Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Another little fish

I took my 3 kiddos and our 2 neighbor kiddos to the pool today,.....yeah, I'm insane. But, Goober and Ribbit are so fantastic in the water that I am confident in their abilities. The neighbor kids are both older than Goober so if anything they were help/entertainment :). Baby boy did fantastic in the pool. He LOVED it!! I would hold him under his arms and he would reach out for me and then move his little body like a worm, butt going up and down really fast. He had the biggest smile on his face and he kept sticking his tongue out to lick the water. He would splash and kick and had everyone in the pool laughing and watching him. His older brother and sister got a kick out of it too and were loving all over him. He was mad when we got out and I can't wait to take him back (with another adult) and get some videos. Goober and his friend wore themselves and the lifeguards out at the pool. It's just so hard when there are 2 slides and you have to go down them one at a time and not together :). I was getting really frustrated with Goober at first because I thought he wasn't listening to the lifeguards but when I asked him about it he said (really loud) "you told me not to listen adults". I kinda laughed and remembered that there was an occasion this past semester where a rude parent was telling Goober some instructions that he knew were wrong. Of course he would bring that back up now, in front of the lifeguards and other parents at the pool :).

Free Chick Fil A day if you dress like a cow :). Let me just say that we were a sweaty bunch of cows!
 Ribbit playing with a huge ball at the splash pad...of course it became "hers" and when we left without it she was in tears.
 Rough Life (for mommy and baby boy). Fan propped up on our starbucks drink as we read Better Homes and Gardens and nap :)
 Drying off to head home after another fun day at the splash pad :)
This video melts my heart. This is how baby boy is every morning when he wakes up...always happy...and Ribbit always goes with mommy :)

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