Sunday, November 17, 2013

Picture Catch Up

We have been playing musical beds for the last two weeks..and my neck and shoulders are suffering from it.Baby Boy has had two ear infections and some nasty crud so he has been coming to get in bed with us around 2 or 3 every night. He waits at the edge of our bed and says "AHA" to get our attention. He then proceeds to wrap both arms tightly around me and yells "mommy" if I pull away at all. Its precious. (wheres that saracastic font?)
Ribbit has been made aware that Baby Boy gets to sleep with us some and so she has started to come into our room late at night too....which signals one of the parents to go sleep with her while the other stays in the bed with Baby Boy. Any parents knows this means that the rest of your night is spent dodging feet and elbows and Baby Boy's who like to point out that you do in fact still has nostrils as he shoves his finger up them.
Some night a queen bed feels like a twin.

We are done with Goober's baseball season. I am very thankful for that as his age group played at 8 almost every Saturday....hopefully next year we will nab the 9 o'clock spot and allow the sun to rise before sitting on the cold cold bleachers half awake.

Adam's basketball season is in full swing and we are at games every Monday/Thursday night. The kids and I attempt to make it through 1/2 of the games....that means a lot of eating, walking around and climbing stairs to keep the two littles entertained while Goober does everything in his power to not sit or stay with me since he is a big kid and needs to be with his friends.

Here are some pictures...I am slowly figuring out my iphone and downloaded an app to make this blogging with pictures thing a lot easier.


This is what happens on Sundays. Adam shoves his head into the couch cushions to block out the light and Baby Boy only sleeps well when laying directly on top of a parent. Oh, and they match :)
Goober with two of his besties at school on Reformation Day (Halloween).
Here is Goober posing :) and showing off his side view of his costume. He was ELIJAH, who ascended into Heaven in a fiery chariot :). As he walked into his class his teacher said " he may have to take that off, it looks like he can't move", then we both looked at each other and said "nevermind, LEAVE IT ON!!!"
Heres Ribbit in her Reformation Day costume..we think its a bunny but she calls it a cat so we run with it. She is snuggling with her "pal" the seal.
Lolly and Captain came to visit us around Halloween and got to take the kids trick o treating. You can see they changed costumes and Goober went as a baseball player, Ribbit as Belle (with makeup and the rose :), and Baby Boy as a puppy dog.
Here is the best family picture we could get...we took about 10 pictures and apparently we didn't threaten or bribe them enough to get a "good" one :).
Again, this is the best picture out of about 15 of the three of them.
And this is from the night before our at church's trunk or treat. Goober wanted to be a I said "go put on a cowboy shirt"...meaning flannel. Instead he put on one of his Cowboys jerseys :). We broke out the face paint that night ;)
The Sunday before Halloween we went to Boo at the Zoo with church friends right after church. As we were getting ready to leave their little boy hit his head on a rock and had to be rushed to the, for the last 30 minutes it turned out to just be mom and the 3 kids. We decided to ride the train back to the front of the zoo. Well right as we got on Baby Boy pooped so much that another person saw it and told me ( i thought I was smelling animal poop). It leaked out everywhere....I couldn't change him while riding the train so as we got off it was spread everywhere and they had to hose it down. Awesome. Then I discovered that the diaper bag had been left in the craziness of getting to the zoo, packing picnic lunches and putting on costumes (you can see all of them had taken it off by then). So, I stripped Baby Boy down in the parking lot, borrowed a grocery bag from a stranger to put everything in and he rode home naked :).
Before all that though, the kids had a great time!!! Look at those moves!
They had a little gym set up for kids there and we went through it several times!
Even Baby Boy got to swing...he kept calling himself a monkey!
The 4 older kids from our group watching an alligator.

Thats it for now.....I have been puttin off blogging lately to clean the house. We had a fondue party last night for our church group and it was nice to walk in today to a clean house since that NEVER happens!!!!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Fall 2013

The above pictures are from Goober's Greek Olympics...which was the culmination of all of their weeks of learning about Greek society and history. He won in the long jump event and you can see his posse in next picture. The 3rd picture shows his cute little face with those scratched up "non scratch" lenses :).

