Peach Parents

Hey y'all.

Adam and I are both from Alabama and stinking proud of it. Our blood runs orange and blue as we both graduated from Auburn University, WAR EAGLE. In fact, that is where we bowling class, which should signal to you that we are both high achievers.

We have been married for almost 8 years now, dang we are really adults. We spent 2 years after ungrad in Johnson City, TN (cue "Wagon Wheel" by Old Crow Medicine Show) to allow me to earn my masters degree from ETSU. Don't worry if you can't place it, their only claim to fame is that Kenny Chesney went there for a bit.

God then clearly called us to the DFW area in Texas where Adam earned his Masters in Biblical Archaeology and Biblical Studies. While he earned his degree we got the chance to go on two archaeological digs, TWO, that is TWO once in a lifetime adventures. We spent our summers there and Adam went back for a third time by himself. I developed our original blog around those trips so that I could document EVERYTHING, and I do mean EVERYTHING. Remember, these are ONCE in a lifetime trips!!

Soon after we moved to Texas we answered the calling that had been in the depths of our heart and pit of our stomachs for a while to adopt. We were led to adopt a sibling group of beautiful mixed perfect skin, curly hair, crooked teeth, daddy get your gun beautiful children. From there the blog took a huge turn, I mean it had to. There was no way I could ignore the emotions, the lessons, the relationships, the hurt, the redemption that came from our two very different foster to adopt experiences.

As time went on, we finally balanced out our family life, found a fantastic church where we are challenged and began to get back in shape...thus the indulgence and fitness friday portion of our blog.

Adam and I are two very different souls, even though we are slowly starting to look like siblings, SUPER WEIRD EH?.... Opposites attract right?

Adam can make a joke out of anything. He is known for making people laugh, turning peoples tears into hysterical laughter and being himself at all times. His integrity and transparency are super attractive and contagious. He loves all things Auburn and all things football. He is in fact a master builder, remodeler, all things home, can fix any broken thing kinda guy.


I tend to be more serious, letting loose with only those I feel super safe with. I love to plan, make lists and schedules and organize parties and girls night out! I love to cook and bake and find satisfaction in serving others. A good day for me involves a long hard workout, a good book, time cuddling with my children, something with a fantastic smell cooking all day in the crockpot and some cuddle time with Adam at the end while watching Shark Tank or Duck Dynasty :).
Married, on a hike in TN

Family of 4

Baby Boy Homecoming Day

Auburn, Thanksgiving 2014

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