Saturday, October 19, 2013

Free time!

Well I finally have some free time. Adam doesn't...we changed roles. My volleyball season ended well with lots of wins and LOTS of improvement! I had 3 girls jump serving at the last game which is very advanced for 8th grade!
Adam starts coaching 8th grade girls basketball on Monday. He is pretty excited but we will see how he is feeling after 3 months of early morning practices and two games a week :).
We are also still in the thick of baseball games with Goober, 2 a week , some of them (like this morning) as early as 8 o'clock on a Saturday which means batting practice at 7:15.
Our bible study is going really well. K has said out loud that she wants to be a christian...which means two things. 1-she realizes she is not one already and 2-she wants to know more! She has questions for us every week...even though she normally doesn't like our answers and have excuses as to why she can't do certain things like read her bible or come to church regularly. We are developing deeper relations with the others there and they are contributing with personal testimonies weekly.

Goober seems to be going through a rough patch..behavior wise. All of sudden there is cheating on HW, lying about HW, asking dad for an answer on something, not liking the answer and therefore asking mom hoping for a different answer. He is doing things that we have repetitively told him not to do. ITS BEYOND ANNOYING. The most annoying thing is that he has nothing to take away from him.....we almost want to buy him a cell phone so he can hooked on it and then we will snatch it away....thats a joke...we would never do that...maybe :). So he has been grounded from everything lately and getting a lot more spankings. He even whipped out his birthmom's picture the other day and showed it to me while I was getting onto him. For the first time ever I wanted to rip it into shreds. I told him that pulling it out during discipline seemed very in genuine and very disrespectful to I have always been on his mom's side. He apologized later but I can see that becoming his thing....especially when he wants to get under my skin. Well don't gonna fix that..I'm gonna frame that pictures in the biggest nicest frame I can find and nail it to his wall so its always out and to prove to him that I don't feel competition with his birthmom and that I WANT him to MISS her!!

Ribbit is doing well in school, getting good behavior stickers daily (not every day but more stickers than not). She loves her teacher and comes home telling us something new every day. She is saying the funniest things...outloud, all day, to complete strangers and at home. After my mom had been here for a week and had slept with her every night she was having a hard time going to bed on her own. So I told her that if she kissed her fairy doll the fairy would fly to CC and kiss her. She looked at me in disgust and said " mommy, you do know that is a toy". Then I reminded her that if she got all stickers for the week we would go to Apple Annies (her new favorite store) and she could get something. She thought for a minute and said "actually I would rather go to Wal-Mart". Then one night we told her that the cheese we were eating was called "baby brie"...without hesitating she said " mmmmmm I look delicious!".

Baby Boy is saying at least one new word a day! He loves to list everyone else at the dinner table and while riding in the car. If you don't answer he says your name until you do. He also is very repentant during prayer, bowing his head low and saying MAYMAN at the end. He goes "beep beep" in the potty at least twice a day....those M&M's are working!! He knows that the minute we say "time to go watch bubba's baseball game" that he needs his hat and bat. He screams "bubba" whenever he sees him out on the baseball field and also tells him to "bat" while swinging his arms all around. He is going through clothes rapidly and loves all things "monkey".

Like I said earlier, my mom came to stay with us last week and the kids were spoiled! They got shaving cream baths, pumpkins, two different kinds of cupcakes...doggies and owls!, lunch at school, movie nights and sleepovers in the playroom. Mom and Dad got a vacation too, going out on a date to eat sushi and going to pick out our tile for the bathroom remodel ....which with kids would have been miserable as handpicked over 300 pieces....I should say "I" handpicked. I didn't want the slightest hint of orange in  any of the travertine we picked out...its the color snob in me.

So now we are sitting here watching the A&M vs. Auburn game and hoping with all of our might that Auburn pulls off a win. We are surrounded by A&M fans here and it would be so nice to end the smack talk that we have endured all week :).

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