Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Story-told through Facebook

They showed this video before our reading of the Christmas Story and Singing of Carols today in Chapel. The students loved it....its the story of the birth of Christ told through facebook ( which they totally get and can relate to). Its a super neat video...PLEASE OH PLEASE watch it and pass it along!!!

Christmas Story-Facebook Style

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dollar Days

While my parents were here over Thanksgiving break we went to the Dollar Day at the Zoo.....and it wasn't too crowded :). We were there for about 4 hours and didn't even see 1/2 of the zoo. They have a children's zoo and we spent 1/2 of our time there.
FYI- as I type this Ribbit is yelling at me " GET IN THE FORK" and "SING TIS OLD MAN". She is also asking me about all the boo boos on my face and when she finds one she rubs her pointer finger on the computer and then rubs that same finger on my "boo boo" and then kisses that spot....Thanks Papaw....she will never be the same :)...and we like it :)

Here are pictures from the zoo!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Our new home....finally

I had been waiting to take pictures of the new home until it was somewhat clean and put together. Having company for Thanksgiving really pushed us to get that done!! We still aren't 100% done...there are pictures lying against the walls where they will go some day...and there aren't curtains on every window...and the playroom..oh, the playroom..its a war zone. But, its the kids war zone and I refuse to get bent out of shape over it!

Our first project will be the kitchen, there isn't a darn thing wrong with this house except its not cosmetically our taste. So starting this week we will be taking down the wall paper in the kitchen to paint the cabinets will be painted and hardware changed out!!!
 Do you see the centerpiece Goob made for thanksgiving out of pinecones?..the computer chair is at the dining table to add room for our friends Sarah and you see my double over and my island..oh happiness :)
We will add after pictures!

Heres the living room....i'm in love with the built ins.
 We situated the couch so we can look out and watch the kids in the play room and on the trampoline in the back yard. Yes, that's Adam watching one football game on his computer and another on the TV!
 The kids reading corner and art display!
Goob's room...he went down to a twin bed for his new room....we aren't quite done decorating in here.
 He picked this room to be his own after seeing the built in bookshelves and desk!
 Kids bathroom...just revamped!
 Ribbit's her bow holders? Thanks pinterest for the idea!!
We are working on a big RIB (insert real name) with a frame to go over her bed.
Her closets...she loves her ABC stickers on her door!!
DUH DUH DUH....its the playroom....thanks to CC and PaPaw there are now two bean bags in there!
 Our room....wonh wonh......we just could care less about our room...who has the time to clean it up when there is laundry to be done, dishes to wash, babies to hold, boo boos to kiss, hide and seek games to be won?
 Our closet (also known as the christmas closet..NO KIDS ALLOWED) and the master bath....all of our bathrooms have heating lamps in them....thank you jesus!

I just realized that I forgot to take pictures of our guest room, guest bath and garage.
Picture a guest room with a black and white twall comforter set, two desks and lots of Auburn posters and degrees hanging up. Picture the bathroom with a shower only and a starfish picture waiting to be hung :)
Picture the garage...WAIT, don't picture it!!! Its a mix of bikes, strollers, scooters, pogo sticks, tubs of tools, leftover mixing boxes, extra fridges and a big ole element....and yes we still leave the door up most of the time!!!

Our Happy Home...i know the picture is fuzzy but its my only defense against weirdos.

Video Problems

Apparently the videos aren't working of Goob playing quarterback so here they are again!

We just spent the whole weekend making christmas ornaments. I won't post pictures just yet as they are all christmas presents but I was so stinkin impressed with how well they turned out and how well the kids did. Goob did a great job and never complained...even though I made him come in from playing basketball to finish. Ribbit likes glitter....i mean really likes glitter...therefore its all over our dining room..but thats makes it look sparkly clean :). 
We have decided that making christmas ornaments will be a Harvell Christmas Tradition...whats a tradition you have?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

True Stories

True Story #1-During a game of hide and go seek today I hid underneath my comforter and ended up getting a 20 minute nap out of the deal....SCORE

True Story #2-My kids have spent all afternoon playing TOGETHER with the new dishwasher has been a fort, a rocket, a punching bag, etc.....from now on I am buying them boxes for birthdays!

True Story #3-Ribbit seems to be outgrowing naps and has thus slept until almost 8:00 every morning over the break.....HALLELUJAH!!!!

True Story #4- Ribbit can play with my scentsy bars for hours at a time. She opens and closes them and then smells them and says "eeeemmmmmm". Then she tells me and Adam to smell them...its quite cute and comical.

True Story #5-Goober eat as much as I do, or more at almost every meal....can you say GROWTH SPURT?

                               Heres Goober and CC making pizzas for us one night this past week.

In honor of the Iron Bowl today, here is proof that we are raising our kids right :)

I don't think my dad knew he was filming but he caught some great dancing!

