Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Momma is sore

Since I'm ridiculously sore from boot camp and my daily running, all I can do is sit....and therefore I might as well blog. The second week of school has been pretty Mondays are pretty LOOOONNNNGGGG but other than that things are flowing well. Have I mentioned that I love my new art room?

I wanted to write down some funnies from the kiddos before I forget them.

Baby Boy says "Not I want to" when he doesn't want to do something..which is very Yodaish. He loves wearing his boots, but only on the wrong foot. He loves to be naked at all times but won't let me hold him unless I am fully clothed and says "ewwww, you naked" even when I am wrapped in a towel after a shower. He is constantly asked if his a girl or boy due to his long beautiful curls :). He still comes and gets in bed with us every night. He talks in his sleep and says things like "i tan't (can't) or " go to my house". He loves to wrestle and if he finds something funny his laugh becomes very contagious!!!

Big Girl thinks her teacher is so silly and comes home with a story about her daily. She LOVES to paint and will sit at the table for hours and paint "pretty lights, pretty stars, beautiful music, beautiful singing rocks, and our family". She prays for all the needs of her friends and family and she is constantly restating what we just said to make sure she FULLY understands the entire situation. She LOVES Adam's dinner devotionals and begs him to start even before he is done eating. When someone mentioned it was raining the other day she whipped around and said " God is doing that to show how powerful He is".

Big Man is learning the harsh reality of getting into higher grades. HW is already very rigorous at our school and adding Latin to it has rocked his world. His face is starting to change, its not pudgy and childish looks more manly and I find myself staring at him wondering how he will look fully grown...I don't like it. Sometimes he looks like he is thinking about all of the worlds problems and you could light a fire underneath him and he wouldn't move. He has the best memory and I rely him to remind me to dole out nightly vitamins, sign papers, buy paper towels at the store and pray for someone who has recently asked us to. He is very tenderhearted towards the Lord and prays some of the most beautiful prayers. He loves all things Legos and has a hard time wanting to be a little kid and wanting to seem Big as well :).

My homies...I love these 3 fellow teachers....We are all from separate schools, PreG, Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric but we have the best time. This picture was taken around midnight in Austin at a little bakery called Easy Tiger. We walked our booties off to get there and rewarded our selves with chocolate croissants and chai tea...YUMMY
 Pictures of the back patio I laid when it was very close to completion!
Up close
Helping Papa "cwean" the dad is teaching Baby Boy how to be a pro vacuumer!
Can you spot the littlest cowpoke in the band? This was this summer at my parents home....Baby Boy is actually standing on the same dance floor where Adam had our first dance at our wedding reception :)
The smallest cow in the cattle train!!
One of my kiddos favorite things to do while at my parents home is to go to the splash pad that is less than 5 mins away, in fact we walk there and get soaking wet....then we go dry off on the swings!
Helping Papa give Jad a bath.

Sunday, August 17, 2014


I've thought about blogging several times over the past 2 weeks but running, packing lunches, writing syllabus and cleaning our home has won out every time...lets be honest, sometimes going to bed at a decent hour has won out as well.

Both older kiddos seem to love their new teachers. It feels weird to have a student in 4th grade who is changing classes and carrying home large binders filled with organizational tools :). Goober claims it will be his best year yet and that he loves carrying a binder. He also loves being able to play on the sport court daily. He seems to be continuing on his old friendships and making new ones as well. Thats another great thing about our usually have at least 2 or 3 close friends in your class and if not you will be probably be paired with them again next year.

Ribbit was also matched with the perfect Kindergarten teacher. Her teacher is firm yet loving and calls Ribbit out immediately for disobedience. Ribbit also thinks she is silly which goes a long way with her. She is suffering some fatigue since they only rest for 30 mins..she is used to at least a 1 hour nap the time we get in my van to leave school she is out.

Baby Boy couldn't wait to go back to his sitter and so far has fought me every day to leave. He loves playing with her "new" toys (the ones he forgot about over the summer), and seeing her kids that he likes to hug before they leave for school every morning. He also loves to eat her breakfast and snacks....someone elses food is always better. When I arrive he always says "awww mommy, I want to pway some more" or "mommmmyyy, we are marching".

Mommy is super stoked about my beautiful new art room...both inside and outside classroom space!!! I never want to leave :). Its in the middle of all traffic so I find myself standing outside during class transitions and giving lots of high five and hugs. I also enjoyed decorating it with all of my personal things from Israel and the artwork I personally like. Every student has said how awesome the room is and I couldn't agree more...2 closets (one packed with elfa storage), 4 sinks, tons of drying racks, 6 large studio tables on wheels, 3 windows, a covered porch with 5 pottery wheels, a kiln and two large outdoor working spaces....Its WONDERFUL!!!

The transition back into our routine hasn't been that rough except for right after school when Ribbit is dog tired and both boys are starving...other than that both mom and dad are doing well. Adam is done for now with those late nights ...still lots of early morning as he meets contractors. He has worked so hard on the remodels at the school and has made a friend out of the fire marshall :).

We had a yardsale this morning to get the last bit of furniture and clutter out of the way so we can begin painting our new walls and map out the new layout of the house. We are hoping to host Christmas here this year for our families and so that has naturally become our deadline.

I have been a running machine, craving it every day. I average about 3.5 to 4 miles daily. I've almost convinced myself to train for a 1/2 marathon in February but need to get fitted for the right running shoes first since my current ones are definitely off the rack at Wal-Mart :). I start a weight training boot camp this Monday....every Monday/ Thursday morning from 5:30-6:30 with 4 of my other teacher expecting to not be able to move the first week and relying on tylenol to get me through the day :).

Here are some pictures from our time in Alabama with grandparents!!

Shaving cream all over Papa!

The menfolk practicing their shaving skills..with covers on the razor of course.

Getting strong with Uncle Chris!
Making as much noise as we can in the library!
Look at the size of that frog that Ribbit is holding...then she fed it to the dog.
Posing with the zebra at the Putt Putt Golf place...she loves to not smile and look like a model!

More to come!