Thursday, March 9, 2017

Spring Break Eve

Its the last day of school before Spring Break and boy does it feel like it. Half of my students are already gone on their vacations and the other half are traveling to Waco to watch our girls soccer team play in the State Championship Game this afternoon. Therefore I plan on painting the entire musical stage black and knocking out 2-3 props!

Bubbas climbing high at the rock wall at our gym. I tried it too...and didn't make it quite as high :).
She only wanted to climb so that she could repel down...I have to admit that its the best part!
We are all ready for a little break from our schedule....especially the getting up super early part. Fortunately our after school schedule has been pretty laid back as we are only committed to AHG and Trail Life. We like to play outside in the sun and go swimming at our gym most days.

The 4 of us went to see The Illusionist while Little Man was at a birthday party. Ever since then they have been practicing their card throwing and tricks.
We can't wait to see family next week in Arkansas and then spend the last half doing mini stay cations and backyard camping! We also have some plans to REST :).

Ribbit had a tooth extracted on Tuesday and she astounded the dentist. She never fell asleep,...she just sat there and talked and giggled at the movie she was watching. She even sat up in the middle of it, knocking off many tools, and said "Mommy, I miss my school friends". I texted that to her teacher and her friends made a video telling her how they missed her too!

I am glad to report that Goober is now PASSING (yes, just passing :)) all of his classes now. I hope to see a strong finish this year and see those grades match his ability....not all A's but grades that reflect his longing to put forth effort!

Little Man had a blast at his friends birthday party. They built a fort to watch Star Wars in.

They had a Nerf Gun war in the tree house! And ate pizza and smores!

They had smoke bombs, nerf guns and bandanas...a little boys dream!

Adam and I went to a Benefit Gala with our sweet friends, The Winsteads..Justin and Kathyrn are always so much fun to hang out with and I feel like our kids have grown up together!

My  hot date!

Another Daniel sticker for being gentle and helping others clean up their centers without being asked to.

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