Saturday, September 4, 2010

Still here, still waiting!!

Life is good right now.
I have fallen in love with my job. I am teaching 6th and 7th grade art, Introduction to Art and an Advanced Drawing class. My art classroom is beautiful and I'm excited to see what my students are producing. So far I have been blown away with my 6th graders work, maybe my expectations were too low to begin with. My drawing class is small and it allows for large projects and good discussion. I also teach 7th grade girls bible and I must say that I have fallen in love with teaching that age. There are only 15 and we meet 4 times a week. We study and memorize large passages of scripture. In 7th grade we do an old testament survey, which is perfect with all of my travels to Israel. I have incorporated lots of acting and art into that class and the girls love it. We also dance (interpretative movement) to scripture. It allows them to be funny, but it really helps them memorize the verse by visualizing it!!! Its alot of fun!!
I'm also coaching 7th grade girls volleyball ( yes, some of the girls I see three times a day in practice, bible and art). I love love love coaching. After our first win I was very very proud of each girl and it gave me a glimpse of how a parent must feel when their child is successful.
That brings me to our children. We have been told that our license is on the way for about 3 weeks now. We must have prayed for patience because boy are we learning to trust God in his timing. I know that kids are a handful but we started this process last November and I am physically achy to get them. I know that God's timing is perfect and that is what keeps me from calling our agency every 2 hours and asking " is it there yet?".
The good thing is that I know that when we do get them they will have a wonderful Christian school to attend.

Adam is steadily working towards this PhD degree and is now in his 3rd full semester of classes. He really likes his Hebrew teacher this semester which is showing off in his grades. He is almost done with all of his archaeology classes and will them move on to his theology classes and more digs :). The seminary has hired another professor for the program and this guy comes with links to Cyprus.......which means that we could possiblly go to Cyprus for a dig in the future. HELLO, sign me up :)!!!!!!!!