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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Young Whipper Snapper

Another year older!!! Yay!!! No, I really do mean that. Like I was discussing with my Daddy-O the other day, what is there to be upset about when you have accomplished so much and have the beautiful family that I have? That is what I keep telling Adam, who will turn 30 next year....I mean, we have done so many things that looked like mere dreams when we were dating. God has been so gracious to us and has allowed us to be responsible with so no worries about turning 28 :).

Adam really outdid himself this year...especially considering the circumstances. He was up super late the night before working on a quiz and still got up at 5:45 ( without me knowing) so that he could make me pancakes, bacon and run to starbucks to get my favorite drink :). All that was presented to me in bed along with a new SMART PHONE :). I have never ever ever wanted a smartphone. Ever. I am happy to just have text messaging, the occasional picture message and the ability to call my friends and family. UNTIL...I was 1/2 mile away from a large tornado, with every single one of my children in a different city and I couldn't get a hold of them or see if I was going to die soon b/c I didn't have a smart phone. Oh, I was also crouched down in the middle of a school (not my own) judging an art competition, 30 minutes away from home. So from that point on, I wanted to be a part of the "in-crowd".

From there Adam went to class and the kids and I went to our church to hang out with our sunday school group. Our church has a large indoor play area and so we meet there on Tuesdays to "wear them children out". We then went to Target and the Mall to find a cover for my new phone.

In the target check out line, baby boy started to grunt which is what he does when he is going poo. Ribbit heard it and told the cashier (lets be honest, ribbit talks so loud that everyone in Target heard) "I stink (think) baby broder is fillin up his diiiiiper, but we is big gurls, we don't fill up our panties".....awesome.

Then we ate some good old deep fried chinese food, came home and ate up some good ole Peach Rings...those things are awesome and remind me of going to the ballpark in my hometown. Then we had a camp out night with the two older kids. We watched the old Gumby movie and slept in the living room. Slept is a very loose term though because I was karate chopped by Goober several times. Adam was kicked, slapped, rolled over on by Ribbit and at 4:30 (adam ) and 5:30 (me) we got up and went into our own bed, followed by Ribbit at 6:30. And since I am now 28, my bones aren't what they used to be and I have had to ice my shoulder several times today.

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