Monday, February 20, 2017

catch up

I have had little desire to spend my 10 minutes of free time at night to blog...but I do have lots to document.

The first is that I think Goober is going to be just fine...and you know why? because God convicted me that the big change that needed to happen was in the parents (mainly me), not Goober. Its awesome that God really convicted us to attend this marriage conference that our church was hosting for valentines day......... and yet he SPOKE straight to me about my relationship with my oldest...i mean straight to me, like I burst into tears when Adam made eye contact with me because I was so convicted. I want to post more about it but when I have thoroughly digested it. The changes are already in place and life at the Harvell House is fantastic. If I could summarize the change in two sentences it would be this " I decided to take a job at CCA and forgo the bigger pay as a public school teacher because I wanted my kids to get a CHRISTIAN Education....not so that they would make straight A's and go to an ivy league school. Therefore, when my kids graduate as long they are strong, desperate for christ, heaven-minded, servant hearted men and women I could care less what their grade point average is."

Heading to Wednesday night church....anyone else singing "In went philadelphia born and raised, on the playground is where I spent most of my days"....80s FLASHBACK

Adam and Goober were invited to attend a changing of the guard ceremony for Goobers old baseball coach

It was very official!

We had a great time with our kiddos for Valentines Day. Ribbit and Adam went on a daddy/daughter date on Saturday. Ribbit got to choose a princess outfit, get her hair, nails and make-up done and then walk down a runway for her daddy. They had a tea party style lunch and did a craft together. Meanwhile I let the boys run the day. We ate lunch at Medi Cafe...they love GYROS and then headed over to the local putt putt range. Afterwards we stopped at Hobby Town so they could play around with the remote control cars and airplanes. We were all wore out after a long day and finished watching a movie together in our PJs.

Serving the homeless in Fort Worth breakfast with 4 of my 8th grade girls.

Kiddos and Daddy went on their annual basketball game field trip with Mr.Dan!

Check out the awesome masks my 8th/9th graders made for our upcoming musical "Fiddler on the Roof"..these will be in the dream scene.

We are still loving our gym...we went swimming today and every single kid had 1 or 2 of their best buds there. Even our neighbors were there so Little Man was SOOO excited. They swam, played tag, slid down each slide at least 20 times, played mermaid and best of all let me be the monster and chase them all over the pool.

I made everyone Paleo biscuits with Rosemary oil for Valentine Day breakfast. They were so stinkin good dipped in Aunt Robin's rosemary honey!

Love Bears all things was the theme of Little Man's VDay party!

They wore their Pjs and ate Pink Pancakes!

We have been on a SkippyJonJones book reading frenzy and read at least one a day and then repeat the fun songs in them several times that day. I think the kids are going to excel in Spanish and they love saying " I AM A CHIHUAHUA DUDE!

This hair cracks me up!! I can always tell which conditioner she used the night before based on how BIG her hair is in the morning :).

One of the many perks of living so close to school is having the ability to walk and or ride your bike to school.

Eating lunch with one of my 8th grade girl bible classes at Braums..this was so much fun!! One of them even gave her devotional speech while we were there on "The primary role of the Holy Spirit".
We are looking forward to a week of family as Aunt Micah and Baby Levi comes in tomorrow and Lolly and Captain come in Wednesday. Then its birthday weekend as we celebrate Little Man turning 5 (STOP IT) on the 24th and Adam turning OLD (hehe) on the 25th.

We all went to a juicing class that my friend hosted....THE JUICE WAS SOO GOOD

He dreams of this gyro!!!

Mountasia...dagum it was HOT that day!! Where did winter go?..wait, it actually never came!!
Daddys little princess!

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