Saturday, February 19, 2011

Loving my family

So, have you ever just felt like a complete fool? Well if not, just get will happen repeatedly. Yesterday was not my finest. Eli was shooting spitwads at me from the back seat on the way home from I was reaching back and tickling his legs. Well a cop noticed that I changed lanes before I should have at a merger and pulled me over. Right when I saw the lights, Eli said " That is what you get for paying attention to me and not the road". The cop was nice and gave me a warning but Eli is now telling everyone he meets that I am a) a crazy driver, b) that I need practice and c) that I better not do it again on Monday....wonderful. He also imitated me in front of our friends acting as if I was bobbing and weaving through traffic......HA!!!
Then on the way to school that morning we had an interesting conversation about the sun and how hot it was. I proceeded to teach him that the sun rotates around the earth ( wait for it) thus giving us a day and a night. Later on at night, Adam was talking to Eli and Eli told him what I said that morning. Adam looked at me and said " really". I just then realized that the earth orbits the sun and Adam and Eli just laughed and laughed. Therefore now Eli says that I dont know anything and pretty much asks Adam all of his questions. Like a friend told me tonight, I know what I need for art and volleyball, so I am good :).
Bre really impressed us yesterday. We had our first parent meeting with our adoption agency and they provided childcare. When we went to get her the workers said " she is so polite, she said " thank you" every time we gave her something. Adam and I high fived each other and said " yeah its working".....and it is, she says Thank You to everyone but us :). She sometimes says " ank u " but its normally when she should be saying "please"....oh well!!!
Eli had a great first full week of school. I asked him if he wanted me to come eat lunch with him today and he said " No, we do secret things at lunch" :). His teacher told me yesterday that he got sad during the day and said that he missed me .....ahh, he does love me :).
Last night we presented the gospel to Eli and when we were explaining how Jesus didn't have an earthly father, Eli said " dad, were you born? " and when Adam said "yeah" , Eli goes " But how come you have a beard?". Adam said " well it grew" to which Eli answered " wow, you were born with a beard"......that kid cracks me up!!!
Bre just melts our heart every time she looks up and says "mama and dadda". When our friends were over she bumped her head and immediately looked for me and said " mama". I mean I could just hug her all day long...good thing she likes to walk or else I would never let her down. She has gotten her bedtime routine down. We change her diaper, put on pj's, she grabs her veggie tales book, we read it, sing it twice and then she lays down. Then I pat her stomach and sing Jesus loves me while she pats my hand and shakes her head Yes.....makes me want to sing it 10 times! Then we say Nite Nite to each other through the door about 10 times. I am crying right now at how precious she is and how I know I will miss this routine very soon!!

I must once again say how blessed we are. On the way to school on Thursday Eli and I prayed for some polo shirts for him. He has to wear uniforms and we only had 3 shirts...which equals lots of washing. Each shirt is $24 dollars and I just dreaded having to pay that kind of money for clothes. However, we got to school and his teacher handed me a Spirit shirt that she had got for him and then the lady who is over our uniform store gave me 5 free polo shirts for Eli, within 15 minutes of our prayer. I loved that Eli got to see God answer such a small prayer and so fast!!!
Then this morning I got to school and there was a brand new pack and play sitting in my desk chair. Another teacher had gone out and bought it for us- which will be great as we travel over Spring Break for Bre. We had just said that we needed one, and God provided.

Tonight two sets of friends came over and just loved on our kids and encouraged Adam and I. Another couple brought us dinner. We are speechless at God's work in our life and how He is revealing himself to us through a lovable, precious, innocent 18 month old girl and a sweet, fun-loving, kind-hearted six year old boy. We can't imagine our lives without them and without the love of our Savior.

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