Monday, July 12, 2010

Updates that have nothing to do with Israel :)

Update #1-Tomorrow (Tuesday, the 13th) is my last day in the Housing Office at SWBTS. I am very sad to leave such a great work environment but OH SO HAPPY to start my new job!!!
I will be the 7-12th grade Art teacher for a private christian school. I will also be the JV Volleyball coach and 7-8th grade girls bible teacher. I was very excited to accept a secondary position but the other two are icing on the cake. Volleyball practice is the first period of every day so guess what? I get to roll out of bed and go to work!!! For bible, I will have two classes, one of 8th and one of 7th grade girls. Each class will only be 10-11 girls that I will teach but also disciple throughout the year. I am hoping to develop some really deep relationships by having some students as many as three times a day. They may think otherwise :).

Update #2- Our home in TN is back on the market. We ended up asking our renter to leave, which we absolutely hated doing to the family but it had to be done. So, tomorrow night we are leaving to ultimately go to TN to fix it up, clean it up and put it back in our realtors hands!!! Please oh Please pray that it would sell fast and to a family who needs a good home. I'm honestly very excited that we have to go up there because we will get to see our Heritage family who we miss and think about constantly. I will also get to see JERRI, my mentee!!!! I may have gone to Target and gone a little overboard with presents for her :), but I haven't seen her since last July and I love love to spoil her! Also, who doesn't want to escape this Texas weather and trade it in for beautiful mountains and some breathable air. ( texas heat sucks the air out from me)

Update #3- Our adoption is finally progressing at full speed. While we were in Israel they were able to complete our background checks done from TN, TX and AL, get our references in order and give us our last 5 things to do before our last big class on July 24th. We were supposed to take this 8 hour intensive class about two months ago but then ended up having to move that very same weekend so we cancelled. Out of those 5 things Adam and I have completed 4 of them and are working on getting Adam CPR certified!!! ITS SOOOO CLOSE!!!!! So it looks like August and September could be very busy with me starting a new job and very possibly having our kiddos!!!!!! We are so excited about raising a family and this weekend our pastor preached on the importance that discipleship plays in the home. God intended for the home to be the main way we evangelize, start with your family. We are praying that God would remind us daily as we love on, discipline, play with, nurture our kids to always share Christ with them and mentor them to be mature, meat-eating Christians!!!!

That's all for now.

Here are some pictures from my family's trip to Fort Worth for the 4th. I miss them very much and wish we got to see them more. I loved having my brother here for an entire week and showing my parents our house and the kid's rooms!