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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Last Friday for Mom

Today is my last Friday to be home for the Friday I will be in inservice and the next Wednesday school starts. We go back early and get out early in May...but oh the going back is super hard. Luckily two of my three will be with me and baby boy won't be too far down the road :).
We went swimming again today and all 3 wore themselves out. Goober and I practiced jumping in without splashing in honor the high dive event during the Summer Olympics.

In other news, Baby Boy has a tooth...yup and a sharp one at that! Therefore he was pretty dagum fussy today and had some good ole diapers :).

Pictures from our last visit to the Zoo...he couldn't touch the statues, they were waaayy to hot!
 This was them right as we entered the kids section...listening to Dad say " do not get in the water"

 Well it was wayyy to hot to listen to we snuck away and jumped right on in :). I pretended not to see them until they were soaking wet.
 Look at that little thing enjoying the water!
 She had the best time laying down in the germ infested water :)

 They are pretty cute huh? Get along pretty well too!
 Oh we are loving life!
 Proof that she provokes a lot of the pushes that she gets from big brother!
 She was mocking me, this is her "mommy face"...especially when she remind me to say please!
 The mommy face!!!!
 Goober was soaking her booty.
 This is how little man spent his time ....with the fan on him, chilling in the shade!
 Finally, a statue that he could touch!
 We promised them a carousel ride before we left! They both got the animal they wanted.

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