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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Funny Funny Kiddos

#1- Goober (along with the rest of us) has been glued to the TV watching the Olympics...he has decided that he wants to either go to the Olympics for high dive or football :). While watching kayaking today he turned around with a very serious look on his face and said " Mom, do those people have legs?". Haha.

#2-Goober had an eye appt. today. We already knew he needed glasses but we got his prescription today and picked out his frames...and they are very studly frames. Anyways, while we were talking to the dude about lens Ribbit said very loud..."What Daddy, you FARTED?"...bwa hahahaha. Adam looked very embarrassed.

#3-Baby Boy has decided that screaming as loud and as shrill as he can is his favorite thing. Therefore he has started going to the nursery at church and we have started getting lots of looks while out in public. He is still sleeping sooo well, loves to cuddle up with mommy or daddy for his afternoon nap and is trying so hard to crawl.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Last Friday for Mom

Today is my last Friday to be home for the Friday I will be in inservice and the next Wednesday school starts. We go back early and get out early in May...but oh the going back is super hard. Luckily two of my three will be with me and baby boy won't be too far down the road :).
We went swimming again today and all 3 wore themselves out. Goober and I practiced jumping in without splashing in honor the high dive event during the Summer Olympics.

In other news, Baby Boy has a tooth...yup and a sharp one at that! Therefore he was pretty dagum fussy today and had some good ole diapers :).

Pictures from our last visit to the Zoo...he couldn't touch the statues, they were waaayy to hot!
 This was them right as we entered the kids section...listening to Dad say " do not get in the water"

 Well it was wayyy to hot to listen to we snuck away and jumped right on in :). I pretended not to see them until they were soaking wet.
 Look at that little thing enjoying the water!
 She had the best time laying down in the germ infested water :)

 They are pretty cute huh? Get along pretty well too!
 Oh we are loving life!
 Proof that she provokes a lot of the pushes that she gets from big brother!
 She was mocking me, this is her "mommy face"...especially when she remind me to say please!
 The mommy face!!!!
 Goober was soaking her booty.
 This is how little man spent his time ....with the fan on him, chilling in the shade!
 Finally, a statue that he could touch!
 We promised them a carousel ride before we left! They both got the animal they wanted.

Friday, July 27, 2012


Goober likes to read the names of all the signs as we drive. We got to CVS and using all his phonics knowledge he said out loud, look mom "ka va sizz"....DUH, who puts three letters in the name of a building and expects you to say each three of them individually :)
He also thinks that the transformers on an electric pole are little trash cans for birds :). He bets that there are at least 100 little bird trashcans in the whole world :).

Ribbit rode with me today on my 2nd practice drive for my CDL license. My trainer says I am ready! Ribbit was obviously not worried about my skills and slept through the entire drive....soaking everything on her and around her in sweat....that child sweats more than anyone I know when she sleeps! You should have seen her curls when she woke up!

And baby boy is still so fun and cute....trying to crawl and talk so hard! He grunts like an old man when you aren't paying him attention. He loves to grab your face and drool all over it and he screams like a banshee when he sees a bottle but its not in his mouth!

Playing with brother in the morning...Goober is the sweetest big brother!
 He likes the exersaucer...he loves chewing the sheep and he yells at the chickens!
 Sometimes he tires himself out on it :)
 I'm pretty sure he slept like this for about 10 minutes....until Ribbit screamed "more milk"..if you have been around Ribbit for more then 2 seconds you know of her love for milk and her hatred towards those who stand between her and it!
Just the sweetest little thing!!!!

I know that there are several prayer warriors who read our blog and we covet those prayers. I am asking that you pray for our be very honest things are getting tight with our home in TN still not selling. We don't know why it hasn't sold yet, the price is ridiculously awesome, its location is great, its clean, nice, etc. We know God is in control and has a plan so instead of praying for it to sell we are asking for Him to take care of us financially and to give us peace to understand why we are still under this burden. He has always taken care of us, always meetings our needs...not necessarily our wants, but our needs. This has been a great season of teaching our kids to trust in God, to go before his throne daily, to rely on him to meet our needs and not the things of this for that we are very thankful.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Another little fish

I took my 3 kiddos and our 2 neighbor kiddos to the pool today,.....yeah, I'm insane. But, Goober and Ribbit are so fantastic in the water that I am confident in their abilities. The neighbor kids are both older than Goober so if anything they were help/entertainment :). Baby boy did fantastic in the pool. He LOVED it!! I would hold him under his arms and he would reach out for me and then move his little body like a worm, butt going up and down really fast. He had the biggest smile on his face and he kept sticking his tongue out to lick the water. He would splash and kick and had everyone in the pool laughing and watching him. His older brother and sister got a kick out of it too and were loving all over him. He was mad when we got out and I can't wait to take him back (with another adult) and get some videos. Goober and his friend wore themselves and the lifeguards out at the pool. It's just so hard when there are 2 slides and you have to go down them one at a time and not together :). I was getting really frustrated with Goober at first because I thought he wasn't listening to the lifeguards but when I asked him about it he said (really loud) "you told me not to listen adults". I kinda laughed and remembered that there was an occasion this past semester where a rude parent was telling Goober some instructions that he knew were wrong. Of course he would bring that back up now, in front of the lifeguards and other parents at the pool :).

