Thursday, February 10, 2011

the kids part 2

So, to fill you all in.
Our first night with the kids was hectic. Goober fell asleep in his bed but didn't stay there. He slept at our feet until he had an accident (poor guy) so then he went and slept in Ribbit's room. Ribbit "slept" with us the whole night....we both had feet in our faces, got punched in the eyes and woke up at 2:00 to her cracking herself have to meet this kid, she is hilarious!
So we woke up- I'm not sure Adam and I ever went to sleep- and all got showers. Ribbit is not really into showers and Goob can handle it on his own. Then we got dressed and headed to Target to let Goob register for things he would like to get at his party this weekend. He picked out all new bedroom things, some swimsuits, toys, church clothes and sports stuff. We let him hold the gun so I am sure the registry looks weird. Then we headed over to the baby area to register for Ribbit and about that time she threw up all over herself, the buggy and the floor.....all while smiling. I grabbed her, and took off with Goob to the front. Adam tried to clean things up and not vomit at the overwhelming disgusting smell and look of that mess. From that we learned Tip #1-Never leave the house without an extra outfit for your 18 month old. Needless to say Ribbit got a new outfit at Target right then and there. Then we came home and took Goob to the park to throw his baseball. He is a really good little thrower and we have a video of him catching 5 balls in a row. He loves the park beside our house and he just ran and ran. Then the kids attorney and CPS worker ( who has been with Goob for a while and with Ribbit for a year) came over to go over some paperwork and we all ended up crying over what these kids have been through....we are so thankful that God has given them to us but so aware of how much love they need. Then we fed the kids and I got ready to head to school for two classes and my volleyball practice. I called Adam after I had been gone for 4 hours and he sounded desperate. Apparently Ribbit's little stomach was upset and she had thrown up on him 3 times and given him lots of full diapers. I couldn't type that last sentence without laughing :). I asked him to let me speak to Goober over the phone and he said he was having a good time with Santa. He also said "i love you" at the end of the conversation :) :). I stopped and got some Pedialyte for Ribbit on the way home. When I walked in Goober ran into my arms and hugged me while he told me about his day with Santa. Adam was washing Ribbit's clothes and he looked and smelled like death :). I am laughing again. So, I took the kids and let him have some down time. He assembled Ribbit's crib and after she drank some pedialyte she fell asleep pretty fast. Goober and I watched a kid show and then he went straight to bed with no problem. Adam and I cleaned up and at 10 realized that neither one of us had eaten lunch or dinner. So we ate a piece of chicken and went to bed :)
Wednesday- snow day for both Adam and I !!!!!This morning Ribbit cried out at 5:30. I got up, rubbed her belly and she fell right back asleep. At 7:30 she was up and ready to play. We put her in bed with us for about 20 minutes and she loved on us and slapped Adam in the face :). Then I woke Goob up and the three of us ate breakfast while Adam slept for another 30 minutes. Goob ate two pieces of cinnamon toast and some orange juice. Two minutes later he asked for chocolate and a rice krispy treat....boy can he eat!!!. Ribbit ate a banana muffin and drank pedialyte and as of today at 3 hasn't had any dirty diapers or throw-ups. We made Goob a fort out of the box that the crib came in and we painted on it and colored on it. He then karate chopped all of the styrofoam and so now it looks like it is snowing outside of our house and inside :). Goob is a very good little artist and he wants to be good too. We read a Dr. Seuss book together and in it animals were moving a mountain, so we talked about how God tells us to have faith and if we have enough we can move a mountain. He said yeah and God can pray too :). Then he showed me his VBS book and all the verses he had learned and stories he had read.
Then we got a package from the Harvells. Goober worked on his book "All about me" and we measured his toes, fingers, nose, ears, feet, hands. He showed us how he could jump, skip, dance, crawl, etc. Ribbit just walked around and loved on all of the stuffed animals we have. She will come and stand in front of u and that is your signal to pick her up. She only wants to be loved on for a minute or two and then put back down. She is soo happy, she giggles and make puppy noises. She will say Hey and Hi.
Two guy friends came by after lunch and Goob hid in his fort for the entire time while Ribbit flirted with both of them. Goob then fell asleep in his fort and Ribbit fell asleep watching Spongebob so that is why I have free time right now :).

I am gonna post these emails and some pictures on our blog at not today since I left my camera at work ( mommy brain) but tomorrow.
The cats still haven't come out of hiding but hopefully soon. Our home looks like a disaster zone but at least we are all healthy and have evergy after a good night's sleep.

Love you all, thanks for the prayers!!!
Kinzie, Adam, Goober and Ribbit


  1. You all are precious. I love how perfect you two are to love on these kiddos. You sound like you are natural parents :) :)

  2. I love it!! This is so great!!! You really do sound like naturals. :)

  3. Can't wait to meet them and can't wait to see some pictures!