Thursday, March 2, 2017


YOWZA...its been forever since I have blogged and there is no way I could ever document all the fun we have been having.

I spoke in chapel today and I feel 10 lbs lighter as I dread those every year...I am definitely a teacher, not a preacher. I think the only thing those 5th-8th graders got out of my "sermon" was my overwhelming loyalty to Auburn and that Haman was an awful man who deserves to have his eyes plucked out.

We are in the thick of musical season too which means A LOT of late nights, early mornings and planning periods that turn into painting time for mom. This of course means Adam picks up the slack and does his job plus makes dinners, pack lunches and keep uniforms clean...thank the Lord for my servant hearted husband.

February is also 1 big celebration for the Harvells...we have Homecoming Day for Goober and Ribbit, Gotcha Day for Big Man and birthdays for both Big Man and Adam....throw in Valentines Day and we need a DETOX for sure!!!

One thing I want to note about Ribbit is her love of BEING RIGHT and taking everything LITERALLY!!!! Heaven forbid I use any language that might suggest that God is not the biggest, bestest, hugest, longest, widest, anything est in the world.
 If I say "that is the biggest house I have ever seen"...she is quick to say "God's house is bigger". If I say "those are the brightest pair of shoes I have ever seen....she follows with "God's glory is brighter"...and its a very matter of fact statement.

She also does not pick up on ANY, I mean ANY level of sarcasm. Big Man said that his buttocks were hurting the other day and when I said "what are BUTTOCKS" in a very sarcastic, over pronouncing every syllable, silly kind of way Ribbit quickly shot back "Mommy, buttocks is another name for your behind, you know your butt butt". I also am not allowed to interachange words like "bath or shower"...."van or car" ....."sunday school or first hour"....."backpack or bookbag". Its a litle exhausting but Adam and I get a good laugh out of it.

Speaking of parents laughing we had the FUNNIEST dinner the other night. We had grounded Big Man from dessert on Monday night as he would not go to bed. So, in usual fashion we forgot we had taken that away and when the other two asked for dessert we told them all to pick out something and show it to us for approval. He quickly reminded us that he "lost it last night". I said "yup, thats right....and do you remember why?"....he said "no"...I DIDN"T I looked at Adam and he said " think about it Big Man because we don't want you to think what you did is ok"....then he gave me a panicked look and we both BURSTED out laughing...we had stalled as long as possible and finally admitted that we couldn't remember what on earth that poor little boy had lost his dessert over. Our other 2 finally reminded us :).

Speaking of the term "what on earth".....our 3 kiddos LOVE the SkippyJonJones books and we listen to them on CD in the car a lot too. Its a Siamese cat who thinks he is a chiahuahua and has lots of adventures in his closet. He speaks Spanish half the time and we LOVE all the songs and funny names. Our current favorite is "SkippyJonJones lost in Spice" basically sets up Mars as a planet covered in red spices..muy caliente!!!!  Our kiddos have started answering our questions with SkippyJonJones quotes and its stinking hilarious. If I say "Big Man, what on earth are you doing?"...he is quick to say "I didn't do anything on earth Mommy, I did it all in outer spice". Or if they are being held by someone slow they will say "Hurry, I'm in a big race to be the first kitty boy to jump in outer spice"....and of course we always say to one another "Dude, I am not a Siamese cat, I am a chihuahua!

My little kitty boy...rocking the homeless cowboy look for church!

They love these dessert bars made with coconut milk and cookies :)...hey, halfway healthy huh?

We love mashed cauliflower and purple carrots!!!

LOOKY HERE...ITS BABY LEVI and UNCLE A.....the most preciout little thing!

I love being his aunt..he has the sweetest little face and coos.

They will be wrestling buddies real soon!

Goober could not wait to hold Baby Levi....I mean was so anxious to finally see him!

He had our full attention!

Love my sweet family!! Aunt Micah is a just the best mommy, a natural!

I did some baking for my boys birthdays...banana, almond butter, chocolate chip paleo muffins!

Paleo Shepherds Pie with pureed butternut squash on top. Lots of tumeric and paprika in this. Adam said it tasted just like sausage pizza!

He spent his last day as a 4 year old dressed up as a Police Man for Career day. JUST THE CUTEST

I read to them while we wait for school almost daily. Teachers have to be on campus early and Big Bubba starts early to we spend our time reading through all of the Pre-Grammar of my favorite times of the day!

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