Thursday, March 30, 2017

Workout Changes/ Kiddo Updates

Well the musical is over..gone and done. However, my kiddos are still singing " A blessing on your head, mazel tov, mazel tov"...."matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match" and our favorite " If I were a rich  man, dieele, diddle, dee di di dium".......OVER AND OVER. I have to laugh though at the though that its a true sign that your kids attend a classical school when they know all the musical songs and know about the Tailor Motel KomZoil :). We loved every bit of Fiddler but now we are moving on to Gallery Night and winding down the school year.

This was before the stones were complete on the left but I love the angled windows-I was trying to create a "marc chagall" style...and the dried herbs are fantastic too!
One of the first scenes looking into Tevyes home!
Side panels of Anatevka
Love the lighting during "Tradition"
The Inn Scene was a hit for everyone. The boards were stained all different colors and with different lighting looked awesome!
The blessing in Motel ComZoil's tailor shop. Ribbit, Goober and I painted that old dresser to look like a sewing table with a folk art design. It was blue and thrown out on the side of the road.
More of the Tailor Motel ComZoil's you see the peeling plaster on the walls and thread racks?
See all that stone work on Tevye's chimney? All FOAM!
A closer look at the exterior of Motel's tailor shop!
Another great thing about joining our gym has been the ability to incorporate swimming into our workouts. WE LOVE TO fact, Goober just made the swim team and is really loving it. I like that he is meeting friends outside of school and church and that is PHYSICALLY wears him out. I know from personal experience that if you are wrestling with anxiety that a good hard swim can destress you. As I watching the kiddos take swim lessons I became interested in swimming more and now I swim in the lane beside them during the lesson. Goober and I even go up some mornings and do swimming workouts on our own, practicing the different strokes, entry and exits and how to flip to start a new lap. I am a really bad swimmer as far as holding my breath goes so I am really proud of my 3 for tackling it!
I taught Goober how to pump gas one day including how to pay for it. HE HAS OWNED IT SINCE! He doesn't want any help!

Some recent favorites-Roasted Cauliflower with Smoked Paprika. A grassfed burger topped with onions and tomatoes cooked in balsamic vinegar!

This is pretty much a heap of everything left in the fridge but was good....Tuna, cucumbers, pickles, cilantro, onions, pickled beets and some spicy brown mustard! YUM!

We have had a lot of fun making puppets for American Heritage Girls lately....Ribbit had to make 3 different kinds-finger, sock and marionette. The girls all worked very hard and are looking forward to putting on their puppet shows. We also have our lock in tomorrow night and Ribbit is busting at the seams to go play and be a part of the Talent Show!

We went to see Beauty and the Beast with our good friend Kason...they love watching a movie and eating dinner at the same time!

You may have seen the videos of my 7 and 5 year old scaling these rock walls like a beast....THEY AREN'T SCARED OF ANYTHING! Goober was at the batting cages with Adam.

We got an awesome Easter box from Aunt Robin and Uncle Carl yesterday. The kids loved it. Goober said "Aunt Robin is the best great aunt!, Little Man said " those easter snack cakes are awesome" and Ribbit loved the snugglies and said "that is a lot of candy!"

Speaking of Ribbit she got Daniel of the Month again for March..she is such a sweet obedient child and I am so thankful that she wants to do everything to show her love for God. She is so tenderhearted and always points out the good in everyone. I really am proud of her!

She is just as beautiful inside as she is on the outside!

One proud little girl!

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