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Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Remember that time I ran a marathon, took one day off and ran 5 miles the next day. Well that was fine, until yesterday. By the end of our FAST 5.5 mile run I was wincing in pain from my left ankle. I chalked it up to the fact that I wore heels ALL day Sunday and my body isn't use to that....but then I remembered that I ran a marathon a week earlier....and I basically took a rest day ...not a full week recovery like recommended or like I have done in the past. So now, I am wearing a boot and icing my ankle like crazy. I have been rubbing down with Helicrysum and Lemongrass too and I am no longer just reminds me its there when I put too much pressure on it. Fortunately this is a slow week for the Harvells and I am able to do a lot of sitting...and pointing, ...I am sure my mom and dad are having flashbacks to when I had my tonsils out and I pointed and bossed them a lot from my bed :).
Coleman family christmas...My grandma is pointing to Goober as he plays violin  for us.

Boy cousin fun...I love that Little Man was riding his easy roller while playing with his remote control car! What a life!

Baby Kamden didn't know what to think about Goober's blanket or the noises my Papa was making!

Ribbit won the Most Improved Musician award last week in class....deeming her not only artistic but musical as well...she was very proud of that award and sings to us constantly. She also teaches Little Man a song every day and they perform it together until one of them gets tired of being "outsung" and begins to push and shove and we have a WWE match in our kitchen floor.

Ribbit also has become the perfect person at our home. She corrects EVERYONE about everything. Here are some examples.

Little Man " mommy, why is God going to burn the whole earth up?"
Me "well because I'm sure the new one he is going to make will be so much better"
Ribbit "well, you shouldn't be sure because he is GOD and should know it will be so much better!"

Me-I'm pretty sure that car was doing 15 miles per hour -to Adam
Ribbit-that car was doing 15 MILES PRE HOUR (emphasis on the H and PRE, not per).......yup, she knows everything

Me/Adam (every meal)-Boys mix your vegetables in with your meat and eat it together instead of saving what you don't like until very last.
Ribbit-Yes, see how I do it? I mix them and eat them together in every bit.
Great grandson, grandson and Great this picture!

We tried our best to get a family shot...This represents my grandparents, 1 of their kids,  4 of their grandkids,  6 of their great grandkids and 3 spouses. 

We looovvee playing with Baby Kamden!

Gingerbread house contest

What my family does everytime....card games!

Goober is learning the hard way that school is a place where we work..its not all recess, snacks and social time. He is really struggling with grades but fortunately peer pressure can be a good thing and the thought of repeating 6th grade and/or not being able to play 7th grade football next year due to grades....brings instant tears to his eyes and a promise to work harder. I felt his pain yesterday as I read through his paragraph on wolves. It was painful as I read long run on sentences without know that pain if you read this blog.....I ramble, change my mind and the only warning you get are those dots.....I use dots instead of commas because if it were up to me commas would not exist. They apparently allow you to pause or describe, but honestly they have too many rules attached to them. Its like owning a cat in our town...its good to have pets but there are too many rules that come with those little furballs and all the fun is sucked out of it!
Heading home...out like a light and cozy in their blankets!

Lunch at Cracker Barrel thanks to my Aunt and Uncle....we needed a break as it was about 2 hours into the drive that we learned that Nana Harvell had passed.

Yup, there are 3 bikes, 3 suitcases and a WHOLE LOTTA christmas loot in there. When we pulled in to start unpacking we looked around and saw that somone had raked and bagged all of our leaves....what a generous gift!

Little Man got to play with Collins on Sunday. We went over to watch some of the Cowboys game and they SOAKED up every minute they could with each other. They pick up right where they left off and neither one of them wanted to say bye. Collins had her scans yesterday and THEY ARE more signs of more tumors or signs that her other ones aren't shrinking. Best news ever, now just several more chemo/radiation rounds. Talk about a fighter and two parents who are strong and wise beyond their years!

Monday, January 16, 2017

The last of christmas

I never full got to wrap up our Christmas break...and I have so many great pictures from our time with my family in South Alabama!!

This week has been SO UGLY...rain and cold and 2 of my runs have been in awful combination. I don't mind the cold, but it does get hard to breathe at some point. The kids are ready for sunshine too as they have new bikes, easy riders and scooters that need riding.
One of my very favorite gifts this year is my KEEP bracelet...with my arrow and birth stones for each kiddo!

Inside the submarine at the USS Alabama....This was a major fear that I overcame.

Practicing to be a captain!

My dad and Goober reinacting a very awkward Titanic pose....hehe.

It was quite windy but a great day to tour the battleship!

Looking for bad guys to shoot down!


In our matchy matchy outfits on bunk beds in the sub.

All 5 of us in the massively cramped sleeping quarters...look at Ribbit zonked out :)

Those are some really big tanks!

My parents treated us to a fun hibachi dinner after touring! BIG FLAME, Little Man keeps talking about the onion volcano!

A great shot of the Grands and Greats! Probably one of my all time favortites of the 5 of them.
I am missing quite a few pictures from our actual Christmas morning with them...I'll have to do some digging!

Little Man was so happy to get his own bow and arrow set so he can be like big bubba!

She has wanted a mermaid blanket for soooo long. 

This may  have been his favorite present....well next to the bike. He sleeps in it nightly and says his favorite part of every day is waking up in it and being super warm.

Each kiddo got their own diffuser too....we use them nightly and  have been getting great sleep!!!!

If you can't tell my kids are BIG into blankets....they cycle through them constantly and every night you can hear us all grabbing our favorites to bring to the couch.

Daddy had to have some fun too!

Papa got chocolate covered insects since he ate all the kiddos chococlate halloween candy!!!

Counting their $1 bills they get in their stocking every year!

7 for a big 7 year old!

I'm off to finish up some chores and get some things done as we have the day off for MLK day. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Sentence per Picture

I promise that I will post about other things other than this race just meant so much to me and consumed my life for the last literally consumed me!!!!

In no specific order...
The only characters we stopped to take pictures with, kinda!

We had to fight for a spot to take this picture with the Tree in Life in Animal Kingdom

Runing the field at the ESPN center...see the narrow run ways?

Entering Hollywood Studios...the 4th park we ran through during the race.

Our official WE DID IT picture!!!

Right after we crossed the finish line...some tears starting to form..before we got wrapped in foil!

I may have stalked Carrot Top when he used the bathroom on the plane!

Maybe my favorite picture from the race so far...haven't seen Disney's official pictures....the castle was just beautiful and the streets were lined with people cheering!

Waiting on our plane to leave Dallas..and waiting, and waiting.

All Star resort, this picture is totally for my boys.

Meeting Kelly, who lost her son this past year to Cancer....what a sweet lady.

All Star Resort...see the weather starting to get NASTY?

Heading into the expo.

A very full, very nice fitness expo!

The course!

Outside of ESPN as the temperature continued to plummet


Some of our favorite friends!

Mickey wanted me to show that he was on my shirt!

Just goofing off!

The largest Disney store in the world!

WAITING to start the race....I get cold just looking at this picture!

Entering Magic Kingdom