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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Break Part 2

Well we are halfway done with our Christmas celebration. My family left on the 26th very early and we are expecting Adam's parents this next week. It has been an eventful two days as we attended a surprise party of a dear friend and today we spent all day in Frisco. Adam and I got a new bed frame with drawers underneath, some new shower curtains, a clock and all of our thoughts together on the kitchen remodel for this summer.
We also put together lots of toys, cleaned up and ate lots of leftovers. At dinner tonight the kids told us their top 3 favorite presents thus far.

Goober-his electric toothbrush, his star wars lego set and his new cleats
Ribbit-her cheetah boots, Elsa doll and Anna doll
Baby Boy-his remote control car, his motorcycle tricycle and his batman dress up clothes

One of my favorite things about my family visiting was all of the workout time we got in together :). I got to work out with my mom every morning at 5:30, my brother and  lifted weights one day after lunch and I got to take  Goober with me one day and show him some technique and form. I workout with others about 3 days a week and the other 4 I am on my own so it was nice to always have company. The last two mornings the kids have gone with me and played in the gym while I did circuit training. Thanks to their art presents from Uncle Chris I got in 1.5 hours both mornings while they colored in the middle of the floor, I almost couldn't believe how long they got along and how long they were quiet :).

Breakfast and crafts with Santa Cow.
Cooking for our Christmas party for our Sunday School class. Ribbit has on an apron I wore as a little girl, I have on an apron from my sweet mentor and friend, Goober and Baby Boy have on aprons from Lolly and we are making jello jigglers and cupcakes for the kiddos coming over the next night.
Just some of the gingerbread house building contest that our leader judged. Each kid won a prize, Goober got tallest, Ribbit got most chocolatey :). Baby Boy was outside by the fire with his daddy and the leaf pile for most of the night.
Some of the fun outside on the patio....smore making, playing on the treehouse and jumping in the leaf pile.
Love them some jello jigglers.
Check out all the kiddos on the playhouse!
Hanging ornaments on our Jesse Tree as we anticipate Christ's birth.
An early Christmas gift from our church friends.
The last day of school was PJ Day and Ribbit got her feelings hurt and couldn't gather herself back together.....until Momma checked her out for 2 hours and she got a cake pop at Starbucks.
Christmas party at school with CC and Papa.
Everyone PACKED into the minivan for some christmas light looking!
These two do not want to change out of their Ninja Turtle pjs and Spider Man boots, they could literally wear them all day.
We also had Baby Boy's "bwastball" trophy ceremony at Chic Fil A while grandparents were here. This is his coach awarding him, he was so stinkin excited :)
Making and decorating gingerbread cookies with CC.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Break

We are 2 days out from Christmas and having lots of fun. My parents got here just in time to go to both Goober's and Ribbit's christmas parties at school. We have gone Christmas light looking, last minute shopping, been to see movies, eaten great food, hung out with lots of friends and family and tonight had a gingerbread house contest.

My kids have been sugared up lately and are saying the funniest things....

Baby Boy-as my dad is leading us in Advent one night, Baby boy is checking himself out and suddenly announces, "hey guys, look at these muscles" as he is looking at his own biceps. When my brother burst into laugher he goes " what?" and shrugs.

Goober-As his uncle is getting fitted for his wedding suit says " Uncle Chris, I bet you would like being home with all 3 of us wrestling you instead of doing this". That went over well.

Goober also told his teacher that I thought she was moody as he handed her a christmas present. The real story is that the day before he had received a mark and when he explained to me why he got in trouble it just didn't make sense. I had so much to do as far as grading and getting ready for 2 weeks of visitors that I shrugged it off and said " well mom gets moody with her students and i bet she was moody and you were the last one to get on her nerves". I know that wins me the mom of the year award but I wasn't up for fighting over this "talking mark". Anyways, she laughed about it and we moved on. When will I learn to tame my tongue?????

Ribbit has explained to her Uncle Chris several times that he is wrong, that you will not in fact grow an apple in your tummy if you eat the seeds. And why you ask? Because we do not eat dirt and seeds need dirt to grow in.

I was blessed this year by several gifts from sweet students, my favorite a handwritten note from one of my 10th grade boys thanking me for making art enjoyable and pushing him to succeed. Those kinda notes from my boys don't happen often so I will cherish it :).

