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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Super Spoiled

We have just been enjoying the heck out of this summer....with Adam job hunting it will probably be the last summer where the kids have both parents home, for all 3 meals a day and we can just do whatever we want to do (well as long as its free or cost under $5 :)). We have been taking at least 2 cat naps a day, drinking a root beer float daily, going to bed a little later, watching Disney movies, having tickle fights, building forts, sitting out on the porch talking to get the point. Sure, the laundry is getting done, the dishes are clean but for the most part we are parked in the living room or heading off to another adventure!

Recent Ribbit "isms"

Ooopsie skettios    --- she means uh oh spaghetti o's

I'm da mommy too  ---  after she puts on one of my headbands

My feelings hurt  ---  My stomach hurts or I want to be held

See mommy in my eyes, you see bwe bwe in your eyes   ---   She figured out that if we get close to each other she can see her reflection in my eyes and vice versa

Baby boy is now up to 2 bowls of cereal a at lunch and one at dinner with bottle feedings every 3 to 3.5 hours. He has been sleeping from about 7:30-6:30 every night...HALLELUJAH!!!

Goober had a friend ( our neighbor ) stay the night last night and they played so hard he took a 2 hour nap today. Its so funny how cool he tries to act in front of his friends and I bet he told Ribbit " whatever" at least 20 times. He also "hurt her feelings" a bunch when she was not invited into his room to play.

This sweet girl is Jerri. She was mine and Adams "first kiddo". We knew that we could adopt children because of how much we loved her during the 2 years we lived there. She has grown taller, but thats about it. She is still super sweet, a strong christian, always smiling and the prettiest thing. She loved on my kids all day on Saturday while we were in TN. 

 Her little sister Gia holding baby boy...she has grown a bunch too!
 Charlene, a wonderful, encouraging, HIGH ACHIEVING, loving grandma!!!!
 I sure do miss this sweet girl, we keep in touch through facebook, texting and letters!
 We took our kids to our top 2 restaurants in Johnson City. 1-Amigos (no pictures there) and 2-Cootie Browns...YUMMO

 We had their homemade chips, muffelatas, and finished it up with their famous Key Lime Cookies!
 A picture in front of our home...that will hopefully sell very soon, like yesterday soon!
 Pictures from our time in Early Works Museum.....we could have stayed there all day long!!!
 Strong MAn!

 We played puppets for quite some time!

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