Thursday, December 11, 2014


As you know our Goober has been going through lots of tough things lately. Most of them revolving around physical changes and a maturing phase where he doesn't know if he is ready to laugh or cry. He point blank looked at me in the van yesterday and said "Does my mom do drugs? Is she a christian? Does she still remember me? Is she in jail? Do not lie to me mom.". That sparked a long tearful conversation and lots of reflection for Goober as he is starting to put the puzzle together. He also shared how it seemed like she wanted Baby Boy but not him. How do you tell your 10 year old that yes, she voluntarily gave you up but she did in fact try to keep her 6th child, Baby Boy? Those questions are why I am so glad that we are in counseling. Its such a safe place for us all to forgive and heal and talk. Its where Goober feels like he can finally talk about his birth mom..not sure why he doesn't at home just yet but thats for him to decide. He also tells the counselor the funniest things...
1. Adam is the Facilities Director at our school which means he does a little bit of, crawl through the ceiling, drop down into a 1st grade classroom and fix the doorhandle so that the class and teacher locked inside are free :). Or take apart door handles for teachers after they have jammed their key in it for the 10th time. Or hang up bulletin boards for the female teachers who honestly can't do it themselves...those are all not in his job description but he is happy to do it. Therefore, he gets TONS of baked good and food from sweet ladies who want to say thank you. Some days he will eat that instead of the lunch I pack him. Well Goober told our counselor that it makes him upset when "my dad gets food from all these other women and then he doesnt' eat what my mom packed him and she gets upset because she is trying to help us be healthy". That took some explaining.
2. He also told her that the sermon our pastor preached this past Sunday was good for his mom and dad to hear since we needed to forgive one another from a fight we had on Saturday night :).
3. He also told her that I always ask him about his birthmom but Dad never does. When she said why, he said " my mom always beats him to it".
There have been some other sweet memories in our home lately. I'll share one from each kiddo.
Baby Boy-When I tuck him in like a "BUHRITO" at night he loves to sing along with me to his favorite night night song. He tries to sing it in the same octave as me and he forms his little mouth so perfectly trying to make the words stretch longer ;). "Lay down my dear children, Lay down and take your rest, Won't you lay your head upon your Savior's breast? I love you, oh but Jesus loves you the best, and I bid you Good night, Good Night, Good night". We give kisses in between each good night and we get quieter so that by the last good night we are whispering to each other.
Ribbit-We had a great time at a local Christmas tons of candy from a parade where Anna and Elsa were featured, played on bouncehouses and slides, made christmas crafts, saw Santa and reindeer, ate cookies and hot chocolate, danced to christmas music and then rode in a horse drawn carriage. As we were riding she said " hey momma, I know what this is like" and she sang "oh what fun it is to ride in a ONE HORSE OPEN SLEIGH"...she was so proud of herself! On the way home she said "mommy, I am going to miss you when I am grown up". I said " well you can live right beside me and then we won't miss each other" and just like she has heard her Daddy and I say several times she responded with " but what if God tells me to move all the way to Alabama?".
Goober- Goober decided to draw out a "Dream House" for both Adam and I two nights ago. Mine had a weight room ;), track, large kitchen and then an indoor basketball and baseball field. When I asked why? he said "because you don't like to be cold so this way you can watch me play inside!" This boys knows his momma! To make it even sweeter after we looked at our dream houses Adam ended the conversation but reminding Goob that the home we are in is our dream house because that is where our family is :)

Figured out photos....Making silly faces to go along with our silly face pancakes for breakfast. 
Out for an early morning cold run with my little man, who said hello to every dog and tree we passed.
 Goobers Veterans Day Performance
Mideveal Times Field Trip with Goober

We had a great time and our yellow knight won!!!!

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