We have been watching all the great Christmas movies as well, The Grinch (cartoon and Jim Carey version), Rudolph, Mickey's Christmas and I am hoping to show them Home Alone tomorrow.

All in all, a great start to the break!

Merry Christmas from our crazy family!!
Riding in a "one horse open sleigh"
Visiting Santa Claus and his reindeer

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

War Eagle

Our first full day of Thanksgiving break was spent in Auburn with Goober. My parents met us in Auburn late late at night and took our two youngest kiddos back to their home so that Goober could have some alone time with us and so that we could begin brainwashing him :).

We did absolutely everything a good Auburn fan should do on a game day...things that we never did or woke up for as students :). He loved every minute of it and it was so wonderful to watch him play and make memories where it all began for Adam and I! We were dog tired from driving all night, running on very little sleep and trying to pack in lots of fun but it was well worth it! Goober kept saying how glad he was that they two youngest were not with us...its nice to have one on one time with him since even though he is the oldest we never had years alone with him until our next one came along :).

Our seats...right smack dab in the endzone. It was pretty stinkin awesome, even a little rain couldn't get us to leave :). We got inside in time for Goober to catch a practice field goal, hear and learn some cheers, watch the eagle fly, see the awesomeness of the Auburn band and eat some good ole stadium food :)
We stood in line for over an hour to get these spots. This is Goober patting Nick Marshalls hand at Tiger Walk. He got to high five all of the top players and Coach Malzahn and even got a hug from CAMERON ARTIS PAYNE.....Cam's mom was right behind Goob and so he was literally squished between them as they hugged...even better Adam got a video of it all and Goober is all smiles, he honestly thought Cameron was hugging him :). Even better Cam's mom asked Adam for the video, it really was a sweet moment!
After the win we took Goob to roll the Toomers was so sad that the old huge oaks weren't there but all of the other trees and light signals close to that area are now being rolled so it takes up even more space and even more people can get in on the celebrating!
The pictures are a little out of order, but this is where we started our day..where any good Auburn fan should, at Toomers getting lemonade and buying face tattoos!

Us and our boy right outside of Biggin Hall (where I basically lived) and in the lawn of Samford Hall where Adam and I first hung out and one of the spots on my scavenger proposal night :)
Adam and Goob literally threw that football over campus..I had to remind them several times that other people do not like dodging footballs :). Boys.

Not sure which kid jumped in on the others picture but I never got to get a picture with Aubie as a THIS WAS HUGE!!!
They had a lot of activities for kids set up on campus and the inflatables are always a huge hit with Goober.
We even got to see my bestie and eat lunch with her, Adam also saw one of his old roommates but boys aren't into taking pictures :). We love VIRG!!!
More proof that everyone should love Auburn, Santa and Mrs. Claus are Auburn fans!!!
After the game they let everyone out onto the field, another thing I never was able to do as a student. So Goober definitely pretended to catch some balls and score some very close touchdowns!
Oh, these two. Two of my favorite students. They began dating in my art class 4 years ago and despite their cynical art teacher warning them that high school dating was normally a waste of time they are still together. Ryan attends Auburn and is in the prestigious architecture program, a goal he has had for a long time and something I am so proud of him for and Adrianna attend Samford two hours away. They are both wonderful people who love the Lord and as a teacher its so rewarding to see your students excel!
More beautiful white Auburn "snow".

Thats all for now. We have three (some 1/2 days left) ...For me, all finals, for the kiddos all sugared up parties :). I'm happy regardless because following that is two glorious weeks off and time with family...our first Christmas in TEXAS!!!!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2014


