left to right is Adam, Me, Hefty (my co-worker), his wife Sarah, Abby and Chris ( other seminary students).

And right behind us from left to right is Shane Everett's wife best friend, Shane Everett's wife, Shane Everett, Shane Bernard and his new wife Bethany Dillon. AWESOME

And there is me and the hubby!! We needed a night out...too much studying :).

Like our seats? That would be the back of Mac, the lead singer of Third Day.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Harvell Update

Many many things have happened in our lives since we came back from Israel and as we prepare to go again this upcoming summer.
First, I am starting to do some artwork that is both insprired by and reflective of our whole trip. I hope to post pictures soon. I wasn't planning on doing any paintings from memories and our pictures but the artistic bug has now made itself known and Im finding myself constantly sketching out scenes from the Via DoloRosa and the Garden of Gethsemanae.

Next, we have officially sold our home...well sorta :). We are in a lease/purchase agreement with a lady who has two young boys. She is actually moving in on November 1st and has a year to buy our home. We hope that she loves it as much as we did and will buy it sooner rather than later. Until then she is helping us get out from under two house payments and several utility bills. Thank you God!!
On September 28th I had my appendix out!! YAY! That was less than delightful. We had gone to San Angelo,TX for a wedding reception for one of my very best friends. On the way back I was in a lot of pain and couldn't eat anything the entire day. So at 8:00 that night, after being persuaded, Adam took me to the ER. I didn't want to go for two reasons. A) we weren't sure if our new insurance through the seminary had kicked in yet and B) does anyone really ever want to go to the ER?
We got there and they started running all kinds of test....I can't belive some of the gross things they did to me. Adam was a trooper and supported me through my five year old sensitivity to all needles, anything involving blood and my four catscans throughout the night.
Pause...I do remember a very funny conversation between Adam and I even though I was on pain medication.Here goes.
Nurse- Mam you must drink this entire gallon ( just kidding, liter) of contrast ( nasty drink) before your catscan. ( she exits the room)
Kinzie- takes four sips and declares dramatically that she can't drink anymore, its just awful.
Adam- the nurse said you have to!
Kinzie- I can't. I won't. Sets the drink down.
Adam- Kinzie if you dont drink it I will go get the nurse ( while he's forcing the straw into my mouth...once again I resort to a 5 year old mentality when it comes to sickness or pain).
Kinzie- well then go get her.
Adam laughs and puts the drink down.

So anyways, after four horrible catscans ( i was cold and in pain) they decide that they need to admit me because my white cell count was up to 16,000 and a normal count is 10,000, along with other things had occured that I can't say without gagging. There was some kind of infection in my body. So then I started having bad hunger pains because the last meal I had was at 6:30 on Saturday and it was now Monday morning. So then they decided they needed to do an exploratory surgery to see what it was and that while they were in there they would take out my appendix.
So I went into surgery at 5:30 and woke up at 6:15 asking for Adam. He came in and said they did take out my appendix ( even though that was not the problem) and that the doctor had found where some cysts on my ovaries had ruptured. Who knew those tiny little things could cause so much drama?
So now its almost 3.5 weeks later and besides my belly button looking a little alienish I am 100% better. Adam is still cautious about letting me lift heavy things but I dont fact he could stay that way for the rest of our marriage :).

Other than that things are steadily plodding along. Adam is finding seminary to be challenging, especially Hebrew. There are many nights where he stays up til midnight and then wakes up again at 6:30 to finish homework, papers, articles or study for a test.
We are both now employed by the seminary. Me, in housing and He as a carpenter. He is very good at building and demolishing so he loves his job! I am just thankful that he was able to quit his other job which was in retail!! So now he is home by 5 every night and has every weekend off!!!! God is really blessing us..sometimes we lose focus on that and I will wonder aloud why we are in Texas? but I know for sure that God has promised us that He is our source of life and that right now, while we are living in the "mundane" He is preparing us for a wonderful journey.

P.S.- even after he begged and pleaded the doctor would not give Adam my appendix so we could scrapbook it. Funny and grotesque all at the same time.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Israel Paintings

I've decided that since A) I have so many great pictures to work from and B) I dont' have an art outlet in my life right now, that I will be painting some of the sites from Israel.
It's too good of a inspiration to pass up. I hope to start posting some of my paintings on the blog for you to see!!