Sunday, November 6, 2011

It's started....

Well its started....the fact that we have now moved closer to our school friends means that we can actually go to their house and they can come to ours and we are invited to every one's birthday. Goober went home with a little boy for the first time ever yesterday. The other boy's mom told me that they walked to the car with their arms around each other the whole way. When I went to pick Goober up he cried and cried and told the other little boy that he wished he was his brother :)...what a sweet kid.
We are also about to gear up with sports...Goob starts Upward Basketball and a Flag Football League through our school next week....there goes our weeknights and Saturday mornings :). I am glad that both coaches and teams are christian though so I feel good about the things he will learn --both about the sport and character training.

Being this close to my school also means we get student visitors :). We have had three students stop by already, one bringing toys for the kids, another just hanging out and one that wanted to just help us with the move :). I am one blessed teacher :)

Here are some pictures from Halloween night!

Ribbit trying on her pumpkin outfit. She kept saying " daddy i a punkin"...he calls her pumpkin alot :)
My sweet 8th graders who helped me with trick o treating since Adam was sick. 

First door....they both were too scared to ring the doorbell, so mom did it and then they yelled Trick O Treat!
I just think the little underwear on his costume is too cute. 

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