Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Galilee Tour Part One

This morning ( Friday, July 3) we leave at 7:30 for the Northern part of Israel...the Galilee. Our first stop is Caesarea Maritime which was built by Herod as a Romany city. Herod wanted to build a port city that would rival Rome and Alexandria. As a roman and gentile city he dedicated it to Ceaser ( kinda to suck up to him). There was an outer, middle and inner harbor to protect docked ships. In Acts 12 Herod's grandson, Herod Agrippa arrests James and cuts his head off...he saw that this was pleasing to the Jews so he also arrests Peter and keeps him in prison here in the port city. An angel later appeared to Peter and the chains fell off his wrists. Later on in Acts 12, Herod Agrippa addressed the people in the ampitheater and since he was wearing a bright garment the sun shone on him it made a bright glare and the people started saying " this is the voice of a god, not a man (acta 12: 22). Because he didn't revoke them an angel immediately struck him down and he was eaten by worms.
Down by where Herod's palace would have been an inscription was found that mentions Pilot. This presents a problem, because when Pilot was head of Judea he dedicates a place of worship to Tiberius. Tiberius was not first chioce as emperor and didn't like that Pilot had a place dedicated to him.
There were also ruins of a Hippodrome which is where Herod created 2nd and 3rd place...before that it was 1st or nothing.
Next we had to the Aquaducts that kept water going to Caesarea. There were two seperate lines since they had to add another line as people kept moving to the city.
Next we headed to Tel Meggido where you can see the Valley of Jezreel, where Armeggadon will happen. Two main reasons for this is that this is a junction for invading armies and tons of battles have already been fought here. In Joshua 12:21- we are told that Megiddo is one of the cities that was conquered by the Israelites but not expelled like other Canaanite cities. In 1st Kings 9:15 we are told that this is one the cities that was foritified with gates...just like our Tel Gezer!!!!
More of our weekend on another blog!!!
I wanted to say Hi to Jared's mom, Boon's mom and Kirsten's mom....glad you like the blog!!!
I enjoy your kids!!!

Pictures of these three places!!

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  1. Ooh! I did not realize you had a blog until just now! I will have to go back and read the entries. :) Thanks for posting all the great photos on Facebook - I have been enjoying them. Meredith (Jared's wife)