Today was Goobers last baseball game of the say that it was his best yet is an understatement. He single handedly got all 6 of the last outs in the last 2 innings. He struck out 4 boys...most of them with 3 strikes in a row and then threw 2 boys out at first after grabbing their groundball. All of the outs happened so quickly that people were standing up and cheering and stopping to watch him. Since we don't look anything alike :), many people were commenting around me saying "that boy has an arm"..."check out that leftie pitcher". I was trying to keep Adam up to date (he was at home with a sick Baby Boy and a mis-behaving Ribbit) and he said he was tearing up at how well Goob was playing. He scored a run every time he got up to bat and just looked like he had all the confidence in the world. I thought it was so stinkin hilarious that right after the game he ran up to his best friend (the other pitcher) who is on his team and they immediately picked up their conversation about a book they are jointly making. His teacher, who had come to watch the game, told them the book sounded creepy and the other little boy, with the straightest face said "thats because its supposed to be".....HAHAHAHAHA. When I tried to tell him just how good he had done in the car on the way home he said "yeah, can we stop at Walgreens and get something?".....I guess he is just humble :)

Adam's basketball season starts this week with a game on every Monday and every Thursday. This should get pretty interesting as I am driving his teams to their games since he hasn't had time to get his CDL...that means all 3 kiddos get to come....Pray for us. At least baseball and volleyball season are over.

Baby Boy has started saying "monter" when anyone starts chasing him or he sees anything remotely scary. He also says "Micah" anytime he sees a blonde girl. I think he has his first crush :). Watch out Uncle Chris!!!!

Adam got a little more done on the bathroom remodel this weekend....hopefully we will be done over the Thanksgiving holidays...that deadline gets pushed farther and farther back. At least we have two other functioning bathrooms. I am just getting antsy to start our other remodels....which include the master bath :).

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

iPad post

So here goes first post from our iPad. We have had it for almost a year now but I didn't want to leave behind all of my picture and video loading tools I have on my laptop until now. So things may not look right for a while but I'll get it sooner or later.

So for some updates...
Goober is doing better now behavior wise. He still isn't staying on top of his homework but that's probably not on the top of any 9 year olds list. He is pitching in every baseball game now...for the most part striking people out and throwing pretty consistently. His coach is a little negative for our taste but Goob still seems to love the sport. When asked "what are you thinking about when you are pitching...strikes?"...his answer was "I'm hoping that I don't get pegged in the face!". He has been working on a book with another classmate and proudly announced that he was the illustrator of the front cover and the author of the rest of the's titled Avengers so we will see what the end product looks like.

Ribbit is going through an "I hate school so everyone involved must suffer" phase. Therefore there have been lots of spankings and teacher texts throughout the day. In fact our school starts at 8:00 and I got a text about  her behavior at 7:57.....that has to be a record. She is saying things like " I guess I could have that"... Meaning  I want what you have. She also says " your the best mommy, I love you, kisses please and stop talking with food in your mouth quite frequently. Good thing she is cute.

Baby boy is growing like a weed. He is saying new things current favorites are " sticker" in a very deep growl voice....." Buckle" as he squeezes his car seat buckle together turning so red and shaking while he applies as much power as he possibly can...." Sorry" with his head hung low and eyes closed in repentance.....and the best is "chug a chug a too toooo when he sees his train mural or an actual train. He also says your name until he has your full attention sometimes grabbing your face and hand....he is smart too and changes it up like " mommy, momma , mommmmmmmmyyyyy, momma, mom, mommmmmmy".... It's quite comical.

They all had a great time with grandparents visiting recently.....and all cried when they left. Mom and Dad snuck in some dates, Christmas shopping and naps so fun was had by all.

My favorite moments are of my kids sitting around the dinner table listening to daddy read them a bible story....and singing " Jesus is a winner man" in our best Ugandan accent while singing and raising our hands to The Lord.