Oh, and thanks for all the prayers for our home. Our renter decided not to move out and may be willing to work out a lease to purchase soon :). 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Football-a rising star

It just wouldn't be Thanksgiving without lots and lots of football. I am pretty sure that Adam has watched football for three straight days now....and tomorrow will be no different...especially with the Iron Bowl happening..and I will be the first to admit that I am praying for a miracle against UA.
However, I have some videos that top all of those games you will watch this week. I call him Cam, his dad calls him Ontario....but we all know him as Goober (and yes I know that I say his name in these videos but I think we are okay since videos aren't easily searchable :)).

I apologize for the loud shrill screaming....and I beg you to turn down your volume before you hit play. I'm pretty stoked that I had the camera on and running in time to catch his very first touch down!!!

Here are some videos of later on in the game when he got to play quarterback!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Today was lots of fun.
I got up and immediately started cooking. Adam got up and started cleaning. My parents got up and spent the whole morning with the kids, playing basketball, walking up the school, playing games, etc. Our friends Doug and Sarah got here around 1:00 and we ate lunch about 30 minutes later. Then we sat around and watched football, played with the kids and caught up. My parents are leaving tomorrow morning to head home--I can already tell that their will be tears as they tell their grandbabies good-bye. Tomorrow afternoon Doug, Sarah, Adam and I are taking the kids to the Gaylord Hotel for Shrek on Ice....should be lots of fun!!!

For Thanksgiving dinner we had the following:
Turkey-cooked with bacon on top so drippings would fall on turkey ...yummy!!!
Roasted Cauliflower--with parmesan cheese infused oil
Buffalo Chicken--wrapped in crescent roll ring
Green Grape Salad
Honey Biscuits
Baked Potatoes-made pinterest style
Mac and Cheese
Cranberry Sauce and Gravy
Cheese Ball with Crackers
Fried Pickles with Sauce
Thankgiving Cookies
Ooey Gooey Pumpkin Butter Cake

We are stuffed!!!
Today I am thankful for many many things-first, Jesus who gives me peace when I lay in bed at night worrying about our finances, my kiddos future, etc. Second to God for orchestrating how the Harvell couple would become the Harvell family. Third, for my parents and brother who love on my kids without holding back. Fourth, for my inlaws (mom, dad, brother and sister) for also loving on my kids and putting up with their crazy mom :).
Today however I also want to say how thankful I am for my husband....who took me on a date last night even though we were tired and gross (no shower:), who always whistles when I step out of the bathroom after getting ready for work, who cleaned the entire house this morning without ever being asked to, who buys me little presents all the time as he knows that its one of my love languages, who is constantly asking God for guidance as to what our next step will be. I am very thankful for you Adam!!!!

Here is Goob's mohawk that Adam gave him right before his first football game. He got to keep it this whole week but will have to shave it off before we head back to school.

 This little thing found an Auburn bear ornament while we were decorating the tree and played with it for a long time.
 Ribbit with the christmas tree....we put it in front of the window looking out into the play room. She keeps calling the angel "princess"

I will post pictures of our thanksgiving day festivities soon....but first I want to catch up on some other pictures/movies!

Here is a self portrait done by one of my Drawing 2 students in the style of Chuck Close.
 Close UP
 My other Drawing 2 student's portrait.
 Close Up...i told the to use symbols and letters that were personal to them.
 Intro to Art Painting assignment....we talked about color theory and what certain colors we associate with certain objects and why.
 The actual positive space is created by overlapping magazine pictures.
 The boys did very well on the project, the our mascot and gun came out very polished looking!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

CC and Pawpaw

My parents have been here since Saturday and my kids want nothing to do with us :)......i get it. Ribbit is borderline consumed with pawpaw every waking moment. We went to the Dallas Zoo was $1 day and was such a great bargain. We rode the train, rode horses, fed every creature we could, jumped in puddles and rode the carousel. We are pooped.
Me, momma and Adam also stayed up late last night playing Settlers and that added to our fatigue.
The other nice things about my parents coming out is that they always stock my fridge and/or my mom does some of the cooking. They also put the kids to bed, give them baths and do all the little everyday things...its like we are actually on vacation :).....i must admit I am missing my share of kisses though :).

Here are some pictures from Goobers Thanksgiving Feast at school.

1st-here is a picture of a letter that Goob wrote to Solomon...can you read the 1st line? " Dear Solomon, how long has it been?".....hehe

 Mom, please don't take pictures of me in this pillowcase :)
 Then I discovered his Indian name that he chose for himself written on his headband " Lightning Baby"
 Sweet 1st graders.
 Bow and Arrow practice

 HIs pumpkin and bunny painting all in the hallway.
 The feast...dag um!
 His 6th grade reading buddy.
 And who is that in the front of the line?....of course little Goober.
 Human garbage disposal....he's going through a growth spurt and cleaning us out.