Wednesday, November 23, 2011

CC and Pawpaw

My parents have been here since Saturday and my kids want nothing to do with us :)......i get it. Ribbit is borderline consumed with pawpaw every waking moment. We went to the Dallas Zoo was $1 day and was such a great bargain. We rode the train, rode horses, fed every creature we could, jumped in puddles and rode the carousel. We are pooped.
Me, momma and Adam also stayed up late last night playing Settlers and that added to our fatigue.
The other nice things about my parents coming out is that they always stock my fridge and/or my mom does some of the cooking. They also put the kids to bed, give them baths and do all the little everyday things...its like we are actually on vacation :).....i must admit I am missing my share of kisses though :).

Here are some pictures from Goobers Thanksgiving Feast at school.

1st-here is a picture of a letter that Goob wrote to Solomon...can you read the 1st line? " Dear Solomon, how long has it been?".....hehe

 Mom, please don't take pictures of me in this pillowcase :)
 Then I discovered his Indian name that he chose for himself written on his headband " Lightning Baby"
 Sweet 1st graders.
 Bow and Arrow practice

 HIs pumpkin and bunny painting all in the hallway.
 The feast...dag um!
 His 6th grade reading buddy.
 And who is that in the front of the line?....of course little Goober.
 Human garbage disposal....he's going through a growth spurt and cleaning us out.

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