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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

War Eagle

Our first full day of Thanksgiving break was spent in Auburn with Goober. My parents met us in Auburn late late at night and took our two youngest kiddos back to their home so that Goober could have some alone time with us and so that we could begin brainwashing him :).

We did absolutely everything a good Auburn fan should do on a game day...things that we never did or woke up for as students :). He loved every minute of it and it was so wonderful to watch him play and make memories where it all began for Adam and I! We were dog tired from driving all night, running on very little sleep and trying to pack in lots of fun but it was well worth it! Goober kept saying how glad he was that they two youngest were not with us...its nice to have one on one time with him since even though he is the oldest we never had years alone with him until our next one came along :).

Our seats...right smack dab in the endzone. It was pretty stinkin awesome, even a little rain couldn't get us to leave :). We got inside in time for Goober to catch a practice field goal, hear and learn some cheers, watch the eagle fly, see the awesomeness of the Auburn band and eat some good ole stadium food :)
We stood in line for over an hour to get these spots. This is Goober patting Nick Marshalls hand at Tiger Walk. He got to high five all of the top players and Coach Malzahn and even got a hug from CAMERON ARTIS PAYNE.....Cam's mom was right behind Goob and so he was literally squished between them as they hugged...even better Adam got a video of it all and Goober is all smiles, he honestly thought Cameron was hugging him :). Even better Cam's mom asked Adam for the video, it really was a sweet moment!
After the win we took Goob to roll the Toomers was so sad that the old huge oaks weren't there but all of the other trees and light signals close to that area are now being rolled so it takes up even more space and even more people can get in on the celebrating!
The pictures are a little out of order, but this is where we started our day..where any good Auburn fan should, at Toomers getting lemonade and buying face tattoos!

Us and our boy right outside of Biggin Hall (where I basically lived) and in the lawn of Samford Hall where Adam and I first hung out and one of the spots on my scavenger proposal night :)
Adam and Goob literally threw that football over campus..I had to remind them several times that other people do not like dodging footballs :). Boys.

Not sure which kid jumped in on the others picture but I never got to get a picture with Aubie as a THIS WAS HUGE!!!
They had a lot of activities for kids set up on campus and the inflatables are always a huge hit with Goober.
We even got to see my bestie and eat lunch with her, Adam also saw one of his old roommates but boys aren't into taking pictures :). We love VIRG!!!
More proof that everyone should love Auburn, Santa and Mrs. Claus are Auburn fans!!!
After the game they let everyone out onto the field, another thing I never was able to do as a student. So Goober definitely pretended to catch some balls and score some very close touchdowns!
Oh, these two. Two of my favorite students. They began dating in my art class 4 years ago and despite their cynical art teacher warning them that high school dating was normally a waste of time they are still together. Ryan attends Auburn and is in the prestigious architecture program, a goal he has had for a long time and something I am so proud of him for and Adrianna attend Samford two hours away. They are both wonderful people who love the Lord and as a teacher its so rewarding to see your students excel!
More beautiful white Auburn "snow".

Thats all for now. We have three (some 1/2 days left) ...For me, all finals, for the kiddos all sugared up parties :). I'm happy regardless because following that is two glorious weeks off and time with family...our first Christmas in TEXAS!!!!!!

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