Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Art Heaven

One of my students laughed when I told her that I would be gone for 4 days to an art conference...little does she know how truly awesome they are!
We spent every day from 8-midnight in classes,seminars and art museums.....pure art heaven. The best part is that we are all artsy fartsy and therefore when one of us gets lost finding our hotel room (that we have been to 3 times already) or when another misses a meal while working on an art project or yet when another runs through the museum to see that one awesome piece with only 5 minutes left until one judges you...we all get it...we are all severely right brained people.
Each class is taught by a veterened art teacher and they not only give you the lesson plan, but they let you make an example!!!! I mean after spending all day teaching art, I rarely come home and work on my own art. It was so therapeutic and I got sooo many good ideas! Most of the classes have raffle prizes as well.
The second best thing is that the vendors come out in droves. They know that we are looking for the newest, brightest, strongest, kid-proof, goof-proof, project at a good deal. Therefore, they give out tons of samples and let you make examples using their own products. I also really appreciate the fact that even though I have been to their booth at least 5 times, that most of the vendors pretend they don't know me and give me yet another free sample :). I bought a ton of stuff for my students and a great deals. I also Goober a really neat flip book and some art supplies for Christmas.
Third, we had free reign of the Houston Museum of Art on Thursday night..complete with fruit trays, cheese trays, veggie trays, finger sandwiches and all the Pepsi a girl could drink :). They kept it open late for the night and I tore through that thing determined to see every last bit of exhibit " A sultan's gift, islamic art-including ceramics, textiles, paintings and was beautiful!!!!! I was one of the younger teachers there and like I said I waited til the last possible minute, soaking it all up and then tore off so that the bus wouldn't leave me....I was applauded when I got on the bus :).
Finally, save the best for last....I found another outlet for my oh so detailed pencil drawings of faces. For as long as I can remember I normally draw the speakers face...whether thats at church, teacher inservice, etc. At our old church in TN, I drew Pastor Reggie almost every Sunday ( while paying attention of course) ...he just had the most amazing profile. Anyways, the top forensic artist in the world came and led a workshop. She spoke about how she takes people who have just seen the worst thing ever or been a part of the worst thing ever ( rape, killing spree, traffic accident) and asks them to try to remember everything about the bad guy. Then she puts together a portrait to hand over to the cops. She has helped to solve over 2,000 cases and she is one of only 19 forensic artists in the US!!!! I was sooo intrigued. She got her start after being strangled in her own apartment when she was in her 20s. There is going to be a TV show about her soon....kinda like a CSI special. I was sooo inspired I drew portraits the rest of the weekend. Watch out nasty white boys, I am a pretty good at drawing Caucasian males!!!!!

So thats my weekend in a nutshell!!

Today after school Goober wrote this loooonnnnngggg number on my white board. He asked me if I knew what that number was. I said "maybe a badillion?" and he said " no, that's how much I love you".....heart did I get such a sweet youngun?

I'll have some more up to date pictures soon ( gotta find that darn camera...oh the joys of unpacking).
Here are some pictures of my students carving pumpkins on Halloween.

Ryan (my fellow Auburn fan), his girlfriend Adrianna and Trey ( another kid who has no idea how stinkin talented he is)
 Some of my older guys planning out how to make a Spartan helmet out of the pumpkin, Lauren (redhead) brought. She looks thrilled huh?

They did it, two spartan helmets out of one pumpkin...I can't believe they put that on their head!
 Check out these two prissy girls....they had to wear gloves or else they would get pumpkin goop on them...haha. They are both super sweet though!
 They the boys decided they were also to delicate to touch pumpkin insides :). These four boys pictured are also responsible for those OU signs hanging by my Auburn banner in the background.
 7th grade boys had fun :)

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