Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Break Part 2

Well we are halfway done with our Christmas celebration. My family left on the 26th very early and we are expecting Adam's parents this next week. It has been an eventful two days as we attended a surprise party of a dear friend and today we spent all day in Frisco. Adam and I got a new bed frame with drawers underneath, some new shower curtains, a clock and all of our thoughts together on the kitchen remodel for this summer.
We also put together lots of toys, cleaned up and ate lots of leftovers. At dinner tonight the kids told us their top 3 favorite presents thus far.

Goober-his electric toothbrush, his star wars lego set and his new cleats
Ribbit-her cheetah boots, Elsa doll and Anna doll
Baby Boy-his remote control car, his motorcycle tricycle and his batman dress up clothes

One of my favorite things about my family visiting was all of the workout time we got in together :). I got to work out with my mom every morning at 5:30, my brother and  lifted weights one day after lunch and I got to take  Goober with me one day and show him some technique and form. I workout with others about 3 days a week and the other 4 I am on my own so it was nice to always have company. The last two mornings the kids have gone with me and played in the gym while I did circuit training. Thanks to their art presents from Uncle Chris I got in 1.5 hours both mornings while they colored in the middle of the floor, I almost couldn't believe how long they got along and how long they were quiet :).

Breakfast and crafts with Santa Cow.
Cooking for our Christmas party for our Sunday School class. Ribbit has on an apron I wore as a little girl, I have on an apron from my sweet mentor and friend, Goober and Baby Boy have on aprons from Lolly and we are making jello jigglers and cupcakes for the kiddos coming over the next night.
Just some of the gingerbread house building contest that our leader judged. Each kid won a prize, Goober got tallest, Ribbit got most chocolatey :). Baby Boy was outside by the fire with his daddy and the leaf pile for most of the night.
Some of the fun outside on the patio....smore making, playing on the treehouse and jumping in the leaf pile.
Love them some jello jigglers.
Check out all the kiddos on the playhouse!
Hanging ornaments on our Jesse Tree as we anticipate Christ's birth.
An early Christmas gift from our church friends.
The last day of school was PJ Day and Ribbit got her feelings hurt and couldn't gather herself back together.....until Momma checked her out for 2 hours and she got a cake pop at Starbucks.
Christmas party at school with CC and Papa.
Everyone PACKED into the minivan for some christmas light looking!
These two do not want to change out of their Ninja Turtle pjs and Spider Man boots, they could literally wear them all day.
We also had Baby Boy's "bwastball" trophy ceremony at Chic Fil A while grandparents were here. This is his coach awarding him, he was so stinkin excited :)
Making and decorating gingerbread cookies with CC.

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