Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Still playing catch up

Yesterday we took the kids on an adventure. Adam's school is housing a Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit for a while and families of students got in free yesterday. So of course we thought it would be a great idea to take our 3 kiddos to a very nice, quiet, full of artifacts museum :). We bribed them with swimming afterwards. They did well until the last 10 minutes when all they could think about was lunch so we breezed through the actual scrolls...I know people thought we were crazy but Adam and I had already seen them in Israel and the kids didn't want to stare at small pieces of papyrus inside of glass cases :). The funny part was hearing Ribbit's description of everything.

1-When walking up to a picture of the salt in the Dead Sea she said " look at all those beans".
2- She pointed at pictures of people diggin and said " they are tired".
3- At a picture of one of the caves of Qumram she said " we don't fall in that hole".
4-She got really mad when her two brothers with biblical names kept getting acknowledged throughout the tours and videos and everytime would say " and me too!".
5- Aunt Aundrea, THANK YOU for those dress up high heels...she wore them, she would not and has not worn any other pair of shoes since, even though they are 4 sized to big. You saw how she kinda salsa danced in them instead of taking long strides and that is what she did all through the entire museum, even as everyone else was trying to be educated :).

Today we doctor's appointments, went for a much needed grocery run and emptied 1/2 of a suitcase and got one load of laundry done....good thing momma is off and can get this house cleaned up and get us unpacked later :)

Baby boy-
16 lbs, 4 ounces--75th percentile
27 inches long--98th percentile
44 cm head
4 shots--did great!

52.2 lbs
not sure about height because the nurse told me one thing and Goob swears another....i wrote it down and then used that piece of paper to wipe spit up off of my shoes :).
great hearing
awful vision--to the eye doctor we go....they said he should have been wearing glasses for a while now
1 shot and some blood work done.......they do extra on Goob every time we go since I don't know all of his family history and can't give them definitive yes or no answers.

More pictures...from their double birthday party at my parents home.

Opening up presents from Aunt Robin and Uncle Carl.
 Papa Coleman and baby boy.
 Baby boy got some gifts too! His favorite was the formula :)
 This sums up her attitude...she didn't get a nap in and therefore we had a few meltdowns :)
 Aunt Robin with Goober and Papa Dudgeon
 4 generations!
 We actually celebrated 3 birthdays....Goober, Ribbit and my Nana...but she didn't turn 70, the "8" candle is for her :)
 Half football theme, half princess theme...check out Goober's cheesecake that he requested!
 Everyone had to wear princess tiaras....haha. Nana and Baby boy.
 He's a stud!
 My cousin Chelsea, who helped me set up and get the party going and my papa!
 We also had to have face paint like football players wear on game day!
 Getting his birthday spankings...but NO pinches to grow on!!!!
 Mr. Man just loved on her the whole time!
 Enjoying her pink cupcake!

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