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Friday, July 27, 2012


Goober likes to read the names of all the signs as we drive. We got to CVS and using all his phonics knowledge he said out loud, look mom "ka va sizz"....DUH, who puts three letters in the name of a building and expects you to say each three of them individually :)
He also thinks that the transformers on an electric pole are little trash cans for birds :). He bets that there are at least 100 little bird trashcans in the whole world :).

Ribbit rode with me today on my 2nd practice drive for my CDL license. My trainer says I am ready! Ribbit was obviously not worried about my skills and slept through the entire drive....soaking everything on her and around her in sweat....that child sweats more than anyone I know when she sleeps! You should have seen her curls when she woke up!

And baby boy is still so fun and cute....trying to crawl and talk so hard! He grunts like an old man when you aren't paying him attention. He loves to grab your face and drool all over it and he screams like a banshee when he sees a bottle but its not in his mouth!

Playing with brother in the morning...Goober is the sweetest big brother!
 He likes the exersaucer...he loves chewing the sheep and he yells at the chickens!
 Sometimes he tires himself out on it :)
 I'm pretty sure he slept like this for about 10 minutes....until Ribbit screamed "more milk"..if you have been around Ribbit for more then 2 seconds you know of her love for milk and her hatred towards those who stand between her and it!
Just the sweetest little thing!!!!

I know that there are several prayer warriors who read our blog and we covet those prayers. I am asking that you pray for our be very honest things are getting tight with our home in TN still not selling. We don't know why it hasn't sold yet, the price is ridiculously awesome, its location is great, its clean, nice, etc. We know God is in control and has a plan so instead of praying for it to sell we are asking for Him to take care of us financially and to give us peace to understand why we are still under this burden. He has always taken care of us, always meetings our needs...not necessarily our wants, but our needs. This has been a great season of teaching our kids to trust in God, to go before his throne daily, to rely on him to meet our needs and not the things of this for that we are very thankful.

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