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Monday, July 2, 2012

Home Sweet Home

3 weeks on the go with kiddos just doesn't equal a vacation :). I think we have decided thats our lat 12 hour trip for a loooonnnnggg time. Regardless, we got to see lots of friends and family and show off our newest addition to the family.

All 3 kids slept the entire way home except for the last 20 minutes. I mean we wore them out on our last day in Alabama, thanks Nannie and Papaw...must have been that good southern cooking, fishing and playing with cousins that did them in. They didn't even flinch when we stopped for gas or even know that we stopped at two different rest areas and took naps....Adam and I were just pitiful....stuffing pepsi and sunflower seeds down our throats, hitting ourselves and coaching each other :).

Since we are home and able to get back on on a good schedule we have started baby boy on a routine...until now he made up his own, which is what our pediatrician recommended until he was 4 months old. So as of today he eats 6 oz of formula every 3 hours, after his 9:30 and 3ish bottle he gets lots and lots of activity and then goes down for a 1 hour nap. At 8ish he takes a bath, and lays down for a loooonnng nights sleep. No more rocking him to sleep...we are letting him cry it out...which so far has been a whole 3 minutes before he tires his little heart out.

Here are some more pictures from our trip.

These are the canvases the kids (mainly Goober) made for the grandparents. He was quite pleased with himself :) Look at my 3 sweet kiddos...we call baby boy the creamer in our coffee color, we aren't quite sure how dark he will get.
 Visiting my grandpa, their great grandpa in the nursing home. Every time we came to visit he would sit up and hang out with us. The kids always brought him chocolate and them hovered over him until he shared with them :)
 Baby boy's first trip to the beach..he did super...especially since within the first 5 minutes his big sister managed to pour sand all over his face!
 Watching Uncle Chris and Ribbit
 Discerning as to whether they need to brave the seaweed or not.
 This little thang could play all day in the sand.
 Surfing with Uncle Chris
 Just a happy man!
 I never take just one picture of him...look at that sweetness
 I buried them both in the sand, ran back to get the camera and they had already busted out....why on earth did I think they would sit still for more than 5 seconds?

 Playing with daddy.
 She loves her Uncle too!
 This was how me and Mr. Man spent most of our day.....suits me just fine..I even got in some tanning time and a 15 minute snooze!
 Beach Picture 2012....3 out of 5 looking at the camera ain't that bad, we'll take it!

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