Free Chick Fil A day if you dress like a cow :). Let me just say that we were a sweaty bunch of cows!
 Ribbit playing with a huge ball at the splash pad...of course it became "hers" and when we left without it she was in tears.
 Rough Life (for mommy and baby boy). Fan propped up on our starbucks drink as we read Better Homes and Gardens and nap :)
 Drying off to head home after another fun day at the splash pad :)
This video melts my heart. This is how baby boy is every morning when he wakes up...always happy...and Ribbit always goes with mommy :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

5 Years Baby!!!

Yesterday Adam and I celebrated 5 years of marital bliss :). Cheesetastic huh?

Here is my facebook status from yesterday:
July 21st---Happy 5 Year Anniversary Adam Harvell.
Top 5 moments
1. Holding each other and shaking while waiting to meet our kiddos for the first time.
2. Crying ourselves to sleep b/c we were so happy/exhausted after adopting baby boy.
2. Digging, Touring, Living in Israel
3. Running like crazy people and getting locked in the bathroom at the Louvre in Paris.
4. Our Wedding--pretty awesome dude :).
Here's to 105 more years babe!

It kinda crept up on us but we still wanted to celebrate. Our WONDERFUL, AMAZING neighbors offered to watch the kiddos...FOR FREE. So, we got all gussied up and went to a really nice restaurant in downtown fort worth. Adam swears he ate the best food ever there...that steak was like butter. I 100% agree but gave myself an awful stomach ache before hand worrying about our kiddos :). After dinner we went next door to an Improv Comedy Club where we laughed really hard and just enjoyed each other.

Adam also carved me something out of wood for our anniversary (did you know that the 5th year gift is wood?, I didn't) but its still being perfected so I won't post pictures just yet. He is such a good husband and knows my love language :).

We are definitely in panic mode as school is about 3 weeks away...I mean there are uniforms to be tried on, bought.......for not just 1 kid but 2 kids!!! There are syllabi to be refined, art supplies to order, CDL driving tests to be passed, a full time job for Adam to be found, summer fun to be had before it ends, and of course our constant CPS, Adoption Agency, Lawyer, and who ever else wants a meeting with us meetings :).

Baby boy meeting his future wife :). Our friends sweet baby girl is 7 months old....thats right, Baby boy is 2 full months younger and just as big as her :)

 He just stared at her the whole time :)
 At the Fort Worth Science a dino footprint
 Teaching Daddy all about fossils :)
 Goober played in the water table for a looooonnnnng time and somehow mentioned to get his entire shirt soaked!
 Heading into the "Grossology" exhibit where we learned about every kind of body function. Ribbit was actually pretty paranoid the whole time since there were large, disgusting statues and sounds!
 Inside the digestive track.
 So one afternoon I took Baby Boy and Ribbit on a walk.....I asked her to go get dressed...thinking to myself that she would put on her shoes and I would pick out an outfit. Nope, she found this frog towel that my Nana gave her, her favorite pair of boots (hello, its 105 degrees) that are 2 sizes to small and then she had to bring her favorite new toy...her binoculars..she says " mommy, I see you closer". She doesn't have anything on underneath the split frog towel either...but eh, I didn't changer her outfit...I like her sense of style :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Young Whipper Snapper

Another year older!!! Yay!!! No, I really do mean that. Like I was discussing with my Daddy-O the other day, what is there to be upset about when you have accomplished so much and have the beautiful family that I have? That is what I keep telling Adam, who will turn 30 next year....I mean, we have done so many things that looked like mere dreams when we were dating. God has been so gracious to us and has allowed us to be responsible with so no worries about turning 28 :).

Adam really outdid himself this year...especially considering the circumstances. He was up super late the night before working on a quiz and still got up at 5:45 ( without me knowing) so that he could make me pancakes, bacon and run to starbucks to get my favorite drink :). All that was presented to me in bed along with a new SMART PHONE :). I have never ever ever wanted a smartphone. Ever. I am happy to just have text messaging, the occasional picture message and the ability to call my friends and family. UNTIL...I was 1/2 mile away from a large tornado, with every single one of my children in a different city and I couldn't get a hold of them or see if I was going to die soon b/c I didn't have a smart phone. Oh, I was also crouched down in the middle of a school (not my own) judging an art competition, 30 minutes away from home. So from that point on, I wanted to be a part of the "in-crowd".

From there Adam went to class and the kids and I went to our church to hang out with our sunday school group. Our church has a large indoor play area and so we meet there on Tuesdays to "wear them children out". We then went to Target and the Mall to find a cover for my new phone.