As you know our Goober has been going through lots of tough things lately. Most of them revolving around physical changes and a maturing phase where he doesn't know if he is ready to laugh or cry. He point blank looked at me in the van yesterday and said "Does my mom do drugs? Is she a christian? Does she still remember me? Is she in jail? Do not lie to me mom.". That sparked a long tearful conversation and lots of reflection for Goober as he is starting to put the puzzle together. He also shared how it seemed like she wanted Baby Boy but not him. How do you tell your 10 year old that yes, she voluntarily gave you up but she did in fact try to keep her 6th child, Baby Boy? Those questions are why I am so glad that we are in counseling. Its such a safe place for us all to forgive and heal and talk. Its where Goober feels like he can finally talk about his birth mom..not sure why he doesn't at home just yet but thats for him to decide. He also tells the counselor the funniest things...
1. Adam is the Facilities Director at our school which means he does a little bit of, crawl through the ceiling, drop down into a 1st grade classroom and fix the doorhandle so that the class and teacher locked inside are free :). Or take apart door handles for teachers after they have jammed their key in it for the 10th time. Or hang up bulletin boards for the female teachers who honestly can't do it themselves...those are all not in his job description but he is happy to do it. Therefore, he gets TONS of baked good and food from sweet ladies who want to say thank you. Some days he will eat that instead of the lunch I pack him. Well Goober told our counselor that it makes him upset when "my dad gets food from all these other women and then he doesnt' eat what my mom packed him and she gets upset because she is trying to help us be healthy". That took some explaining.
2. He also told her that the sermon our pastor preached this past Sunday was good for his mom and dad to hear since we needed to forgive one another from a fight we had on Saturday night :).
3. He also told her that I always ask him about his birthmom but Dad never does. When she said why, he said " my mom always beats him to it".
There have been some other sweet memories in our home lately. I'll share one from each kiddo.
Baby Boy-When I tuck him in like a "BUHRITO" at night he loves to sing along with me to his favorite night night song. He tries to sing it in the same octave as me and he forms his little mouth so perfectly trying to make the words stretch longer ;). "Lay down my dear children, Lay down and take your rest, Won't you lay your head upon your Savior's breast? I love you, oh but Jesus loves you the best, and I bid you Good night, Good Night, Good night". We give kisses in between each good night and we get quieter so that by the last good night we are whispering to each other.
Ribbit-We had a great time at a local Christmas tons of candy from a parade where Anna and Elsa were featured, played on bouncehouses and slides, made christmas crafts, saw Santa and reindeer, ate cookies and hot chocolate, danced to christmas music and then rode in a horse drawn carriage. As we were riding she said " hey momma, I know what this is like" and she sang "oh what fun it is to ride in a ONE HORSE OPEN SLEIGH"...she was so proud of herself! On the way home she said "mommy, I am going to miss you when I am grown up". I said " well you can live right beside me and then we won't miss each other" and just like she has heard her Daddy and I say several times she responded with " but what if God tells me to move all the way to Alabama?".
Goober- Goober decided to draw out a "Dream House" for both Adam and I two nights ago. Mine had a weight room ;), track, large kitchen and then an indoor basketball and baseball field. When I asked why? he said "because you don't like to be cold so this way you can watch me play inside!" This boys knows his momma! To make it even sweeter after we looked at our dream houses Adam ended the conversation but reminding Goob that the home we are in is our dream house because that is where our family is :)

Figured out photos....Making silly faces to go along with our silly face pancakes for breakfast. 
Out for an early morning cold run with my little man, who said hello to every dog and tree we passed.
 Goobers Veterans Day Performance
Mideveal Times Field Trip with Goober

We had a great time and our yellow knight won!!!!

Status Updates!!

I thought another easy way to keep our blog updated would be to post my latest Facebook updates.

Dec 3-Advent Day 2.....Before they left the garden, God whispered a promise to Adam and Eve: " It will not always be so! I will come again to rescue you! And when I do, I'm going to do battle against the snake. I'll get rid of the sin and the dark and the sadness you let in here. I'm coming back for you!
Then we talked about how Satan makes sin look attractive and Bre said " he whispers to me, go punch that boy in the eyeball". Yup, good example!
Nov. 22-In Auburn, ready to brainwash Goober some more, visit old friends and watch the Tigers play tonight!
Nov 22-Great day so far... And we haven't even been to game!!! Love spending time with my big man!
Nov 22-Goob just caught a practice field goal in the stands and threw it back . STUD
November 19-Best Personal Day EVER! Running with my little man in the morning through woods , Field trip to Midieval Times with my big man and manicures with my little lady!!!! Momma could get used to this
October 9-Glamping it up in the backyard tonight!
Sept. 13-Weekend of first! Cub Cheer for Ribbit, Blast Ball for Baby Boy and starting pitcher for Goob
Sept 4-Reason #247123 why I love my job. A 7th grade boy unintentionally broke one of my rulers and immediately said "I'll be paying for that". I told him that was unnecessary since it was 5 years old and was on its last leg anyways. This morning on my desk is a dollar bill with a note from him that says " get yourself something nice "... Ha!

