Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Temple Mount

On Sunday we left for Jerusalem right after breakfast. We wanted to get there early in order to onto the Temple Mount..where security checks can keep lines backed up. We were instructed not to wear anything that had a cross, a verse or anything that said Jesus. I couldn't even bring my journal since it has a cross on it....oh, and definitely not a bible. We were also told not to bring any sharp items...several times. However, while standing in line to go through security check we hear the (armed) guards start saying " patiche, patiche" which is Hebrew for "hammer". Then our sweet sweet friend Katy comes walking back out of the security check holding her patiche from the dig. Apparently she forgot to empty out her bookbag and was trying to sneak in a hammer onto the Temple Mount. One of our instructors hid it behind a wall while we were up on the mount and then grabbed it when we got off since those cost about $35 bucks. So, from now on Katy is "Patiche".
When we first entered the Temple Mount we saw the Alask a Mosque ( say that how it sounds..i am almost 100% sure I didn't spell it right). This is the most probable site where Jesus would have thrown out the money changers. Right behind this is a a stone where supposedly Jesus was tempted to jump...i think I mentioned it earlier in a blog from our visit to Jerusalem.
The gold dome on top of the Dome of the Rock was a gift from King Hussein. It houses the rock where Mohammod's footprint was found after he ascended....yeah right. I would like to see you leave a footprint in a rock...believe me we walk on 500 rocks a day and there are no footprints. Anyways, one neat thing was that while we were walking around the Dome ( which we can't enter because we are not muslims, and we had to walk up a wooden gate since Muslims are the only one allowed to use the main one) as we are walking around we look over at the Mount of Olives and they are clouds right above...once again unusual for Israel during June and one of our friends reminds us that Jesus ascended into the clouds from the Mount of Olives...awesome( check out that picture.
Next we head to the Wohl Musuem where the excavations of ancient mansions have been perserved and a walk ramp has been put around them. We are not allowed to take pictures inside but its a very neat exhibit and there are conservationists working as we walk through. These mansions are from the Herodian period.
Next we head to the Israel Musuem. First thing we head to see is the Shrine of the Book where the original Dead Sea Scrolls are housed. The musuem is in the shape of the lid of the pots that the scrolls were found in. The inside of the musuem looks like the inside of a thrown pot....very interesting!! We see a 2100-2200 year old copy of Isaiah. You can't take pictures in here either and you have to be very quiet. Adam was shushed by a grumpy old man after he clicked his tongue to see how much it would echo....haha.
Right outside of this musuem is a model of Jerusalem. Afer having gone to Jerusalem 3 times it was really neat to see it all laid out and to see where the 1st and 2nd period temple walls were and how it was added to. We are also able to see Herodian three towers, for his wife, brother and dad and the City of David. It helps put things into perspective.
After that we are given 3 hours of free time in the old city of Jerusalem to shop and eat lunch...AWESOME!! At this point I am tired of being herded and I was looking forward to alone time with my hubby!!!!
We ate at this little hole in the wall restaurant called Old City Restaurant. We both ordered Kebabs.....which are pitas stuffed with cucumbers, tomatoes, ranch dressing like stuff and hopefully lamb ( we aren't sure but it was good). The owner was a cute little guy and when we finished he said " picture" and went and stood in front of his shop with his arms raised ( see picture). He told us to come back and I think we will during our last weekend here. Then we met up with some other friends and shopped til we dropped. Old City Jerusalem is set up like an old market ( well it was one) and you can barter. We got great deals ( especially after dropping that we were from Alabama). At one shop we tried to barter and decided we could get it cheaper elsewhere so we walked away and he started yelling after us " they have no money, they have no money"....haha. We have about 4 more things to get before we leave but we were very happy with our buys and hope that the recipients enjoy them as well. After that we went back to Neve Shalom and met the 22 new people arriving from Lancaster Bible College to dig with us for the next 9 days.

Praise- After asking for prayer for chances to witness, God gave me an awesome one.

Internet is slow today so I will add pictures to this blog tomorrow-hopefully. I will let you know when I do!


  1. Hi Kinzie and Adam! I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed your blog and your photos. It has been thrilling to see places through Alabama eyes. Thank you for including me. I know you are getting an education that will follow you for the rest of your life. You will never listen to and see the evening news with the same eyes and ears. Your life is being enriched by the moment! I'm praying for you and your mission. Much love, Mrs. Johnt

  2. Thanks for the encouragment Mrs. Johnt. I have shared stories about you with another girl here who treasured her high school art teacher as well!!!