Monday, August 2, 2010

Home Study!!!

We completed our home study for the adoption last Tuesday !!!!!
I haven't had a chance to update our blog though because I have been uber busy getting my classroom organized and writing syllabus and lesson plans for 3 different art classes and one bible class!!!
Anyways, it went good...not great, but good. The lady that was sent to inspect us was not very joyous :) and it made us both a little uneasy. Adam seemed to say all the right things but I couldn't please her.....i think she saw what I see in Adam....a very attractive guy :).
Anyways, she was here for 4 hours and 1/2 of that time was spent interviewing us as a couple and the last 1/2 was looking through our house and interviewing us separately. She asked us very very very personal questions....things we don't talk to our best buds about. I think she wanted to see how stable our relationship was and if we were both on the same page about this adoption. She also asked us questions about how we would handle "teenage problems" initial thought was we will handle it when the time comes...but Adam was very good to answer the questions that I wanted to run away and hide when asked.
She was amazed that we graduated high school in 2001 and 2002. She said that we were the youngest couple she had ever interviewed, after she stopped laughing :). She also said that we were also one of the most ready couples she had ever interviewed. We were very deliberate in locking up our medications behind three different locks, as well as all of our cleaning supplies. The two things she wanted us to change were 1) put the cat food somewhere where the kids cant' get to it but the cats can (we are still figuring that one out) and 2) put a lock on the shed in the back yard. This is so sad but we have been sooo busy tearing down wallpaper, repainting and fixing up this house that when she asked us what was in the shed we both said " i dont know?".
She is supposed to have the assessment written up this week and turned into our agency before the 1st-tomorrow. After that our agency will start sending us profiles of sibling groups that we can adopt...if we say "yes" then they will submit our application to the children's case worker and if they say " yes" then we can meet them :). After a few meetings if we still want to proceed with the adoption then they will gradually move in with us. Foster kids often latch on to their foster parents and so at first we will taken them for the night, then for the weekend and then permanently. However, the case may be that the children are soooo ready and excited to be adopted that they won't need that adjustment period and will just move in with us after all paperwork has been completed :).
We are praying for our children, for their current foster family and for CPS. We want our kids to be excited at the permanence we can offer them and the idea of being in our family. We also pray that they will already have a thirst for Christ and that we can provide loving discipline.

More later on just how stinking excited I am to be working at Covenant Christian Academy...everyday I go there I love it more :). And, guess what? our kids are going there too!!! They will get a Classical Christan Education and get to ride to school with their momma everyday ( let's hope they are as excited as I am about this!!!).


  1. Kinzie I am absolutely thrilled for the both of you! I think I may have a few tears in my eyes. It is just so amazing to offer a child a home with God as the focus. P.S. my baby ate cat/dog food more times than I care to admit:)

  2. Wow! This is so amazing that you all are almost there!! I cannot wait to see pictures of you all once you are all together :) Praying for you!

  3. glad that the homestudy went well. we'd love to talk to you guys more about it sometime. praying for you and your kiddos!