Thursday, December 3, 2009

Adoption Process thus far....

This past Tuesday night we went for our first meeting at the agency we have chosen to work with. We didn't know what to expect but we left very excited...and already exhausted just thinking about all the work that this will require.
First-we went there with lots of paperwork already filled out. We left with even more paperwork and added on classes and texas residency to establish.

Classes- we have to take 8 classes (required by CPS) in order to adopt. Some of them are a 3 hour night class and others are 8 hour Saturday classes. The good thing is that we live close to two of the agency offices so if we can't make one class there is a good chance the other office will offer it soon. The classes are on different subjects such as communication, behavior managements, grief/loss, psychotrophic medicines, sexual abuse...the list goes on.

Checklist- Like I said we have to establish TX residency which means changing over drivers license and car tags. We are both blessed to work at the seminary so taking time off to get these things done will be very doable. We also have to get background checks, fingerprinted and current TB tests. I have had all three for teaching so Adam will need to get these things done before we can move along. P.S.- the finger printing is the only cost of this whole adoption for us. Sure there are court costs but they are tax deductible and in some cases the state will reimburse us :).

CPR/ First aid-We both have to be certified and current in these trainings as well. Once again my teaching background will cover this but I may go ahead and take it with Adam to renew mine and that way our renewals will happen at the same time two years from now. Anyone who will be caring for the child for up to 8 hours ( within the first 6 months of the adoption) will also need grandparents and uncles find a class :). (Even though I doubt Adam and I would leave this child's side for that long during the first 6 months in order to build a consistent and stable relationship).

Adam and I have given ourselves a deadline of March 1st to get all of our paperwork done and have residency established. That is pretty reasonable since Adam should be finishing up finals next week and we will have both quit our second job. BTW- I GOT A NEW JOB...same office, but a different position with a bump in pay and Adam keeps his free tuition benefit!!! THANK YOU LORD!! I really do love my job but we were having trouble financially since we still have our home in TN ( someone has leased to own it). So we were cleaning/cooking/landscaping for an elderly couple. However, my new job will more than make up for that income so after finding another seminary couple ( who needed the money) to take over for us we will not be working there anymore after Christmas. Isn't God good? He has spoken to us so much through this process. We have found a church who encourages and models what an adoption should look like. Most of the families there have adopted domestically or internationally. We are excited to start this journey!!

Please pray for our little Harvell(s). Pray that God would put a hedge of protection around them right now as they are either in foster care or in a bad home environment. Pray that he would reveal himself to them and bring them hope of a better home with us. Pray for us that we would be open to where God leads in this journey and that we would develop an unconditional love for this child.