Monday, February 6, 2017

Kitchen remodel done???

What? For real? The kitchen remodel is done? Well its 99% done...Adam has worked hard this weekend. He put in a tray ceiling above the oven/island and 6 new can lights. He also finished scraping the ceilng and I can't believe how much bigger the kitchen looks now. I don't want to hang my pot rack up again as I feel it would take away the awesomeness of the new lighting and ceiling.
Risking it all on a bed of nails!
We had a very FUN weekend. Saturday we had our earliest basketball game of the season....8:00, then end of season party afterwards at Corner Bakery. The kiddos loved it...we were blessed by the parents with a free breakfast and a really next personalized Yeti for Adam. Then we grabbed Ribbit's friend from school and headed to Fort Worth to the Science Musuem. We found out that our rodeo tickets got us in for free this year so we took advantage and went on the last day possible...thats how we roll sometimes.
It only felt weird when he raised and lowered the nails..I felt it in my rear first thing and it was like a sudden pinch!

It was quite perfect...a front row parking spot and a WHOLE exhibit devoted to Peter Rabbit. The girls are learning a play all about Peter, Cotton tail, Mopsy, Flopsy, Mr McGregor, etc and they played dress up and acted out the story for a solid hour!!! The boys found a fun exhibit right next door where they played with magnets, turn tables and buildling blocks .....I think we could have stayed in that one wing the whole visit but I insisted we check other parts out. We ended up finding a bed of nails and we all took turns laying on it. Later we found a skeleton exhibit, an old pioneer school house and ended with riding the DRAGON SLIDE several times.
Mother and Flopsy :)

We got home and headed to the store to grab some art supplies for school and some pants for Goober..the child literally outgrew all of his non school pants overnight. He had nothing but school pants to wear for church and even though I only wore uniforms for 3 years I feel his pain about being in constant uniform.
He could have played with this magnetic turntable all day!! He got so excited!
We got home, did some laundry for our upcoming busy week and waited for Adam to get a stopping point on the kitchen. Then off to Market Street for dinner. Market Street is a grocery door with a huge buffet like style restuarant on one side. Since our kitchen was in no shape to cook in we all got what we wanted at the buffeet and ate upstairs. The kiddos loved this and we thought it was a great budget friendly way for us all to get what we wanted and not have to dress up for a dinner out ;). We ended the night with some Amazing Race-which is our current addiction and showers.
This took a lot of patience..He and I were both quite proud of his hard work!

Ready for a somewhat calmer week than AHG or Trail art competitions, and a date night on Friday for mom and dad as we are partking in a Marriage Matters weekend with our church!
This was FANTASTIC. Shredded cabbage, topped with steamed broccoli, chicken sausage, roasted beets, roasted butternut squash and brown mustard!! It was bascially my attempt to clean out the fridge and ended up being sooo YUMMY!

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