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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Late 4th Pictures

I passed the first exam my permit to practice driving a bus and the general knowledge test. Next, some more tests and a driving exam. I think Goober is more excited than anyone about me possibly driving a bus. :)

But, beyond that Adam will be working part time for now at the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit at SWBTS. He is pretty excited because it will be outside and it will look great on a resume, oh and yeah he will be bringing in a paycheck!! I am excited because he can work around all of the summer social events we have coming up and its a step in the right direction.....God has something out there for us, its 1/2 exciting not knowing and 1/2 nerve shattering :).

Here is how we celebrated the 4th, Texas style.

Flag breakfast with cherries/blueberries for color. We even had watermelon juice for drink :)
 I swear when I put her in the van she had on a dress/shorts/shoes and a bow. She came out of the van with her purse, some rings on and these sunglasses with no lenses :). This is how she followed us around Barnes and out world!
 At the big town picnic...Do you like Goober's firework hat :)
 Baby boy got in on the action.....sweaty little thing!
 Family 4th picture on our front step..I am in love with it. The kids won those inflatables at a game and they made firework hats at the picnic.
 I had to post this one because we didn't know that it was set to take 2 pictures and so we had all moved.....look at Ribbits face...bwa hah ah ah ha.

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