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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Stayin Busy

Today we took the kids to the Fort Worth Museum of History and Science. Bank of America cardholders got in free saving us 32 bucks!!! So we splurged and bought Imax tickets to see a movie about elephants and monkeys as well. The kids did great in all the different exhibits, their favorite being "Grossology"....where we learned all about farts, burps, poop, snot and bacteria...I mean Goober was in his element :). Ribbit was somewhat scared of all the different bodily sounds but had no problem playing the " digestive track". Thats right, the kids climbed up the tongue, into the mouth, slid down the esophagus, landed in the stomach and crawled through the large intestine and out the "you know". They had no idea that they were essentially being pooped and just ran through it several times. When we told them they were disgusted and we moved on :).

I was dreading the Imax film, thinking that Ribbit and Baby boy would be awful. Turns out they love it. Ribbit narrated the whole thing....i mean the whole thing!!! " look de baby monkey is taking a baf", "look de elphant is putting dirt on himself" "look dat women giving him a bottle like baby broder" couldn't help but laugh. Baby boy sat in my lap and just took it all in. I kept covering his eyes with his burp rap, afraid that some of the scenes may give him a seizure but he would knock it down and kick wildly everytime an animal came on the scene. He would grunt out loud but never scream or act scared. It was a great flim all in all.

Other then that we have been busy getting stuff ready for a kids consignment sale, Adam is busy with class, the kids are busy with our neighbors :) and we are also slowly donating or getting rid of all that newborn stuff we had.....he is such a little man now :)

Still playing catch up with pictures but I will get them all up soon!

Back in the promised land, Auburn Alabama!!

 Biggin Hall was where I spent 1/2 of my time while at Auburn, the other 1/2 was in my studio out at the ceramic building.
 Inside Hailey bookstore..breaking rules of course :)
 A little bit of an awkward picture but our meter was running out, no one was around to take our picture so the camera was balancing on the stroller and the wind was a little much.
 Samford Hall...a legend!
 Toomer's Corner Lemonade...another legend, the kids agreed 100%
 Goober decided it was the day to break out the mustache that Uncle Chris got him...he wore this all day and everyone that saw him laughed and laughed!
 Look Mommy, Earrings!!!! She got stick on earrings from CC and Papaw....we are almost through all the pairs so send some more :)

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