Sunday, October 19, 2014

Watching my boys play...

We have had a lot of fun in the cooler weather lately. Adam and I both really enjoy watching our boys play baseball. Baby Boy asks for a snack from the minute we get to the ball field until the snack is securely in his hand at the end of the game. He loves getting face paint on and he loves to bat! Goober is dealing so well with the pressure of being a pitcher....there are a ton of new rules for pitchers at his age and he is constantly corrected and reminded of rules by the umpires. I think I would cave under all that pressure but he handles it well and is getting more consistent with his strikes. He is soo quick and today for the second time he stole 3 bases!!!

I also love to watch my boys playing together while camping. Adam took them for a boy night at a local park camp out this weekend and he sent me plenty of pictures of the boys fishing together, chowing down on food and making smores. They loved listening to camp fire stories and couldn't stop talking about how much fun they had with daddy.

Right now they are snuggled up in the one seater with the ipad playing a racing game and taking turns....HOLY COW. Its a treat for both of them to get any ipad time so the fact that they are sharing is FANTASTIC!!!

We are enjoying getting ready for the holidays, finding Halloween costumes, christmas shopping and getting excited to host Christmas.

I could eat this child up, always loving on momma, always telling me how beautiful I am, ALWAYS TALKING, except when she falls asleep in this perfect little pose while reading :)
Making faces with momma at a schoo football game!

Do you spot the small child hanging out like he owns the place with the cheerleaders? :)
Holding hands with her best friend on the entire field trip :)
Girls Night Out while the boys were camping, we got our nails done, ate some girly food and went shopping...Ribbit auditioned for our schools talent show and will be making her big debut next weekend. So we had to get her outfit and make up ;)
Shopping and showing off her rainbow zebra nails!
Cheering on her bubbas!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Tough Times

Today is beautiful! A little wind, all sun and the temperature is a cool 80 degrees. This weather always makes me happy for several reasons....1-Its football season, 2-Adam and I met in the Fall and all the smells bring back memories for me, 3-My kids can go outside!!
I haven't blogged on purpose for a while because my heart had nothing nice to say. We have been struggling, to tears daily with Goober. He became this lazy, mouthy, excuse giving, back talking boy over night. I'm not sure if 4th grade is just stretching him or if having Chelsea move in with us threw him off but it has been a constant issue between the parents and him. His grades have plummeted and for reasons that are shameful. He has lied to our faces and  been caught several times. He has manipulated situations and people and has allowed us to both look like fools while standing up for him as we were trying to trust him. We took him out last Saturday without the two littles (thanks Chelsea) and had a heart to heart. I'm not sure that  10 year old can put into words what is going on but he did cry and apologize a lot. We met with one of his teachers and even more things were revealed to us so we started looking at every possible angle, new friends?, new tendencies?, new sin issues?, something we were doing?. We have prayed and fought and I have several new pimples to prove it. I think we are just experiencing growing pains and the realization that life is hard for a 10  year old at CCA. He has to try now,  he has to put forth effort,  he has to take charge of his school work and the way to handle a disappointment is not by throwing things away or hiding them or making up complete fibs.
I didn't blog that to rat out my son. I have been asking God to show me something in the midst of all this, to teach my frustrated mommy heart. I have seen Goober struggle and begin to come out on the other side and for that I am thankful. I have learned that holding a kid accountable to strict grades makes them believe that a 40 or 50 will cancel out your love for them. I have learned that kids watch their parents more than we know. I have learned that God is the only one who can change and mold Goober....nothing I can do, no punishment I can dole out, no spanking I can give or no amount of yelling I can do will make Goober  behave if he isn't first prompted by the Lord.
Besides the daily struggles with behavior and schoolwork Goober is doing great in baseball, pitching, getting strikes, throwing out people at first, getting his chores done and always playing nicely (80% of the time) with his siblings. He is constantly reading his bible and at our dinner devotionals he participates 100% of the time and loves to hear even more about the story of redemption.
The two littles are just fine. Ribbit has only missed two days of good behavior and both days she strongly needed a nap.You can tell by her eyes and hair right when school is fact, she normally falls asleep in the car...and we live less than 2 blocks away :).
Baby Boy is doing well, loving staying home with Chelsea and always ready to hug and kiss us and shut the door in the mornings! He is learning soo much, sooo fast. He and his sister are constantly signing Frozen songs together, taking on different parts. They are also in love with Batman right now for some reason. We bought him a pirate outfit for Halloween and every day since he has asked to be a pirate. He reminds us every morning that we need to take our "bitamins"...and he is very HARSH with needing them RIGHT THEN!! Baby Boy and ribbit both meet me at the door every morning when I get home from running and they are ready for their breakfast and to be held.
We have a busy busy Fall ahead of us with lots of camping, church activities, holidays and football!!!

Here are some pictures from my 30th birthday...yup almost 3.5 months ago but still it was wonderful!! I got to spend the whole week with all the people I love and even though my Daddy attempted to blind me and my toe suffered greatly all within 30 minutes on my birthday, everything was super fun :). Love you Daddy!

My Aunt Robin took us the waterpark for the day in Pensacola!!! and to Ihop for breakfast!

 They warmed up to her in no time....Ribbit is wearing her glasses :)

 My sweet studly brother took me out for sushi and then waited at the airport with me to get Adam who flew in the nigh before my birthday!

Check out these two ready to go to the river, the other at the river and ready to swim!
They sure do love their cousins, Chelsea and Heather....Goober is covering Heather's Alabama jersey so we don't have any dirty words in our picture :)

My sweet sweet family who were river rats with me all day celebrating!!
Baby Boy and my Papa ready to fight :)
Love my grandparents!!! Always willing to help us celebrate and always ready to party :)
That night my parents ordered Olive Garden take out and even got me TIRAMISU..MY FAVORITE!!
Silly family picture!!
Watching Speedboat races the next day with CC and Papa. We got rained out for a little bit but ended up having fun anyways.