For some reason this blog format won't allow me to upload photos and I have tried on every single computer we own and have at work. Hopefully we can get it figured out soon.

Monday, December 1, 2014


Good Morning Nana Harvell!!

Nana gave me the push I needed to get back into routinely blogging. I am always so tired right after I put the kids to bed so I normally call it a night but I want to make sure that I am documenting the fun moments of our lives and what God is showing us!

We got back to Texas this morning around 6 o'clock after driving straight through the night. The drive was pretty fun as we listened to the Iron Bowl..our tigers were in the lead most of the game which was awesome as we expected total domination, but they lost in the end. The kids slept through and when we got here they were ready to go. We got most of our luggage and Black Friday deals unpacked, got some presents wrapped and under the tree, took our christmas card picture and got it ordered, raked all of the leaves, hung Christmas lights, went grocery shopping and prepared for the upcoming week. We took a look at our December schedule and WOAH...we are going going going. A lot of upcoming service opportunities and lots of parties :).

Tomorrow we start Advent which is one of my favorite things about Christmas time with my kiddos. They already know that Goob gets to hang the first ornament since he is the oldest and we get to move our candy cane one day forward :).

Thanksgiving was wonderful, saw both sides of the family, ate a lot of good food, got in a workout every day (2 with my mom, 1 with brother and 1 with sister in law) and did some great low price bargain shopping!!! The only thing missing was some hunting and getting to see my Uncle Paul and Micah :(.

The kids as usual cried when we left Alabama and all today  have been asking when are we going to see grandparents again. They keep asking how far away is Texas from Alabama and when can we go back?

Some of the things for which I am most thankful for are....(and not in any order)...

1. 3 Healthy Kiddos who love each other
2. A husband who puts up christmas lights and lets me go black friday shopping
3. Parents who bend over backwards for me and my kiddos
4. In laws who love the Lord
5. Extended families who are always ready to play cards, kiss on my kiddos and laugh together
6. A job where my whole family is thriving and being loved on
7. Great christian education for my kiddos
8. A church where I am challenged to be more like Christ daily
9. A God who guides me gently, leads me tenderly and watches over my young

Monday, November 10, 2014


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Watching my boys play...

We have had a lot of fun in the cooler weather lately. Adam and I both really enjoy watching our boys play baseball. Baby Boy asks for a snack from the minute we get to the ball field until the snack is securely in his hand at the end of the game. He loves getting face paint on and he loves to bat! Goober is dealing so well with the pressure of being a pitcher....there are a ton of new rules for pitchers at his age and he is constantly corrected and reminded of rules by the umpires. I think I would cave under all that pressure but he handles it well and is getting more consistent with his strikes. He is soo quick and today for the second time he stole 3 bases!!!

I also love to watch my boys playing together while camping. Adam took them for a boy night at a local park camp out this weekend and he sent me plenty of pictures of the boys fishing together, chowing down on food and making smores. They loved listening to camp fire stories and couldn't stop talking about how much fun they had with daddy.

Right now they are snuggled up in the one seater with the ipad playing a racing game and taking turns....HOLY COW. Its a treat for both of them to get any ipad time so the fact that they are sharing is FANTASTIC!!!

We are enjoying getting ready for the holidays, finding Halloween costumes, christmas shopping and getting excited to host Christmas.

I could eat this child up, always loving on momma, always telling me how beautiful I am, ALWAYS TALKING, except when she falls asleep in this perfect little pose while reading :)
Making faces with momma at a schoo football game!

Do you spot the small child hanging out like he owns the place with the cheerleaders? :)
Holding hands with her best friend on the entire field trip :)
Girls Night Out while the boys were camping, we got our nails done, ate some girly food and went shopping...Ribbit auditioned for our schools talent show and will be making her big debut next weekend. So we had to get her outfit and make up ;)
Shopping and showing off her rainbow zebra nails!
Cheering on her bubbas!