Monday, December 1, 2014


Good Morning Nana Harvell!!

Nana gave me the push I needed to get back into routinely blogging. I am always so tired right after I put the kids to bed so I normally call it a night but I want to make sure that I am documenting the fun moments of our lives and what God is showing us!

We got back to Texas this morning around 6 o'clock after driving straight through the night. The drive was pretty fun as we listened to the Iron Bowl..our tigers were in the lead most of the game which was awesome as we expected total domination, but they lost in the end. The kids slept through and when we got here they were ready to go. We got most of our luggage and Black Friday deals unpacked, got some presents wrapped and under the tree, took our christmas card picture and got it ordered, raked all of the leaves, hung Christmas lights, went grocery shopping and prepared for the upcoming week. We took a look at our December schedule and WOAH...we are going going going. A lot of upcoming service opportunities and lots of parties :).

Tomorrow we start Advent which is one of my favorite things about Christmas time with my kiddos. They already know that Goob gets to hang the first ornament since he is the oldest and we get to move our candy cane one day forward :).

Thanksgiving was wonderful, saw both sides of the family, ate a lot of good food, got in a workout every day (2 with my mom, 1 with brother and 1 with sister in law) and did some great low price bargain shopping!!! The only thing missing was some hunting and getting to see my Uncle Paul and Micah :(.

The kids as usual cried when we left Alabama and all today  have been asking when are we going to see grandparents again. They keep asking how far away is Texas from Alabama and when can we go back?

Some of the things for which I am most thankful for are....(and not in any order)...

1. 3 Healthy Kiddos who love each other
2. A husband who puts up christmas lights and lets me go black friday shopping
3. Parents who bend over backwards for me and my kiddos
4. In laws who love the Lord
5. Extended families who are always ready to play cards, kiss on my kiddos and laugh together
6. A job where my whole family is thriving and being loved on
7. Great christian education for my kiddos
8. A church where I am challenged to be more like Christ daily
9. A God who guides me gently, leads me tenderly and watches over my young

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