Friday, February 11, 2011

Love them!!

Today was a full day of maternity leave for me!!! So we woke up and headed to school to get Goober enrolled. I was almost in tears as I saw him see our school for the first time. I am so in awe of how God orchestrated my teaching position there knowing that my little boy would need Christian men and women to love on him just 7 months later. I am overwhelmed.
He met his teacher and she told him that there is only one little boy in his class and that they have been praying for another boy since August...praying for Goob! He will be in Pre-1st with a wonderful teacher and only 6 other students. He was sooo excited. He is going to start on Monday, Valentine's we are making cupcakes to send to school with him. He got "Cars" valentine cards to hand out.
Everyone at our school loved meeting them and everyone was so encouraging to us. We are finding ourselves every day saying " isn't it how cool how God worked that out". I found myself in tears last night looking over Eli's school history. No one took the time to save his class photos or to hold onto any little awards or drawings. He deserves so much more, he is such a sweet little boy.
We then went to McDonalds and let Goober wear himself out in the playland. I went up with him-despite my severe claustrophobia and almost got stuck...yeah, that will be my first and last time up in those things. Ribbit had fun too and went in and out of a tunnel. She loves french fries and he loves cheeseburgers.
Then we came home and Adam left for work. Goober and I played with Ribbit and got her to say " Mama, Dada, Nite NIte, and Bye Bye. She was in such a good mood and we laughed and laughed at her. When she hears the Spongebob Squarepants song she does this move that reminds me of " raise the roof". Then Goob and I watched a skateboard tournament ( i have to admit that he woke me up several times :)) while Ribbit napped. Then when Adam got home I took Ribbit with me to Wal-Mart to register for their shower on Saturday. Adam and Goob stayed home and cleaned up some..the fort was taking over the whole living room and Goob's room was a little unruly. We had two sets of sweet sweet friends come over tonight to meet the kids and one of them brought us dinner.
Both kiddos went to bed on time and are sleeping right now!!!

Goober told us that he will be going to college in 5 years. He also told us that Justin Beiber has fat eyes and that he is allergic to baths. He held my hand for a little bit today while we were watching skateboards....such perfect little hands.

Ribbit sang and danced all day. She is sooo funny. She loves to give kisses on the nose!. She loves gerber graduate juice and anything I put in my mouth!!

Thank you God for my sweet family and a wonderful husband...we are in awe.

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