Wednesday, April 12, 2017


I just finished grading 30 Bible tests...5 pages long...concerning the differences between the way we celebrate Easter vs the way Passover is celebrated. I honestly prefer Passover as my eyes are slowly opened to the craziness that Easter has become when it should really be about what our Lord did for us, remembering his body and blood and how he will one day return to gather up all of us nasty sinners and take us to Heaven..instead we hide eggs and mention that ole Easter Bunny. Ugh. This website is actually very helpful..its the one that my friend who comes to lead my 8th graders through Passover every year uses.

One of my running buddies bought a cute plate that says "Silly Rabbit, the Easter is about Jesus". I love that. One of the ways I try to make Easter less about candy and eggs is by making a book of reflections for my kiddos each year. If you haven't already figured out I love memories, traditions, what makes a family unit special. So every year at Easter my kids get a book that looks back over the past year. I want them to see how God continues to knit us together as a family and continues to grow the tiny seeds of the purpose that he has already planted in them.

As LLOOOONNNGGG as it takes for me to sort through the 1000s of pictures I have, and then make 3 seperate books I do love looking back. I love seeing their toothless grins, our fun times traveling and memories of those times that I thought I may LOSE it, and yet I didnt. I also love seeing tiny glimpses of what I think God's purpose may be for my kiddos. Its funny how God already knows what our future will be and as parents we get to see those things shine in our kiddos. As parents its our job to take those characteristics and make sure our kids are using them for a greater purpose. For example, Saul's HATE and DEMONSTRATIVE acts of passion for the Christians was the same HATE and DEMONSTRATIVE acts of passion that Paul (after the Lord changed his name) used to build the early church and lay a foundation for the Gospel to spread everywhere. He had those seeds inside of him, but it was how he chose to use them.

This sounds weird but I had a conversation with a sweet friend of ours (the Delph-our TX grandparents as we refer to them) and I told her how I kept thanking God that Little Man was growing up with christians surrounding him. I love his rambunctiousness, his big attitude, his carefree spirit, his way to charm anyone....BUT in the wrong hands Satan could definitely use that, twist it and create a whole lotta havoc. Instead, my Little Man is being told constantly that he is Gods Helper (the meaning of his name) ...that he is an image bearer of God....that he has been given a GREAT PURPROSE on earth and therefore I know all of those little seeds of characteristics will be used for God's glory!

We are going to have a very low key looonnnnngg Easter weekend. I want to do a mini Passover Seder with our kiddos, then we have surprise birthday party, Easter at our church, lunch with friends and then we hope to get some more done on the master closet-Adam started that this week.

The kids are making great progress in swimming. Goober is a natural at the butterfly-which is the hardest stroke to learn. Ribbit and Little Man swim their heart out and make friends easily at the pool. I am still trying to learn proper technique and keep from drowning in 4 feet of water.

Our church had a huge Serve the City initiative and our class chose to serve Firegfighters. We met up with friends of ours to deliver baskets of goodies and thank you cards!

They were more than kind to give us a full tour!

R2D2 is finished! He is lifesize and the mom who commissioned him picked him up last week. We were sad to see him leave!

She is going to line the inside with pictures of her son and have this on display at graduation.

This picture is hard to make out. But, Ribbit is sitting on my arm and Goober is holding my hand while we watch a Planet Earth show...warmed my mommas heart. ...and, there is the "Laundry Chair" in the background!

Field trip to Lowes Farm. This boy was super ready and eager to complete his farm chores!

Sweet little class..minus Collins!

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