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Friday, July 13, 2012

Wanna know something funny?

Wanna know something funny?

Tomorrow I am going to take the test to get my CDL....I know, I know. I can imagine my brother reading this and totally having a spaz. I am not, nor do I proclaim to be a GREAT driver but I am a coach and I need to get my girls to away games. I am not taking the air brakes test because I am only driving the shuttle....but so help me, I will have people outside the shuttle every time I have to back up or park. I will drive no more than 50 miles an hour on the interstate and I will do everything I can to avoid a situation where I may have to make a wide right turn.  All this is assuming that I even pass the written portion, pass the driving test ( a miracle) and allow myself to drive in DFW!!!!

So to my calm my nerves I'm going to post some sweet pictures from my family. Tonight we told them all that they had to stay just as sweet as they are now. Goober smiled at me every time I looked at him the rest of the night...sweet boy. He deserves a paycheck after all that he has helped me with on days that dad is not home this summer. He does it all and always says " yes mam ".
Today, as Ribbit walked out from her nap I was watching a Holocaust movie and the characters were speaking in German with subtitles. She stared at it for a minute and said " mommy, are they really talking like dat?" with the best confused/irritated face ever. I had to turn it off because I was laughing so hard.
Baby boy has decided to yell at me whenever I don't give him attention. Its more like a He-Man-Women-Hater-Club grunt....I picture him thinking " hey women, pick me up" as he does it. Its really "sweet"...where is that darn sarcasm font?

Digging at the Dead Sea Scroll Exhibit
 This is our little Miss. Chiquita Banana....see those shoes, Aundrea?...they go with us least we know where she is though because we hear "click, click, click, click".
 Swimming with Daddy
 Roly Poly on the sidelines with momma.
 Our Expert Swimmer
 Give this child a loud room, with little to no air circulating and he is out!!!
 Daddy was her horsey.
 I like this picture of Goober...look at those curls!!!
 Daddy is lots of fun in the pool!
 Roly Poly checking out at his feet with Daddy on the sidelines while mommy swims with the older two.
 Check me out, I can sit in my Bumbo! I hate it after 20 seconds, but it usually means that I get to eat rice cereal!!
 Gee Whiz...what a sweet little chubby face....could just eat him up!!!

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