Friday, July 10, 2009

Lunch, Zippori, Cliffs of Arbell and Sea of Galilee

Next we headed to Zippori or modern day Sepphoris which dates back to 1st Temple period. It was the main capital during Jesus's time. After King Herod's father appoints Herod as govenor of Galilee his uses Zippori as his seat. Alot of people were not happy about that. We also know that the parents of Mary, Jesus's mother were from this area...there is no historical evidence but more traditional.
The reason they took us to Zippori instead of Nazareth, which was close by is because as a carpenter and artisan Jesus probably would have worked in this city as it was growing during the days before his ministry. It also helps us to see why Jesus formed the opinon he did against riches and the poor. He came from Nazareth which was a poor city and Zippori was a roman city and showed off its power and wealth. It also neat to think about Jesus preaching about the "kingdom of God" and maybe comparing it to the Empire of Rome.
There were over 18 synagogues in Zippori and only one was found not facing Jerusalem....which is odd. There are several mosaic floors in these synagogues and other places and they are beautiful!! ( check out the pictures).
In one synaogue ( ill point it out on the pictures) there is a zodiac, which presents a problem since they were not allowed in Judaism. Josephus even talks about how one of the veils in the temple has sun, moon and stars but specifically left out the zodiac. However, we have 7 synagogues throughout history with the zodiac in them....we aren't sure why.
Next we headed to the Cliffs of Arbell which is an awesome lookout point. However, it was closed....but our tour guide led us under the gates and we went up anyways. It was beautiful and the breeze was blowing rather hard. Adam stayed close to the ground the whole time and yelled at me for walking to the and our phobias :).
After the Cliffs of Arbell we went to our hotel...Nof Ginossar and had the most wonderful dinner buffet ever!!! They had brisket, several salads, stuffed tomatoes, several breads and the best part was the 5 or 6 different cheesecakes, torts and other pies to choose from for dessert. We even had creme brulee!!! I think everyone ate at least 4 plates...i know i did!
Then we all walked down to watch the sun set on the Galilee and swim. Afterwards we all loaded up in Mariah and Kelley's room to watch "Bride and Prejudice".....the Baliwood remake of Pride and Prejudice.

Pictures of all the FUN

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