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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Watching my boys play...

We have had a lot of fun in the cooler weather lately. Adam and I both really enjoy watching our boys play baseball. Baby Boy asks for a snack from the minute we get to the ball field until the snack is securely in his hand at the end of the game. He loves getting face paint on and he loves to bat! Goober is dealing so well with the pressure of being a pitcher....there are a ton of new rules for pitchers at his age and he is constantly corrected and reminded of rules by the umpires. I think I would cave under all that pressure but he handles it well and is getting more consistent with his strikes. He is soo quick and today for the second time he stole 3 bases!!!

I also love to watch my boys playing together while camping. Adam took them for a boy night at a local park camp out this weekend and he sent me plenty of pictures of the boys fishing together, chowing down on food and making smores. They loved listening to camp fire stories and couldn't stop talking about how much fun they had with daddy.

Right now they are snuggled up in the one seater with the ipad playing a racing game and taking turns....HOLY COW. Its a treat for both of them to get any ipad time so the fact that they are sharing is FANTASTIC!!!

We are enjoying getting ready for the holidays, finding Halloween costumes, christmas shopping and getting excited to host Christmas.

I could eat this child up, always loving on momma, always telling me how beautiful I am, ALWAYS TALKING, except when she falls asleep in this perfect little pose while reading :)
Making faces with momma at a schoo football game!

Do you spot the small child hanging out like he owns the place with the cheerleaders? :)
Holding hands with her best friend on the entire field trip :)
Girls Night Out while the boys were camping, we got our nails done, ate some girly food and went shopping...Ribbit auditioned for our schools talent show and will be making her big debut next weekend. So we had to get her outfit and make up ;)
Shopping and showing off her rainbow zebra nails!
Cheering on her bubbas!

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