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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

iPad post

So here goes first post from our iPad. We have had it for almost a year now but I didn't want to leave behind all of my picture and video loading tools I have on my laptop until now. So things may not look right for a while but I'll get it sooner or later.

So for some updates...
Goober is doing better now behavior wise. He still isn't staying on top of his homework but that's probably not on the top of any 9 year olds list. He is pitching in every baseball game now...for the most part striking people out and throwing pretty consistently. His coach is a little negative for our taste but Goob still seems to love the sport. When asked "what are you thinking about when you are pitching...strikes?"...his answer was "I'm hoping that I don't get pegged in the face!". He has been working on a book with another classmate and proudly announced that he was the illustrator of the front cover and the author of the rest of the's titled Avengers so we will see what the end product looks like.

Ribbit is going through an "I hate school so everyone involved must suffer" phase. Therefore there have been lots of spankings and teacher texts throughout the day. In fact our school starts at 8:00 and I got a text about  her behavior at 7:57.....that has to be a record. She is saying things like " I guess I could have that"... Meaning  I want what you have. She also says " your the best mommy, I love you, kisses please and stop talking with food in your mouth quite frequently. Good thing she is cute.

Baby boy is growing like a weed. He is saying new things current favorites are " sticker" in a very deep growl voice....." Buckle" as he squeezes his car seat buckle together turning so red and shaking while he applies as much power as he possibly can...." Sorry" with his head hung low and eyes closed in repentance.....and the best is "chug a chug a too toooo when he sees his train mural or an actual train. He also says your name until he has your full attention sometimes grabbing your face and hand....he is smart too and changes it up like " mommy, momma , mommmmmmmmyyyyy, momma, mom, mommmmmmy".... It's quite comical.

They all had a great time with grandparents visiting recently.....and all cried when they left. Mom and Dad snuck in some dates, Christmas shopping and naps so fun was had by all.

My favorite moments are of my kids sitting around the dinner table listening to daddy read them a bible story....and singing " Jesus is a winner man" in our best Ugandan accent while singing and raising our hands to The Lord.

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