Sunday, November 10, 2013

Fall 2013

The above pictures are from Goober's Greek Olympics...which was the culmination of all of their weeks of learning about Greek society and history. He won in the long jump event and you can see his posse in next picture. The 3rd picture shows his cute little face with those scratched up "non scratch" lenses :).

Today was Goobers last baseball game of the say that it was his best yet is an understatement. He single handedly got all 6 of the last outs in the last 2 innings. He struck out 4 boys...most of them with 3 strikes in a row and then threw 2 boys out at first after grabbing their groundball. All of the outs happened so quickly that people were standing up and cheering and stopping to watch him. Since we don't look anything alike :), many people were commenting around me saying "that boy has an arm"..."check out that leftie pitcher". I was trying to keep Adam up to date (he was at home with a sick Baby Boy and a mis-behaving Ribbit) and he said he was tearing up at how well Goob was playing. He scored a run every time he got up to bat and just looked like he had all the confidence in the world. I thought it was so stinkin hilarious that right after the game he ran up to his best friend (the other pitcher) who is on his team and they immediately picked up their conversation about a book they are jointly making. His teacher, who had come to watch the game, told them the book sounded creepy and the other little boy, with the straightest face said "thats because its supposed to be".....HAHAHAHAHA. When I tried to tell him just how good he had done in the car on the way home he said "yeah, can we stop at Walgreens and get something?".....I guess he is just humble :)

Adam's basketball season starts this week with a game on every Monday and every Thursday. This should get pretty interesting as I am driving his teams to their games since he hasn't had time to get his CDL...that means all 3 kiddos get to come....Pray for us. At least baseball and volleyball season are over.

Baby Boy has started saying "monter" when anyone starts chasing him or he sees anything remotely scary. He also says "Micah" anytime he sees a blonde girl. I think he has his first crush :). Watch out Uncle Chris!!!!

Adam got a little more done on the bathroom remodel this weekend....hopefully we will be done over the Thanksgiving holidays...that deadline gets pushed farther and farther back. At least we have two other functioning bathrooms. I am just getting antsy to start our other remodels....which include the master bath :).

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