In the target check out line, baby boy started to grunt which is what he does when he is going poo. Ribbit heard it and told the cashier (lets be honest, ribbit talks so loud that everyone in Target heard) "I stink (think) baby broder is fillin up his diiiiiper, but we is big gurls, we don't fill up our panties".....awesome.

Then we ate some good old deep fried chinese food, came home and ate up some good ole Peach Rings...those things are awesome and remind me of going to the ballpark in my hometown. Then we had a camp out night with the two older kids. We watched the old Gumby movie and slept in the living room. Slept is a very loose term though because I was karate chopped by Goober several times. Adam was kicked, slapped, rolled over on by Ribbit and at 4:30 (adam ) and 5:30 (me) we got up and went into our own bed, followed by Ribbit at 6:30. And since I am now 28, my bones aren't what they used to be and I have had to ice my shoulder several times today.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Big Man

5 words for the day
1. Church
2. Friends
3. Greek Food
4. Swimming
5. Neighborly Love

Goober quote of the day " Mom, can we go to Ihop? I mean, what parent doesn't love that place?"

And here are some videos and pictures of our little man growing up to be such a big man!!

Helping mommy make banana bread in the kitchen!
 He was in charge of holding the bowl in place while I stirred.
 And then he added some sprinkles!
All the while Daddy and the older two were doing Yoga in the living room.

Eating breakfast..please have mercy when viewing this and keep in mind thats its very early in the morning :)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Late 4th Pictures

I passed the first exam my permit to practice driving a bus and the general knowledge test. Next, some more tests and a driving exam. I think Goober is more excited than anyone about me possibly driving a bus. :)

But, beyond that Adam will be working part time for now at the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit at SWBTS. He is pretty excited because it will be outside and it will look great on a resume, oh and yeah he will be bringing in a paycheck!! I am excited because he can work around all of the summer social events we have coming up and its a step in the right direction.....God has something out there for us, its 1/2 exciting not knowing and 1/2 nerve shattering :).

Here is how we celebrated the 4th, Texas style.

Flag breakfast with cherries/blueberries for color. We even had watermelon juice for drink :)
 I swear when I put her in the van she had on a dress/shorts/shoes and a bow. She came out of the van with her purse, some rings on and these sunglasses with no lenses :). This is how she followed us around Barnes and out world!
 At the big town picnic...Do you like Goober's firework hat :)
 Baby boy got in on the action.....sweaty little thing!
 Family 4th picture on our front step..I am in love with it. The kids won those inflatables at a game and they made firework hats at the picnic.
 I had to post this one because we didn't know that it was set to take 2 pictures and so we had all moved.....look at Ribbits face...bwa hah ah ah ha.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Wanna know something funny?

Wanna know something funny?

Tomorrow I am going to take the test to get my CDL....I know, I know. I can imagine my brother reading this and totally having a spaz. I am not, nor do I proclaim to be a GREAT driver but I am a coach and I need to get my girls to away games. I am not taking the air brakes test because I am only driving the shuttle....but so help me, I will have people outside the shuttle every time I have to back up or park. I will drive no more than 50 miles an hour on the interstate and I will do everything I can to avoid a situation where I may have to make a wide right turn.  All this is assuming that I even pass the written portion, pass the driving test ( a miracle) and allow myself to drive in DFW!!!!

So to my calm my nerves I'm going to post some sweet pictures from my family. Tonight we told them all that they had to stay just as sweet as they are now. Goober smiled at me every time I looked at him the rest of the night...sweet boy. He deserves a paycheck after all that he has helped me with on days that dad is not home this summer. He does it all and always says " yes mam ".
Today, as Ribbit walked out from her nap I was watching a Holocaust movie and the characters were speaking in German with subtitles. She stared at it for a minute and said " mommy, are they really talking like dat?" with the best confused/irritated face ever. I had to turn it off because I was laughing so hard.
Baby boy has decided to yell at me whenever I don't give him attention. Its more like a He-Man-Women-Hater-Club grunt....I picture him thinking " hey women, pick me up" as he does it. Its really "sweet"...where is that darn sarcasm font?

Digging at the Dead Sea Scroll Exhibit
 This is our little Miss. Chiquita Banana....see those shoes, Aundrea?...they go with us least we know where she is though because we hear "click, click, click, click".
 Swimming with Daddy
 Roly Poly on the sidelines with momma.
 Our Expert Swimmer
 Give this child a loud room, with little to no air circulating and he is out!!!
 Daddy was her horsey.
 I like this picture of Goober...look at those curls!!!
 Daddy is lots of fun in the pool!
 Roly Poly checking out at his feet with Daddy on the sidelines while mommy swims with the older two.
 Check me out, I can sit in my Bumbo! I hate it after 20 seconds, but it usually means that I get to eat rice cereal!!
 Gee Whiz...what a sweet little chubby face....could just eat him up!!!