Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Break

We are 2 days out from Christmas and having lots of fun. My parents got here just in time to go to both Goober's and Ribbit's christmas parties at school. We have gone Christmas light looking, last minute shopping, been to see movies, eaten great food, hung out with lots of friends and family and tonight had a gingerbread house contest.

My kids have been sugared up lately and are saying the funniest things....

Baby Boy-as my dad is leading us in Advent one night, Baby boy is checking himself out and suddenly announces, "hey guys, look at these muscles" as he is looking at his own biceps. When my brother burst into laugher he goes " what?" and shrugs.

Goober-As his uncle is getting fitted for his wedding suit says " Uncle Chris, I bet you would like being home with all 3 of us wrestling you instead of doing this". That went over well.

Goober also told his teacher that I thought she was moody as he handed her a christmas present. The real story is that the day before he had received a mark and when he explained to me why he got in trouble it just didn't make sense. I had so much to do as far as grading and getting ready for 2 weeks of visitors that I shrugged it off and said " well mom gets moody with her students and i bet she was moody and you were the last one to get on her nerves". I know that wins me the mom of the year award but I wasn't up for fighting over this "talking mark". Anyways, she laughed about it and we moved on. When will I learn to tame my tongue?????

Ribbit has explained to her Uncle Chris several times that he is wrong, that you will not in fact grow an apple in your tummy if you eat the seeds. And why you ask? Because we do not eat dirt and seeds need dirt to grow in.

I was blessed this year by several gifts from sweet students, my favorite a handwritten note from one of my 10th grade boys thanking me for making art enjoyable and pushing him to succeed. Those kinda notes from my boys don't happen often so I will cherish it :).

We have been watching all the great Christmas movies as well, The Grinch (cartoon and Jim Carey version), Rudolph, Mickey's Christmas and I am hoping to show them Home Alone tomorrow.

All in all, a great start to the break!

Merry Christmas from our crazy family!!
Riding in a "one horse open sleigh"
Visiting Santa Claus and his reindeer

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