Caramel Children

                 Meet our three kiddos.

Goober joined our family when he was 6 years old. He has the most contagious smile and one of the most sensitive, servant hearted, compassionate hearts of anyone I know. He grew up in and out of foster homes and to sum it up, his childhood stunk. However, more than our other kiddos, he is also very aware of the redemption that comes from the Lord and how much we need a Savior. Goober is very athletic and from the moment he starts a sport he is fantastic at it! His two favorites are baseball and football and we rotate through those year round. He also loves to ripstick and can go for hours on end! He loves Auburn football , collecting baseball cards, art and bible trivia. He takes pride in making and keeping good grades and is the reason why our blog is title the way it is. He has many names for us (peach, white chocolate, butt-color, etc) but our favorite is Mom and Dad.

Ribbit came into our family when she was 18 months old. She instantly took to us and learned so much in such a short period of time. We were told that she had a speech delay,....WRONG. This girl talks from the minute she wakes up until the very second she falls asleep. She is super sensitive and doesn't like for anyone to be upset with her.  She loves to have her hair fixed in Disney Princess styles and loves to wear chapstick, as chapstick, blush and eye shadow. She loves telling others about Jesus and can melt your heart with her sweet singing voice. She cares for nothing academic and lives in her own little world most of the time. She loves all animals and makes friends quite easily. She is our little princess and as our middle child gets away with murder :). 

Baby Boy

Baby Boy joined our family when he was 13 days old. I can only describe his entry into our home as a shock to our system. We had no clue what to do with a newborn and how much time and effort they require (add on some detox to that as well). We also never knew that this sweet thing would be such a huge blessing in our life and add so much joy to our life. Baby Boy has the best personality, always wanting to be a part of everything we do, a great team player and ALL BOY. He doesn't have a gentle bone in his body and wants to be like Daddy and Goober in everything they do. He is sweet as pie with his momma though and gives me cuddles daily while still asking to be held. I won't say he completes our family because I am not sure what God has planned for us next but he sure does round us out :). 

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