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Monday, July 23, 2012

5 Years Baby!!!

Yesterday Adam and I celebrated 5 years of marital bliss :). Cheesetastic huh?

Here is my facebook status from yesterday:
July 21st---Happy 5 Year Anniversary Adam Harvell.
Top 5 moments
1. Holding each other and shaking while waiting to meet our kiddos for the first time.
2. Crying ourselves to sleep b/c we were so happy/exhausted after adopting baby boy.
2. Digging, Touring, Living in Israel
3. Running like crazy people and getting locked in the bathroom at the Louvre in Paris.
4. Our Wedding--pretty awesome dude :).
Here's to 105 more years babe!

It kinda crept up on us but we still wanted to celebrate. Our WONDERFUL, AMAZING neighbors offered to watch the kiddos...FOR FREE. So, we got all gussied up and went to a really nice restaurant in downtown fort worth. Adam swears he ate the best food ever there...that steak was like butter. I 100% agree but gave myself an awful stomach ache before hand worrying about our kiddos :). After dinner we went next door to an Improv Comedy Club where we laughed really hard and just enjoyed each other.

Adam also carved me something out of wood for our anniversary (did you know that the 5th year gift is wood?, I didn't) but its still being perfected so I won't post pictures just yet. He is such a good husband and knows my love language :).

We are definitely in panic mode as school is about 3 weeks away...I mean there are uniforms to be tried on, bought.......for not just 1 kid but 2 kids!!! There are syllabi to be refined, art supplies to order, CDL driving tests to be passed, a full time job for Adam to be found, summer fun to be had before it ends, and of course our constant CPS, Adoption Agency, Lawyer, and who ever else wants a meeting with us meetings :).

Baby boy meeting his future wife :). Our friends sweet baby girl is 7 months old....thats right, Baby boy is 2 full months younger and just as big as her :)

 He just stared at her the whole time :)
 At the Fort Worth Science a dino footprint
 Teaching Daddy all about fossils :)
 Goober played in the water table for a looooonnnnng time and somehow mentioned to get his entire shirt soaked!
 Heading into the "Grossology" exhibit where we learned about every kind of body function. Ribbit was actually pretty paranoid the whole time since there were large, disgusting statues and sounds!
 Inside the digestive track.
 So one afternoon I took Baby Boy and Ribbit on a walk.....I asked her to go get dressed...thinking to myself that she would put on her shoes and I would pick out an outfit. Nope, she found this frog towel that my Nana gave her, her favorite pair of boots (hello, its 105 degrees) that are 2 sizes to small and then she had to bring her favorite new toy...her binoculars..she says " mommy, I see you closer". She doesn't have anything on underneath the split frog towel either...but eh, I didn't changer her outfit...I like her sense of style :)

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